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Here are stories and photos about the thousands who marched. url url url
Anybody read Russian?
No, the man from snowy plains doesn't have to worry about the marchers being Soros radicals! Isn't the man from snowy plains concerned about clean air and clean water? It used to be that Republicans a + 141 more characters
I think this link will provide a live feed from Democracy Now of the Climate March in Washington, D.C. url
People are marching in cities across the world today for climate jobs and justice.
Here the police are detaining a journalist.
Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was attacked again this week (April 28, 2017) with a green chemical which he said looks funny but hurts like hell. It got into his eyes and he sought treatme + 701 more characters
This is a photo of what happens to aging infrastructure that doesn't get repaired. This is what the GOP legislators said to their constituents who depend on roads, bridges, etc. "Yes, the ideas to re + 343 more characters
This is what the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) wrote about Montana schools in their 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. "Montana has over 2,000 school buildings that 144,129 students attend + 1352 more characters
"Dozens of Montana schools that were counting on state funding to replace crumbling roofs and old boilers are out of luck. The same goes for rural areas looking to upgrade their aging water systems an + 135 more characters
Time for a little Brittany Spears singing, "Oops, I did it again!" I'm imagining Montana's Republican legislators singing it to their constituents about why no infrastructure bill was passed in 2017 f + 28 more characters
Oops! They did it again! For the third time! I cannot believe it! But it's true! Today, (04-28-17) the Republican controlled Montana House and Senate adjourned the 2017 Legislative Session without pas + 655 more characters
Well, the Republican controlled Congress has postponed the potential government shutdown for another week. Stay tuned. Read more at: url
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