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I could not find any information about Muriel Dake Casey. How was she related to Albert? She was not listed in the 1910 Miles City household of WJ Casey (father of Albert). Albert Charles Casey Gende + 790 more characters
Joseph Scott s/o John Scott / Jane Steele He was the youngest of 10 children. In the parish church there stands this entry, No. 143 "Joseph, son of John and Jane Scott, Drumclamph, was born September + 1765 more characters
Not a camper, but the campground where 191 crosses the Missouri has a picturesque location...CMR refuge etc.
The article in the Big Timber Pioneer said he had quarreled with a woman friend in Anaconda. Do you have that newspaper story?
His entire passport application to go to China complete with his photo is available. Do you have a copy? He was born in Hudson, Colorado &his father Jacob was born in Odessa, Russia.
Several gunshots to the head was a suicide?
Henry had a first wife Lillie Parker. Daughter of Henry J & Mary Parker. And on his marriage certificate to Martha Hammer he was a widower. Daughter Nellie(misidentified in census as Hollie) death inf + 582 more characters
Carol, Here's an obit. ........ Portland Oregonian, February 17, 1976 page 12 Funeral for Ernest A. Kemp, 6427 NE 26th Ave., will be at noon Tuesday in Killingsworth Little Chapel of the Chimes. Mr. K + 396 more characters
William, I suggest you try DNA testing from 23&me and Lately the newspaper in Butte has reported some of "Gertie's babies" (similar adoptions only in Butte not Miles City) have found + 65 more characters
If you click on the poster's name, it will take you to page where you can send him a private email. Good luck.
Here is the website. url
Jerry, Enjoy the info. Just do a random act of kindness in return. I limit my lookup research to only those that are deceased. Good luck on your search. --The towns named were where they resided at ti + 20 more characters
Ok. It took me awhile to sort this out & summarize. Thomas Bellis Jacobson was the son of Arthur Elmer Jacobson & Irene Bellis. He was descendent of American Revolutionary war veteran and applied for + 3157 more characters
Unfortunately Mrs. Thomas has passed on. Her responses were rather cryptic & intriguing. Perhaps someone in Miles City has her research files. You can click on the Jacobson gentleman's name on his pos + 148 more characters
In Google, put "John Donaldson" inside quotes and the word baseball by itself. Then before hitting search, pull down on the "more" option and pick books, then hit search. This will give you lots and + 270 more characters
I am sorry. I was completely wrong about dress code not applying to media, according to today's online Gazette. I didn't know they could dictate dress to those outside their body. A request for profes + 558 more characters
The MT Senate has had a dress code. Last session some House members were complaining & questioning if they needed to have a dress code. This was due to informality of dress- including flip flops & sh + 156 more characters
Thank you. That was very nice of you to post.
Tom, I do not know if your grandfather would have been one of "Sadie's babies". This website has a search feature in upper corner. There have been several threads on the topic -- such as this one- ur + 753 more characters
Renee, That is a mystery. If you would like me to take a look, tell me the details. Be certain not to post info about anyone living Or if you wish send me a private email, just click on my name.
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