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I can only assume Amorate or what ever he/she goes by is a dealer or heavy user. Again, more lies posted, attempts to cover up the drug problem in MC either by a user/dealer, or a delusion POS. The "o + 859 more characters
Redheadedguy- Last weeks MC Star it was on the front page. Things have only gotten worse since the 2015 article. Published: Fri, 02/17/2017 - 3:27pm “Wyatt Glade, Custer County attorney, confirms tha + 1125 more characters
Frank, like most ignorant people will resort to clouding of title, slander, out and out lies when they cannot argue. By the way Frank, hows the "hot dog" business?
First, never said I never made "friends". Just said what was so obvious to the rest of the world. Second, can anyone read my user name??? To the one who claimed I was hanging out with drug dealers, + 1237 more characters
F-ucker Button, you may have a point, as you use your real name we see.
I had posted on here quoting the Miles City chief of po-lice, who states Miles City has one of the worst meth problems in the state. He also stated it will never get better, only worse. Apparently the + 145 more characters
You got to love the MC attitude, a contradiction at every turn. Quoting one of the most intelligent persons in MC. Kind of like all the backstabbing that goes on there. "Not once have I seen crystal + 131 more characters
David Schott-You truly are a shining example of ignorant. You can't read, therefor you cannot even get my name right. How many prescription pills are you taking?
Amorette Allison-Where do you find all these alleged "educated" people? The Country Club? The 519? The corrupt court house? When the average wage of a community is much less than 20/hr, I would not b + 1010 more characters
David-You can't possible be that stupid. Well, maybe you can.
Go down to the Custer County Detention center and ask them. Copy/paste is so 90's.
Cubby-Who said I live IN Miles City?? 2nd, the HEP C rates come from the DOC, sorry if you don't like it. J.Mug-You hit the nail on the head. Nobody say's "lets go to Miles City" unless it's the drun + 644 more characters
Ya, great place to live. With kids shooting up prescription drugs, the Hep C. rate is around 70%, Whoever said drugs aren't abound in the community is ether dealing or out of touch with reality. You s + 1003 more characters
Sorry to say, but the jobs here pay nothing. Miles City is a very poor community. Rent is totally outrageous. One would be crazy to buy a home here as taxes are the highest I have ever seen. There are + 1547 more characters
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