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Not sure if this should be in the discussion topics or in the classified ads, but does anybody know if the Cowboys are going to sell Cowboy cards as a fund raiser again this year?
4-Saint Xavier 33-Anaconda 54-Fortine
my wife and I also ate at the Black Iron on Saturday night and our overall experience was similar to spacekase. I think I detect an attempt to be a Walkers or Jake's which work in Billings but might h + 576 more characters
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sorry Al, you have know how to read between the lines when it comes to getting information out of the blue book. Savage did not chamber the model 340 in 223 till 1964, If it is a mid 1950's gun it was + 508 more characters
Milestown is right, Savage didn't start chambering the 340 in 223 till 1964 or 65. Original chamberings in 56-57 would have been 22 hornet, 222, or 30-30. Watch out that this rifle may possibly be a 2 + 136 more characters
I need a driveway and sidewalk cleared. it will need a bobcat.  Is everybody who does this tied up doing business parking lots?  234-1340 or 853 5132