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As I understand it, anyone on this website is free to post any news item about any national event they wish to. I post primarily for informational purposes. Others are free to post as well, aren't the + 27 more characters
The Nazis and their racist ideology were not good news for Poland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Russia, England, and ultimately, Germany itself. T + 500 more characters
Wake Up, America!
Stephen Colbert: Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis
Stephen Colbert Makes Condemning Nazis Look Easy (Because It Is)
Remember Richard Spencer, the alt-right, neo-nazi who planned to hold an armed, white suprematist march in Whitefish, Montana last January. Well, the same Richard Spencer was also one of the planners, + 419 more characters
It gets even worse! Trump is now defending his initial remarks about Charlottesville and is, again, blaming both sides! "Trump Defends Initial Remarks on Charlottesville; Again Blames ‘Both Sides’" + 653 more characters
The Trump presidential responses never cease to amaze, baffle and perplex. This just in! "Trump Shares, Then Deletes, Twitter Post of Train Hitting Cartoon Person Covered by CNN Logo" by Eileen Sulli + 85 more characters
So, far five executives have resigned in protest from Trump's American Manufacturing Council. And, now Walmart’s C.E.O., Doug McMillan, has rebuked Trump. Walmart, the nation’s largest private employe + 218 more characters
Here are some images from last weekend's demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia where one 32 year old woman was killed and 19 people were injured when a white supremacist drove his car into the pe + 182 more characters
Senator Tester has launched a portal to assist Montanans impacted by wildfire and drought -- many of whom are farmers and ranchers who normally are against federal aid and vote Republican. Remember Tr + 413 more characters
Well, true to form, Trump initially couldn't condemn the white nationalist who, in Charlottesville, Virginia, drove his car into a non-violent crowd killing one and injuring 19 -- so he blamed many si + 964 more characters
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