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Thanksgiving Day, 2017 I believe and am scared we are actually living in The End Times. But, there is hope and there are many ways to survive even a nuclear holocaust if one originates from North Kore + 1103 more characters
Tim Wagoner, I have a dilemma. My INBOX has been ravaged by thousands of unwanted emails from the DNC. Can you tell me how to rid my computer of these? Rob
Wild Horses and Horse meat ************************** In the 1950s and early 60's my dad was asked several times to fly a Super Cub to locate bunches of wild horses in Garfield County and he did. One + 356 more characters
Remembering when Spotted Eagle was under construction ***************************************************** This was the spring of 1965 and my class at CCHS used Spotted Eagle for keggers. We'd have o + 388 more characters
Oddjob, Your post about Gardner Grenz is a little lacking about such a truly fine Miles City man. He was OVER THE TOP generous. Trick: He also sprinkled HOT SAUCE on the popcorn because he knew this + 1162 more characters
Write in this forum or email me at 1. How many voters are there in Miles City? 2. How many voters in Custer County? 3 What would be my chances campaigning for J + 37 more characters
David Schott, I have a nose guard on both my diesel crew cabs...............but being forced off the road by the Ford and trailer was a bit much. Thanks- Ship
My 2 cents worth about American veterans **************************************** I am a veteran because I was drafted when a senior in college by the Selective Service. I had been dodging the Viet Na + 799 more characters
Am I angry? No, just very thankful. Just returned from Sand Springs on Hiway 59 as it was getting dark. Three (3) Mule Deer does ran across the road well ahead of me from my left side. Then the 3-poin + 505 more characters
About a year ago the DNC locked onto my computer and I am Sh**ful of all their sickening diatribe. Can anyone help me by emailing HOW to rid myself of this sleazy burden? Rob Shipley ship@midrive + 6 more characters
Judge Roy S. Moore ****************** I stood in a line of 300+ people and met Roy Moore at a Freedom 21 Rally in 2005 in Phoenix. He was a genuine Christian fellow who loved GOD, the USA and the Jud + 379 more characters
Anyone's opinions and factual statements will be appreciated. Having just been devastated in the City Judge affair, should I consider the Justice of the Peace? Can anyone tell me EXACTLY how many + 125 more characters
Two poodles were strutting down the avenue in New York City. One was coal black, named "Fifi", and the other, white as snow, named "Gigi". They had recently enjoyed a lot of money being spent on their + 411 more characters
Jeri Dalbec, Thank you, Ma'am, for your comfort. I will have a hard time with this defeat for quite some time; just the way I am wired. My wonderful parents loved all of Miles City so much and did so + 654 more characters
Brave Enough To Be Angry ************************ Lincoln said it all, for all time. "No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens." The Clinton Era is over. Good riddance + 568 more characters
Brave Enough to Be Angry ************************ I have a close friend who was a Montana Highway Patrolman. One night a Montana politician was driving intoxicated and rolled his car and another man w + 811 more characters
Sexual predation in the USA has been strong for quite awhile. During the Civil War a Union general by the name of Thomas J. Hooker ordered his troops to find women to be brought to his camps for the s + 795 more characters
Sexual harassment. I will never condone American sexual forays regardless of being democrat, republican, or center of the road. The sexual harassment that thrives in the USA does not ever spark any no + 741 more characters
Sexual violence, harassment, slavery, etcetera. It all reverts to being the actual "enslavement" of one or more persons under another. Slavery is the unlawful, illegal, unholy stealing of liberty and + 3432 more characters
Hanson, I have more cash and fewer debts than eighty-eight percentile of Americans. Average age 70 Americans have less than $71,000 in net worth; and, many have a great deal of debt. I have a greater + 313 more characters
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We are appreciating selling off our entire 40+ year collection of RARE and PRICEY valuable Montana antiques and collectibles. Many deer mounts, horns, moose horns, saddles, buffalo skulls,  collector + 379 more characters
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Passion is SAA Colts; single action army Colt revolvers. Any age, any caliber, any conditiom. Will pay well, always cash money. Thank you. Rob Shipley     406-234-2477            853-3221     [email]s + 25 more characters
Willing to pay cash for sincere information about our loving cat, Jim Bridger. He is a rather large neutered tom cat, a Maine Coon breed. He is shaggy and gray-white, has a big heart, big feet, and a + 957 more characters
Gentlepersons of Miles City, 1. When you want your tax $$$$$$$$   not wasted 2. When you want your tax $$$$$$$$   paying for      YOUR        City Court  that you all     own, operated perfectly 3. Wh + 1539 more characters
Homemade heavy plywood single axle trailer that can handle two (2) snowmobiles easily. Covered and new paint and spare tires. New steel trailers like this are $2,500 on up. We are asking $900 OBO. Tha + 36 more characters
My wonderful dad was a gun dealer and collector all his life and I have been as well. My real passion is SAA Colts, single action Army Colt revolvers. Anyone wanting to sell theirs , or, anyone knowin + 114 more characters
603 South 4th Street. I bought this set of chairs in Billings 6 or 8 years ago at an  estate auction. They sat unused in the library of our home for this time. They need a new home for winter of 2017. + 194 more characters