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How did you do on the gender bias test, Snowy?
Here's an excerpt from Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney op. ed. about Montana's forced budget cuts published in numerous Montana newspapers today: " . . . The reality is Governor Bullock would have not called a + 1758 more characters
"Democratic Party Files Lawsuit Alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks Conspired to Disrupt the 2016 Campaign" by Tom Hamburger, Rosalind S. Helderman and Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post, + 43 more characters
Who said anything about depression? Once again, Snowy, can't stay on topic and has demonstrated a pathetic attempt to make it personal against me. Nice try! If you can't stay on topic, attack the mess + 268 more characters
Mr. Aslan's analysis in the video posted above only explains one aspect of Trump's appeal to the white evangelicals -- the money angle. He doesn't talk about the racism and sexism that Trump exhibits + 2241 more characters
Strange but apparently true! "White Evangelical Support for Donald Trump at All-Time High" by Robert P. Jones, PhD,, April 18, 2018 "A new PRRI survey finds white evangelical support for Pre + 877 more characters
According to an article in today's Billings Gazette, and from information taken from the 2012 book, “Military Fly Moms”, when Captain Tammie Jo Shults was a senior in high school, she went to a career + 694 more characters
Here's some interesting news about Sinclair Broadcasting: "Sinclair TV boss Donated to Montana Congressman Who Attacked Reporter" by Jon Swaine, The Guardian, April 17, 2018 One of the brothers who co + 1775 more characters
Snowy, I don't know you or your age. However, after reading all your previous posts on this website, I have gotten the idea that you were not in the forefront of the women's liberation movement, and m + 468 more characters
Now here's some news you don't read about every day! New Zealand's 37 year old, unmarried, Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is about to give birth (in June) and she will be the first elected leader eve + 240 more characters
Take a listen to Capt. Shults as she flies on one engine and safely lands her crippled Southwest plane with 149 passengers onboard; thus, avoiding disaster! Very impressive! Next time I fly Southwest, + 68 more characters
"Nation Shocked to Learn of Possible Bias at Fox News" by Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker, April 17, 2018 url
Whatever made you think the Keystone XL Pipeline project was dead -- Not according to the latest news. url
Andy Borowitz says Sean Hannity "totally forgot Michael Cohen was his lawyer." Read more at: url
2018 is the Year of the Bird and for those of us who love birds, here's some encouraging news about birds and wind farms: "How New Technology Is Making Wind Farms Safer for Birds: Raptors and wind ene + 146 more characters
This news story is just beginning to get its legs, so stay tuned as the Mueller investigation continues. "Mueller Has Evidence Michael Cohen Was in Prague in 2016, Confirming Part of Dossier" by Pete + 1586 more characters
I think the point is that wind energy is less environmentally destructive than coal and Buffett is diversifying his assets and making a diverse energy play for the future. As President Obama used to s + 324 more characters
I just found this article about a 2000 meter solar highway just built in China. Amazing and impressive! url
Last Wednesday, April 11, 2018, Russ Doty, author of I-184, the renewable energy initiative, was interviewed on the radio program, "Voices of Montana." You can listen to the interview on these two lin + 303 more characters
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