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Richard Nixon had his enemies list and today Trump, once again, is showing the world (especially his friend and supporter, Vladimir Putin) how mean and vindictive he can be. Trump has revoked the secu + 1227 more characters
Systemic, pervasive, historic and allowed to happen -- This is the latest news involving the criminal sexual abuse of children by priests in several dioceses in Pennsylvania, and the play book for hid + 645 more characters
It is being reported this week that Apple, Inc. has become the first $1 trillion publicly listed U.S. company. Ralph Nader explains how Apple, Inc. could have done a lot more than just stock buy backs + 96 more characters
The price of newsprint is going up and small town newspapers are feeling the economic hit. So far, a dozen newspapers are cutting down on publication days and 1 has folded up shop. This is not good ne + 82 more characters
"How to Counter Donald Trump's War on the Media" by John Cassidy, The New Yorker, August 3, 2018 url
Opinion: "Calling The Press The Enemy Of The People Is A Menacing Move" by Scott Simon, NPR, Weekend Edition, August 4, 2018 url
I'm sorry for your loss, Richard! This has been a difficult week for you in many ways.
Lies reflexively? Or, has the onset of dementia? Last month, we watched Trump show up late for his appointment with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. It was broadcast live around the world -- the 92 + 258 more characters
Here's how bad: "Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire: Together, Charles and David Koch control one of the world’s largest fortunes, which they are using to buy up our political system. But what the + 138 more characters
A 5 day stay by the Saudi Crown Prince (and family) in March boosts the hotel's profits 13% for the entire quarter? Really? How does that work? Is Trump profiting from foreign government officials? Wh + 279 more characters
"Trump National Security Team Says Russia Behind Effort to Meddle in U.S. Elections by Steve Holland, Jeff Mason,, August 3, 2018 url "National Security Officials at White House Briefing W + 108 more characters
Here are some scenes from the movie, Spotlight.
They Knew and They Let It Happen:
Ending credits with worldwide list:
Richard, I'm very sorry you experienced abuse by a priest, and thank you for the courage it took to come forward. I'm sure you were deeply and adversely affected, and I hope you have overcome the trau + 1788 more characters
It's August 1, 2018 and thanks to the reporters at the Washington Post, it's time for the most recent (and fact checked) update about Trump's false statements: "President Trump Has Made 4,229 False or + 253 more characters
"Dems Suspect Russia in New Facebook Influence Operation" by Morgan Chalfant,, July 31, 2018 url
Also, there's this not-very-comforting real news from Russia: Sergey Lavrov said Moscow would be "provided with information about the schemes harbored by the militaries of both the U.S. and other West + 190 more characters
"Facebook says it found new covert campaign to spread divisive political messages: Facebook said Tuesday it had uncovered a new covert campaign to spread divisive political messages on its social netw + 825 more characters
This time it's worth $100 Billion and won't take the approval of Congress. url
Instead of having a bad hair day, Trump is having a really bad -- real news day! "Avenatti: 3 Women Paid 'Hush Money' for Trump Relationships" by Michael Balsamo and Michael R. Sisak,, July 2 + 65 more characters
And, to make these Trump/Russia matters seem even more surreal than they already are, here's the latest real news: (I'm not kidding!) Today, the White House is reporting that: "Trump Open to Visiting + 297 more characters
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