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Got lucky, Richard. That bet was as dead as fried chicken in the third quarter. Also had NE +6 1/2 in second half, so it was a good day. Those two covered a bunch of losing prop bets with room to spar + 142 more characters
Over 58
Stupid CUNT
They don't come more ignorant than our boy Oddjob. You're on the same side as the bigots, Oddjob! Be proud. Be proud.
Has anyone figured out why Trump's hands are so tiny??? Small hands. Small feet. You all know the rest.
White supremacists are the classiest of them all.
So classy.
Check out the awesome Trump Confederate flag! url
Gunnar hasn't factored in voter fraud. Because the courts have been overturning Voter ID laws throughout the nation, many of us will be voting 10 or more times. Damn activist judges.
You can't argue with math.
Libtard!?!? Ooooooooooooooo!!! Sick burn, Oddjob! Here's an article featuring your boy David Duke. You've heard of him, right? url Here's a key passage: He was confident that Trump backers in + 435 more characters
url If you have a swastika tattoo, it's almost certain you're a Trump supporter. Be proud, Oddjob. Be proud.
The white supremacists are your people, Oddjob. Be proud.
Oddjob doesn't think white supremacists are assholes.
I think that's unlikely Richard. In 1992, Bill Clinton won 370 electoral votes with only 43% of the popular vote. If I remember correctly, Ross Perot earned about 18% of the popular vote but won exact + 23 more characters
Are you sure about that, dummy? url Clinton up 10 on your boy Trump! It's a Fox News poll, so it must be "rigged.". Labor Day is sneaking up on us! Clive Bundy has a better chance of busting out of + 53 more characters
Here's my favorite passage (emphasis added): "That's why we can attract strivers and entrepreneurs from around the globe to build new factories and create new industries here. That's why our military + 220 more characters
Donald Trump: A leader who can admit his mistakes and own up to them! Yeah, OK...
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