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OK, I added the following census records to the site. 1880 US Federal Census (Miles City) - both PDF and XLS format 1900 US Federal Census (Miles City) - PDF format 1910 US Federal Census (Miles City) + 91 more characters
Sorry, there's a reason it is that length - so gonna have to learn how to condense! : )
Two more additions, thanks to Hal. "Custer County Area History - As We Recall (1990)" and "Serving the Republic (1911)". You can find them in the url area. Regards, Larry Webmaster
1 more gone. 5 left!
OK, I created a PDF for "Echoing Footsteps (1967)". Also, Hal contributed an interesting pamphlet named "Eastern Montana" from 1913. Those should both be in the History area now. Regards, Larry MilesC + 17 more characters
FYI, I added a couple of new books to the url area of the site: "A Bride Goes West (1942)" and "Fort Keogh: Cutting Edge of a Culture (1983)". Thanks Hal! I also created PDFs for the 1988 and 1989 Bra + 169 more characters
Yes, I could host the PDF online. If for some reason there was an issue, the appropriate person could contact me and ask it be taken down. The stories, accounts and facts in the older books, the ones + 730 more characters
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Is "Custer County Area History: As We Recall" actually an updated version of "Fanning the Embers"? I have a copy of it in a box somewhere, but it seemed like it had somewhat different/newer biographie + 274 more characters
Something like this looks like it would useful for scanning books:
url I don't know if that is actually a good product or not, but that direction would probably be the way to go. ???
One of my goals when originally creating this site, was to provide free access to non-copyrighted material from MC and Eastern Montana historical books like Fanning the Embers, Echoing Footsteps, Fad + 696 more characters
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I'm making available a free $50 advertising credit to the first 10 people who decide to take me up on this offer. This applies to everyone, both new and existing advertisers - anyone at all. If you wo + 956 more characters
It is pointless to debate you. It appears that you come here to poke with a stick, mostly tossing out unintelligent arguments to deflect later. From what you've stated, I take it you consider that Len + 1339 more characters
To refresh your memory, you stated: "Lenny Bruce, the low-life heroin addict, probably did more and sacrificed more for free speech by accident, than any of the "literary giants" quoted here ever did + 170 more characters
A. I do source from other than Wikipedia. B. Exactly what is wrong with Wikipedia? The facts there are attributed. C. I do have a copy of the book. I got one after you brought it up. I've read part o + 235 more characters
A. I didn't accuse you of being a racist. I pointed out that I found it curious that your contribution to this thread was a quote from a comedian famous for his vulgarity and use of the N-word.
B. Aristotle was a student of Plato. So your question makes no sense. In any case, you reply: (1) I don't deserve a response, (2) you're not going to answer me anyway, and (3) then answer my question + 151 more characters
Trump, like Nixon, is incapable of change Sooner or later in any administration, Casey Stengel comes to mind. The great Yankee manager, ending his career with the then-hapless New York Mets, looked do + 1882 more characters
Treason n. The crime of betraying one's country; the betrayal of a trust.
Okay, this has been bugging me for a while. Specifically: There's something to be said for Lenny Bruce, however I have to wonder if Oddjob's affection has anything more to do than him being someone t + 538 more characters
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