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My Like / Dislike no longer works and I probably liked or disliked a Total of maybe 12 to 15 posts in the past 6 months...but I guess that was too much ?
hhhmmmmm...I rest my case on all you guys can do is insult and belittle.... just keep proving me correct....
More Electoral College Voters ran away from voting Clinton than they did From Voting Trump...... nothing else need be said.
.....sooooo... I am tigtly wound but; It is you who are mad, "blame republicans" "distrust Trump", lash out at "purveyors of false stories" ....(and I am the one who is tightly wound ?) If you say s + 1200 more characters
PS. Dave- Please direct me to where you were even trying to make a point in the first place and that I helped prove it? If I knew you were asking for specific "emails" to make the point that I was try + 370 more characters
Gee Dave - It is you who are missing the point and completely too I might add...... in fact, you are helping proving one of the points in my post.....I was not even trying to make the issue or point t + 881 more characters
Posted by Ed who fishes Now David Wrote: Posted by David Schott 8 hours ago ? Reply to Ed who fishes (#369672) Quote; "Ed who fishes", specifically what Clinton emails are you referring to? End Quot + 540 more characters
Actually you just didn't get the idiot you wanted. So in light of that you have to photo-shop pictures of belittling images that cheapen what little (if any) credibility you percieve your argument has + 1259 more characters
Okay Richard (and David) as I'd hate for you guys to run out of breath ...here are a couple off the top of my head.....how about all the attacks on my second amendments liberties? The banning of clips + 1129 more characters
Hillary not moving into the White House is cause for celebration every day for at least the next four years. Party-on Wayne, Garth and Sam.
I am not going to write a book length reply but the post(s) shown do make me think about how hypocritical some people are being in what they say. The liberal side wants to portray themselves as all-ac + 1104 more characters
Posted by Bridgier 10 hours ago Too many lives have been given in too many wars for anyone to sit out what our forefathers gave their lives to secure for us. Okay, sure... I may not necessarily li + 420 more characters
All that being said, I will not stay home and not vote. Too many lives have been given in too many wars for anyone to sit out what our forefathers gave their lives to secure for us. They gave their li + 418 more characters
sorry .... quotation marks not parenthesis...my mistake.
and my name really is Ed , so you needn't put it in parenthesis unless for some reason you like using them,
I am not confused, not really, why do you point out that she was only asking me a question(s) anyways? Did my reply not answer her question ? I think it did and if she was merely asking if I supported + 557 more characters
um Dave, no she wasn't. Nice try to cover though....but we're not that naïve are we? She was trying to use me as a way to throw punches at the republican candidate and the republican party...see the e + 65 more characters
Who said I support Trump ? You assume much and apparently know little. I'm not fond of either of the candidates....but since you're putting words in people's mouths Allison I might as well put some in + 835 more characters
Here Bridger- this will help you (maybe) es·pi·o·nage n. The practice of spying or of using spies to obtain secret information, especially regarding a government or business.
If the content isn't part of the issue then why was the FBI looking into the content of the rest of the emails to begin with ...? And you accuse me of being dumb? At least I'm not dumb AND Blind.
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I have a model 1898 US Springfield military rifle 30-40 Krag - full orginal condition and length not cut down or sportarized.  It has the front bayonet mount ring and original sights... stock has mili + 163 more characters
No - Ben had Radios Reborn in Miles City - but Ben passed away almost a year ago.