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Miles City is a wonderful place to live. This is our seventh home in six cities and we have been here over for more than four decades! No, it is not perfect, but it is what you make it. If you are loo + 456 more characters
Yes, they are. Sorry, I don't know the name of the cowboy who sold us one. If I get a name, where would they find you?
Entry fee includes lodging and some of the meals. I understand part of this trip will be through Yellowstone Park. A good time to "feel the breeze"!
Join the group for fun, fellowship, fresh air, and a scenic ride! The "2016 Divide Ride" is happening July 9-12, 2016, and is a fundraiser for the Eastern Montana Bible Camp at Bloomfield, MT. Contact + 180 more characters
What are your interests? There is bound to be an organization or an informal group with similar interests. Start with your church. A good place to find someone who knows someone who shares your focus.
Good post. Thanks for saying what many of us are thinking!
Thank you! I have been eagerly waiting!
Eagle cam one year ago
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Is the eagle cam up and running, yet?
RE: Moving one year ago
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We have lived here for 46 years and can't think of a good reason to live elsewhere! The schools are very good. Both sports and fine arts have earned a positive reputation. We have several professional + 483 more characters
Thank you for the info.
What happened on I 94 last night? Just west of Hathaway - eastbound lane was closed to all traffic.
Try Linda Losinski or Carla Muggli. Both in Miles City.
Found Dog one year ago
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She wandered in at the landfill. Looks like a Border Collie - tricolor. Has a faded red or pink collar. Call 232-7991 or go to the landfill.
First Lutheran Church has a quilting group that meets on Friday mornings to assemble quilts that are subsequently given away; some locally, some to world relief organizations.
Thank you!
Does anyone in Miles City take old computers and/or electronics for recycling?
It was a slow start tonight - the count was slightly lower than in prior years. We had 268. We live in Miles City.
You do know that the golden rule and "Love your neighbors as yourselves" both came from the Bible, don't you.
Call MDU.
Just tell the patrons as they arrive, "Hurry up and get that door shut! You're letting flies in!"
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