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Don't throw out old photos!!! 😡😡😡 That makes me angry. If nothing else, put them in a shoebox, tape it closed, put "old photos I don't give a crap about" on it, stick it on a shelf ... and let some + 43 more characters
And sad. I watched about half of Trump's rally here in Billings, and didn't even notice the kid now known as the #plaidshirtguy. I did notice his friend next to him with the long hair. They all seemed + 118 more characters
Just to finish this up, I decided to leave everything as is. As long as what you are selling is legal, then no restrictions.
I appreciate the feedback from everyone. I'm leaning towards ignoring Google, and letting the cards fall where they may.
And that's pretty much the face I made.
url Wow, that list was long. Only down to 4 now. I do have an extra copy of the book, brand new, never opened, still in shrink wrap - but don't want to sell it. Book prices get crazy sometimes.
Well, that was off-topic and not very nice. Uhm, as per the last sentence, my name is Larry Antram (or "Lawrence Lynn Antram" if you prefer the full legal version). I'm pretty sure everyone knows tha + 93 more characters
Awesome! Miles City in Disneyland!
I suppose so. I'm just saying, as far back as the 1970's, I remember my teachers pretty much characterizing Custer as a reckless egomaniac - who basically disregarded orders - and lead himself and hi + 332 more characters
I know. I'm not defending Google. And haven't removed any ads. Will wait to see what others think.
Google is freaking out over ads for weapons in the classifieds area. I've ignored them, and it's gotten to the point where I'm now on thin ice. Google provides the bulk of monthly revenue required to + 2464 more characters
I don't know what you consider "Common today to blame Custer for this defeat and is the modern PC thing" and "To blame Custer as a fool and folly are not true", but when I was in school that was the + 155 more characters
Here you go! url url
I hadn't seen Marj in many years. I was planning, but never got around around to it. My mom was good friends with her, they talked on the phone all the time and went out to go do stuff together. I wi + 629 more characters
Another, this time with the boys. Taken the same day (Dec 24 1944). Again, Marjorie is in the front row, right side. url When I posted this on Facebook a few years ago, she replied "Look at [..] us al + 95 more characters
Marj as a kid, out at my grandfathers ranch south of town. url She's the one front row, right side. Taken Christmas Eve 1944.
Marjorie Ann Gold Moberly, of Billings, joined her creator July 18, 2018. She was born April 26, 1940, in Miles City, to Johnny and Mary Gold of Stacey, Montana. Our beloved Marjorie is survived by he + 613 more characters
Also sorry to hear about your loss Richard. She gave it a good run though. A good time to celebrate her life. 🕊️
I hired someone to create this particular design a while back. I've been focused on unisex shirts for now, but will add ladies, v-necks, and some other options soon. Regards, Larry
Here's another cool Miles City t-shirt design. If you are interested, you can get one here: url url They're only $19 for most sizes. Multiple colors to choose from. Proceeds go towards the continued o + 103 more characters
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