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Yeah I really disagree with your sentiment of the current Director. I have worked with him on many occasion's and I can always count him to get stuff done. I have heard some stuff about this HOF comin + 198 more characters
Yeah I left a lot of stuff out of the equation. I'm stoked to get this kind of response to this video, so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that took the time to watch it and also for all of + 25 more characters
Full disclosure, I have never listened to Luke Bryan, he is just a very big current country star. As far as all of the other stuff, I agree. I purposely left it all out to keep it simple. My main ide + 102 more characters
This is a music video that I filmed here over the most recent cold snap that we had. It was chilly and quite windy, but it was fun. There is a couple shots showing off the new band shell, and hopeful + 86 more characters
It looks absolutely beautiful, lot's of drone shots and some nice cinematography really showing off Montana. I really wanted to do a similar style series of films featuring Miles City and other Easter + 87 more characters
I think they are automated on the weekends. I know Don the Station Manager monitors but probably not every second. You might try Facebook messaging them next time there is an issue. For the most part + 130 more characters
You also get to see a bit of what Miles City looks like after the blizzard. [Edited by 9-0films (12/29/2016 8:50:15 AM)]
Normally I stay out of the political debates. I understand what you are going for Sam, the whole bait and then use whatever they say against them. I dated a girl like that once. The problem with your + 1246 more characters
I'm not getting into the political debate. However, as someone from Terry, I'm not sure at all why that is being used as an insult. Terry is a great town, and I love going home and seeing all of my fr + 255 more characters
I have some amazing news! The Kid in the Cowtown has reached its funding goal! First of all let me say THANK YOU! To everyone that has backed this project, I literally could not do this without your s + 416 more characters
url Featured on the Montana Film Office Facebook page!
url Only 10 days left to get this film funded. I am very excited to be able to bring this film to life and it has been a very interesting road thus far. I have a couple of possibilities from backers o + 2514 more characters
The next 8 people to join the Jaycee's will get half off of their membership fees! Now is the perfect time to join a great, fun, local organization!
Miles City is so blessed and lucky to have a group like the Barn Players. The Sound of Music is an absolute classic and Anne Marie has an unbelievable voice. Actually there is so much talent in this p + 233 more characters
The Petulant Penguin was recently chose as an official selection to the DSOFF Film Festival! I have some high hopes that will get picked up by a few other Film Festivals, we'll see what happens. I als + 235 more characters
Local filmmaker making documentary about pro boxing match in Miles City By Ashley Roness It was a warm night in August of 1992. Denton Field in Miles City was lit by a full moon and television lights; + 867 more characters
Wow that's awesome Shu. Any chance you still live in the area, I would love to grab an on camera interview with you?! [Edited by 9-0films (11/23/2016 1:25:06 PM)]
Bump - only 26 days left!
I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported "The Kid in the Cowtown" Kickstarter. It's amazing to see so much interest in a local Miles City project. We are very close to reaching the 1,00 + 818 more characters
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