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That's a cool snapshot. I wish the MC Webcam people would allow me to place a dynamically updated icon on the front page, or wherever, that linked back to their site... Would increase their traffic si + 59 more characters
I'm not going to respond to the above, other than to state, while you (gunsngold) didn't participate in this exchange from 2016, it leads to the same point from back then... url url url url In an + 135 more characters
Only problem with that is the "... and Logging". You would think there would be some stats on mining separate from logging.
Things like this: "Mr. Webmaster, your liberal base don't care about coal jobs." Are rather annoying. This is a local site. It is here for the citizens of Miles City. It's for you. Not me. If you want + 356 more characters
I was just personally wondering how many new coal jobs have been created in Montana. That's all. Obama and terrorist attacks and such were not part of my question - and aren't a local issue. Perhaps + 84 more characters
Put it this way. If time was rewound back to the instant you were born. Would you unknowingly live your life exactly the same? Or would something different happen?
Does anyone know the number of coal jobs that have been created in the state since Trump has taken office? I don't know the answer, was just curious and don't know where to look for that data - so ask + 32 more characters
How about a different type of topic for discussion? Free Will vs. Fate "Free Will" means we are each in control of our own destiny. "Fate" means everything is predetermined. It has to be one or the ot + 23 more characters
My first computer was an url that I bought back when I was in high school. One of the first things I created on it was a url-style game. Dave, I think you had an Atari 800 back about then, didn't you? + 309 more characters
Mary Catherine - Repeatedly reposting every single tidbit of anti-Trump news, ad nauseam, does not help further your cause. I would request, instead of robotically doing that - perhaps you should cons + 307 more characters
Many years ago there was an Emperor so exceedingly fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on being well dressed. He cared nothing about reviewing his soldiers, going to the theatre, or going + 8280 more characters
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Another cool photo!
+1 for the title.
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