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The ISBN is 0881071668. shows 3 copies: Brace yourself for the price. ($178.99 - $813.80) url Here they are at url The $175 copy at Amazon doesn't seem like a such bad dea + 45 more characters
Testing out the new audio tag... Quist: audio url Gianforte: audio url
Moved from "Humor, Jokes & Games" to "National/World News & Issues".
I added a new \audio Where is a URL to an audio file. (This is similar to how the [img] tag already works.) For example, the following:   \audio Will yield this result: audio Regards, Larry + 24 more characters
Richard, what is your problem? You need to pull that stick out of your butt.
I put this feature on hold to try out something different instead. The "National/World News, Politics & Issues" Forum posts are still on the front page. They're just in a different box, a little lower + 371 more characters
The post was removed for disrupting the site. I asked a simple question to the users here. You posted a confusingly similar thread to the Admin & Announcements Forum (which you are not supposed to be + 602 more characters
Richard, WTF man. That's really uncalled for.
Over the years people have complained to me about the "dirty word filter" that this site has. It has been brought up multiple times recently and seems to be a continuing issue. The filter replaces wor + 646 more characters
I added a new feature to the site. If you are not interested in seeing posts from the "National/World News & Issues Forum" - you can now hide those from view. To do that, go to: My Account > My Setting + 375 more characters
I don't think it matters that much, but realistically, I don't think you should mix them as a standard practice since there really isn't any reason to do so. But, perhaps I'm wrong and someone else h + 15 more characters
These 80 Programs Would Lose Federal Funding Under Trump’s Proposed Budget U.S. President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal includes massive cuts across most of the federal government. The Environm + 779 more characters
I'm just saying, it appears that the Chrysler 2008 3.8L engine requires 5 quarts of oil. I don't see why it should require anymore than that, especially since the reading on the dipstick may not be e + 164 more characters
What cubby said ^^^.
He paid taxes that year. He would have paid about 4% using loopholes, but the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) kicked in and got him. So he had to pay 25% instead. That's why he's trying to get rid of th + 73 more characters
Trumpcare is what you thought: Welfare for the rich Big shocker: Tax cut for the 1%, number of uninsured will top 50 million Let’s be honest: There aren’t many surprises in the hotly awaited Congressi + 1488 more characters
Thanks for the replies. Perhaps Amorette can chime in and let us know?
Possibly. But in either case, the originator would had to have known about the existence of the server in order to contact it. It is assigned to an obscure 3rd level domain, which does not appear to + 158 more characters
I looked up the WHOIS info for Trump's mail server. Name: Trump Orgainzation Organization: Trump Orgainzation Street: 725 Fifth Avenue City: New York State: New York Postal Code: 10022 Country: US Pho + 427 more characters
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