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You got to love the MC attitude, a contradiction at every turn. Quoting one of the most intelligent persons in MC. Kind of like all the backstabbing that goes on there. "Not once have I seen crystal + 131 more characters
David Schott-You truly are a shining example of ignorant. You can't read, therefor you cannot even get my name right. How many prescription pills are you taking?
Amorette Allison-Where do you find all these alleged "educated" people? The Country Club? The 519? The corrupt court house? When the average wage of a community is much less than 20/hr, I would not b + 1010 more characters
David-You can't possible be that stupid. Well, maybe you can.
Go down to the Custer County Detention center and ask them. Copy/paste is so 90's.
Cubby-Who said I live IN Miles City?? 2nd, the HEP C rates come from the DOC, sorry if you don't like it. J.Mug-You hit the nail on the head. Nobody say's "lets go to Miles City" unless it's the drun + 644 more characters
Ya, great place to live. With kids shooting up prescription drugs, the Hep C. rate is around 70%, Whoever said drugs aren't abound in the community is ether dealing or out of touch with reality. You s + 1003 more characters
Sorry to say, but the jobs here pay nothing. Miles City is a very poor community. Rent is totally outrageous. One would be crazy to buy a home here as taxes are the highest I have ever seen. There are + 1547 more characters
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Used wood stove. No stove pipe. $900 email [email][/email] or text 852-0666 The Drolet Myriad High Efficiency EPA Wood Stove adds a colonial style to any bedroom or living area. The h + 590 more characters