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Very cool. Thanks! I knew you guys would come through! I wonder when they first started selling the 1958 models?
Now the only question is, when were the photos taken? The car above is a hint, since they had to have been taken after it was made. Also, Tom died March 1st, 1958. And the dog in the photo, Tippy, als + 457 more characters
Damn Randy, you're awesome! Here's the view from Google Maps. Looks like you nailed it! url THEN:
Here's a better picture of that car. Taken roughly the same time. This one, I know was taken at the Lynn McFarland Ranch, just south of town. The guy on the left was Tom McFarland (my great grandfathe + 257 more characters
Through the magic of Ancestry DNA, a previously unknown cousin found me and shared a couple old photos of my McFarland relatives. From what I've been able to put together, the following should have be + 303 more characters
No, the more shocking thing is that we actually got Bert to go to a baseball game!!!
The oldest version of the site that has appears to be from November 9th, 2000. Their snapshot is incomplete, but gives an idea of what the original version looked like back then. MilesCity + 78 more characters
Also, many thanks to you Dave, for continuing to help moderate and administer the site - a thankless job that also helps keeps everything running.
Happy birthday to! 🎈🎈🎈 Today is the 20th anniversary of the "" domain name being registered on May 1st, 1998 - thus founding the site. Back then, a very early version was + 2009 more characters
Clyde and my grandfather were first cousins. When I grew up, there were two McFarland ranches as you headed south of town. The first was the Clyde McFarland Ranch, then a few miles later the Lynn McFa + 357 more characters
RE: MABGA one month ago
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Shouldn't that be MTBGA?
Screw the photograph, I want the car!
Your videos are awesome! Very cool, very professional. You need to get the Bison to let you make one.
Bison Bar 2 months ago
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Short promo video ... thought it was cool. It's a landmark and shows what the place still looks like today.
That was super cool, the two booster rockets coming back down and landing essentially side-by-side, vertical, upright - awesome.
Live views of "Starman" ...
I have not read all of the posts in this thread. I saw your post and was simply pointing out - to effectively debate a topic, don't attack the messenger - attack the message. I did not take debate cla + 261 more characters
There are some websites where you can put in your exact location and they will tell you what you can get. I can't remember the one I used, but from a quick web search I found these: url url url
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