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Take off your blinders Webmaster and see that these two people are bullies and are allowed to bully here.You even chastised me for what you interpreted as an attack on someone`s family,do not remember + 2930 more characters
Well half name hanson who posts under a fictitious name.I had business with the high school here.I will not go in to details because they are none of your business and you would not understand them an + 608 more characters
I think david schott needs to cuddle with gunnar to help him over his being bullied.gunner likes to bully people,online of course because he cannot bully them any place else.Maybe spooning will help t + 671 more characters
Well,every morning when I swing my legs over the edge of my bed I have to sit on my hands to keep from clapping my hands because hillary uranium collusion criminal clinton who bill clinton does not ev + 1060 more characters
Um it Efing snowed here.Pretty much 4x4 pickup travel in town until they can clear the streets.Our winters of being spoiled is temporarily over.The best time to play winter songs in Eastern Montana is + 11 more characters
Nice job gunnar
you are right gunnar.I should have just said you are just focking stupid.Just read your post(s).Igor is from Russia,he came to america and puts on a really good show.Somehow you forced politics involv + 1455 more characters
Well gunner from what I have seen you ain`t real bright.This is about a band who puts on one hell of a show and the people of Miles City are lucky to have Igor and the Red Elvises stop by to put on a + 493 more characters
Igor and the Red Elvis`s will be appearing live once again in Miles City on 03 March 2018 featuring Igor Yusov and Dejah "SpaceBoots" Sandoval on bass. Your favorite band.Expect public displays of dan + 166 more characters
The Constitution is just a piece of paper. hillary`s new book will be This is what happened I was a fake blonde woman and there was a black president (w)ho is illegally married to a male)
No reply yet milescitywebmaster?Make it how you want.Change things on the posts if you want.Been done before.
brigier brought children in to the conversation you have recently posted milescitycomwebmaster. I did not.What brigier did in this conversation/discussion is similiar to using children in a divorce.I + 1532 more characters
I am starting to think the child(ren) you talk about your girlfriend having conceived or other children you have may be Russian.Have you had a paternity test?Are these children illegitimate?I will now + 395 more characters
Well gunnir I gnu this person.I will not elaborate much but this person said that the ONE thing he could not tolerate was tardiness. he is a democrat.No work would get done but everyone had to be ther + 311 more characters
I see gunner emilson projects.That is a psychological term when someone describes others as themselves but they do not consciously know it many or sometimes no times.Either gunner has been learned up + 725 more characters
you did not answer the question bridgier.Just answer the question(s).Very simple question(s).Are you not able to answer the question(s)bridgier?Are you able to answer the question(s) truthfully bridgi + 125 more characters
hanson are you on SSI?If you are for what reason.This is my tax dollars here.mcd are you on SSI and if so for what reason,this is my tax dollars here.brigidette or whatever you seek bad things for oth + 671 more characters
Perhaps Jobie could try her hoof at roller derby locally for a start.
My guess is that mcd is on SSI,you pick the reason.Of course I oould just ask. mcd are you on SSI?
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RE: 1996 Blazer 4x4 one month ago
This has been sold.
1996 Blazer 4x4 one month ago
Black,body and paint in good shape,4x4 works good V6 automatic,trans works good.Tires ain`t nothing to write home about but they will get you through this winter and the next one. Electric windows and + 233 more characters