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Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Take a look at the the link I posted above. The members of Congress debated back then the EXACT issues you don't seem to think they did. This was all settled 150 years ago + 148 more characters
If only we had a way to know what they were thinking. Hmmm. 🤔 url And yeah, you have to read it, all of it, to understand the how and why.
So that's where the HELLO letters came from. Cool find! 😎
Robots can dance now ...
I'm hoping perhaps we can have a civilized discussion as to why Tester or Rosendale should be the next Montana senator. Personally, I'm planning to vote for Tester. The simplest reason comes down to t + 283 more characters
I must admit, I completely forgot about that song until you posted it. Not sure if I'm willing to offer if it was good or not.
I would probably pick: Def Leppard Stevie Nicks The Cure
The primary purpose of the discussion forums is for public discussion. They were not intended to be a dumping ground of links to every single external news article or video on the Internet. Repetitive + 982 more characters
Don't throw out old photos!!! 😡😡😡 That makes me angry. If nothing else, put them in a shoebox, tape it closed, put "old photos I don't give a crap about" on it, stick it on a shelf ... and let some + 43 more characters
And sad. I watched about half of Trump's rally here in Billings, and didn't even notice the kid now known as the #plaidshirtguy. I did notice his friend next to him with the long hair. They all seemed + 118 more characters
Just to finish this up, I decided to leave everything as is. As long as what you are selling is legal, then no restrictions.
I appreciate the feedback from everyone. I'm leaning towards ignoring Google, and letting the cards fall where they may.
And that's pretty much the face I made.
url Wow, that list was long. Only down to 4 now. I do have an extra copy of the book, brand new, never opened, still in shrink wrap - but don't want to sell it. Book prices get crazy sometimes.
Well, that was off-topic and not very nice. Uhm, as per the last sentence, my name is Larry Antram (or "Lawrence Lynn Antram" if you prefer the full legal version). I'm pretty sure everyone knows tha + 93 more characters
Awesome! Miles City in Disneyland!
I suppose so. I'm just saying, as far back as the 1970's, I remember my teachers pretty much characterizing Custer as a reckless egomaniac - who basically disregarded orders - and lead himself and hi + 332 more characters
I know. I'm not defending Google. And haven't removed any ads. Will wait to see what others think.
Google is freaking out over ads for weapons in the classifieds area. I've ignored them, and it's gotten to the point where I'm now on thin ice. Google provides the bulk of monthly revenue required to + 2464 more characters
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