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Sorry Snowy, Fox News is not a legitimate source of news. They are an 'entertainment' franchise. They went to court and won for the right to not tell the truth. If you have another source for that inf + 24 more characters
Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Crystal Chandelier - Charlie Pride Silver Wings - Merle Haggard Crazy Arms - Ray Price Swinging Doors - George Jones King Of The Road - Roger Miller He Stopped Loving Her To + 350 more characters
Doesn't this mean that Oasis Community Church should now start paying taxes?
Massive Oil Spill In Yellowstone River Contaminates Drinking Water A ruptured oil pipeline leaked up to 40,000 gallons of crude into the Yellowstone River in Montana last Saturday, contaminating the d + 530 more characters
If that guys is really serious about safety and wants safer roads - then ban all the cars and trucks instead. He's a douche. We all pay taxes on the highways therefore we should all have access to the + 44 more characters
It's from all the salt in the water. It melts ice. We just need to desalinate the ocean then all that ice wont melt.
I got my first frog legs on the Blackwater River in Missouri. Yes that one, "Mississippi moon keep on shining." I twook mwy bb gun dwown two the wiver and hunted those wascally fwogs. I must have been + 493 more characters
Gunnar - I support Bernie and his ideals. So you are calling me an idiot. Did you mean to do that?
I thought cursive is what you do when you hit your thumb with a hammer (and I'm leaving off the period)
With some of these, coal probably would not be needed in the near future. I don't think this video is on youtube so I'm not sure how to get it to show here. Worth watching though. url [Edited by Steve + 33 more characters
But I thought all scientists are being bought off? How could they be trusted to present factual science?
Hal Thanks. That makes sense. I appreciate the answer...and I agree.
One more book you can add to the list: "Conversations With God." In it God talks about there only being fear and love. Also mentions they are just opposite ends of the same thing. Actually, it sounds + 141 more characters
Hal How do you know this?
More information url url
One reason could be that there may have been non voting, non English speaking people there just wanting to find out more. They could have been gathering information for their family members who were + 77 more characters
The 45% Latino vote is incorrect. url
But it's okay to wish death on innocent Islamists and Muslims? Double standard there.
A financial guru that's gone bankrupt 4 times? Even Stevie Wonder can see that he's NOT a financial guru. So when the going gets tough he'll just jump on board with China (because they aren't Muslim a + 287 more characters
That was a long way to go just to cross the street.
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