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It looks absolutely beautiful, lot's of drone shots and some nice cinematography really showing off Montana. I really wanted to do a similar style series of films featuring Miles City and other Easter + 87 more characters
I think they are automated on the weekends. I know Don the Station Manager monitors but probably not every second. You might try Facebook messaging them next time there is an issue. For the most part + 130 more characters
You also get to see a bit of what Miles City looks like after the blizzard. [Edited by 9-0films (12/29/2016 8:50:15 AM)]
Normally I stay out of the political debates. I understand what you are going for Sam, the whole bait and then use whatever they say against them. I dated a girl like that once. The problem with your + 1246 more characters
I'm not getting into the political debate. However, as someone from Terry, I'm not sure at all why that is being used as an insult. Terry is a great town, and I love going home and seeing all of my fr + 255 more characters
I have some amazing news! The Kid in the Cowtown has reached its funding goal! First of all let me say THANK YOU! To everyone that has backed this project, I literally could not do this without your s + 416 more characters
url Featured on the Montana Film Office Facebook page!
url Only 10 days left to get this film funded. I am very excited to be able to bring this film to life and it has been a very interesting road thus far. I have a couple of possibilities from backers o + 2514 more characters
The next 8 people to join the Jaycee's will get half off of their membership fees! Now is the perfect time to join a great, fun, local organization!
Miles City is so blessed and lucky to have a group like the Barn Players. The Sound of Music is an absolute classic and Anne Marie has an unbelievable voice. Actually there is so much talent in this p + 233 more characters
The Petulant Penguin was recently chose as an official selection to the DSOFF Film Festival! I have some high hopes that will get picked up by a few other Film Festivals, we'll see what happens. I als + 235 more characters
Local filmmaker making documentary about pro boxing match in Miles City By Ashley Roness It was a warm night in August of 1992. Denton Field in Miles City was lit by a full moon and television lights; + 867 more characters
Wow that's awesome Shu. Any chance you still live in the area, I would love to grab an on camera interview with you?! [Edited by 9-0films (11/23/2016 1:25:06 PM)]
Bump - only 26 days left!
I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported "The Kid in the Cowtown" Kickstarter. It's amazing to see so much interest in a local Miles City project. We are very close to reaching the 1,00 + 818 more characters
I really want this to be a starting out point. I would love to tell a bunch of Miles City stories, and I honestly believe there are some great stories to tell. What would you like to see my next film + 62 more characters
This promo shows off some of the actual footage that has been shot for this documentary. If you would like to help this film get made check out the Kickstarter at url
url The Kid in the Cowtown is a documentary about a boxing match that happened in the early 90's in Miles City Montana. Todd Foster fought Jeff Mayweather (Floyd's Uncle) in a important Super Welterwe + 550 more characters
My latest short. 90% filmed in Miles City, I did use a bit of stock footage to give the background a more urban feel.
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