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Also being reported is this: Southwest Key is being paid $458 million to house immigrant children. "The Austin-based charity runs 27 immigrant children’s shelters in Texas, Arizona and California, acc + 220 more characters
The New York Times is reporting that: "The United States is preparing to shelter as many as 20,000 migrant children on four American military bases, a Pentagon spokesman said on Thursday, as federal + 312 more characters
"Five Businesses Are Making Millions Off the Child Separation Policy: Trump May Have Signed an Order Reversing His Own Policy, But Thousands of Children Will Still be Held at Privately Run Shelters" b + 245 more characters
As usual, Snowy, criticizes me instead of Trump's inhumane policies, which I can only assume he agrees with. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Snowy! And, Snowy, please do enumerate all the ways Trump i + 945 more characters
Trump is America's Hitler.
Shu Pius wrote above: "This Tweet came from Bill Mitchell yesterday: 'Last month Democrats loved a porn star. This month they are all about family values. Well, they are flexible, I give them that!'" + 1430 more characters
OMG! "The Trump administration has lost track of nearly 6,000 unaccompanied migrant children – thousands more than the Department of Health and Human Services had previously acknowledged. HHS placed m + 312 more characters
The Trump administration's immigration policy of separating migrant children from their parents, besides being extremely cruel and traumatic, also doesn't make economic sense. When you separate childr + 659 more characters
Here is an article written by someone who was separated from her parents and siblings by the Nazis. "Nazis Separated Me from My Parents as a Child. The Trauma Lasts a Lifetime" by Yoka Verdoner, Th + 56 more characters
"Nearly 2,000 children have been separated from their families at the U.S. border over a six-week period during a crackdown on illegal entries, according to Department of Homeland Security figures obt + 166 more characters
"A company run by former officials at Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm brought down by a scandal over how it obtained Facebook users’ private data, has quietly been working for Presi + 108 more characters
"The New York State attorney general sued Trump and his three eldest children for 'persistent illegal conduct' at the Donald J. Trump Foundation." New York Attorney General Sues Trump Foundation After + 208 more characters
So far! "Over 100 Charges, 20 People and 3 Companies: The Mueller Inquiry, Explained" by Emily Cochrane and Alicia Parlapiano New York Times, February 23, 2018 url
"Prosecutors argued that Manafort is a 'danger to the community' and that he committed a crime while out on release, obstruction of justice. They said he carried out a 'sustained campaign of over five + 136 more characters
This first story is about a detention center for boys. Where are the babies who have been taken from their parents being detained? This is a terribly cruel policy creating emotional trauma for all con + 511 more characters
Or, perhaps Pope Francis read the letter from concerned scientists at the National Academy of Sciences -- some of whom are Nobel Prize winners. url And, perhaps Pope Francis also read the joint statem + 177 more characters
Perhaps Pope Francis read the letter signed by 15,372 scientists worldwide calling climate change 'catastrophic.' url url Since the letter was published last November, 4,500 additional scientists have + 218 more characters
"Civilization requires energy, but energy use must not destroy civilization," the pope said." "Pope Urges Oil Companies to Lead Clean Energy Transition in Unprecedented Vatican Conference" by Olivia R + 284 more characters
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