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Your videos are awesome! Very cool, very professional. You need to get the Bison to let you make one.
Bison Bar 19 days ago
in General Discussion
Short promo video ... thought it was cool. It's a landmark and shows what the place still looks like today.
That was super cool, the two booster rockets coming back down and landing essentially side-by-side, vertical, upright - awesome.
Live views of "Starman" ...
I have not read all of the posts in this thread. I saw your post and was simply pointing out - to effectively debate a topic, don't attack the messenger - attack the message. I did not take debate cla + 261 more characters
There are some websites where you can put in your exact location and they will tell you what you can get. I can't remember the one I used, but from a quick web search I found these: url url url
OMG, come on man. Knock it off. Debate topics, not the messenger.
FEMA denies Montana's request for $44M in disaster aid after historic fire season
MISSOULA — The federal government has denied Montana's disaster relief request for $44 million in the aftermath of th + 718 more characters
Well, one reason is probably because people from Norway have a higher standard of living there, one that includes universal health care. The thought process of a Norwegian coming to the U.S. would be + 1066 more characters
The 25 worst passwords of 2017 according to SplashData: 123456 password 12345678 qwerty 12345 123456789 letmein 1234567 football iloveyou admin welcome monkey login abc123 starwars 123123 dragon passw + 107 more characters
Trump thinks climate change isn't real because it's cold out. This map proves him wrong. It’s freaking cold out there, America. But you don’t need a Vox explainer to know that. You knew it the second + 2280 more characters
I also hope Rob finds some peace in his life. I can imagine he would be an entertaining guy to have a beer with (even though I don't agree with his opinions) - but people don't have to agree to have a + 164 more characters
His post was directed towards Bixby, but he had been very clearly warned of what not do before violating that and having his posting privileges removed (yet again).
It doesn't snow everywhere, and many places where it does it doesn't last long. And aside from that, renewable energy is not about a particular location - it's about technology the world wants, or wil + 43 more characters
One more, Rob ... --- YOU: 8. Which worst president ever buried the USA under more national debt (more than ten trillion $$$$$) than all of "its" previous forty-three (43)? --- Of modern presidents, + 372 more characters
Good job Trump, focusing on the past and giving away our technological edge to other countries ... Remember Zenith TVs? Or any American TV? No. You don't.
Rob, You need more corrections that this, but here's a few very obvious ones that stood out as complete B.S. and required a response. --- YOU: 3. Who started the Civil War? Lincoln, a best republican + 2020 more characters
url I assume that would be in addition to the earlier ... url In any case, how do you think Montana is going to make up what it needs? Massive cuts to services? Higher property taxes? Higher income + 423 more characters
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