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I'm with Mary. Totally. If you don't like her posts, don't read them. There may be no quid pro quo going on BUT IT SURE AS HELL LOOKS LIKE IT! Tillerson is about to skip a NATO forum so he can go pick + 118 more characters
You are so right Gunnar. Its high time we start punishin' people for not properly planning for their future! Especially those diseased weaklings and other complainers that are a drag on the income of + 124 more characters
We're talking about Walmart here! How about next time the weather is too sloppy to change your own oil, save your goddamn oil and filter, go to Walmart, let them just change your damn oil, and when th + 392 more characters
Baloney, Gunnar. Do you know why country folk's baseball style hats have that extreme curve on the bill? Its from sticking their heads into their mailboxes looking for their government checks.
He's getting tired of "winning".
Finally! Working Death Panels!
Not long after my family moved to Miles City in 1966, a market called Sawyers, just west of the tracks on Leighton, burned down. I remember going by the next day and seeing canned goods exploded all o + 169 more characters
My alternative plan would be to "Spring Forward" 1/2 hour nationally and then leave the damn clock alone. The rest of the world would see the brilliance of this plan and quickly follow suit, eliminati + 17 more characters
The State Legislature is considering ending Daylight Savings Time for Montana. I have mixed feelings about it. I have a hard time adjusting in the morning but love the extra hour of daylight in the ev + 98 more characters
Just knowing there are people about, ready and willing to spray a few rounds about in the name of law and order,makes me feel much safer. I'm just glad I don't sport a more swarthy complexion, lest I + 40 more characters
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At this moment they are re-grouping and preparing to unleash some new horror on humanity.
Stopping for penny candy at the Bean Bag on the way home from Junior High.
"Concerts" at the Armory. Frequent keggers. Strippers at Kelly's Gaslight (and the drinking age was 18).
As one of the least athletically inclined people in the history of Miles City...I still enjoyed gym class with Mr. Harasymcuk, including the Chickenfat record. It always seemed a lot of gym teachers f + 92 more characters
"The Federalist". Right. Sure everybody lies. But Trump and his minions are the absolute champs. Hands down. They lie when the truth is right in front of everybody's nose. I truly believe Trump believ + 102 more characters
Keep in mind Oddjob calls Snopes the "Infowars" of the left.
Don't worry anyone! Trump has appointed Jerry Freakin' Fallwell Junior to an education reform task force. I know I'm now sleeping better now.
Sandy Hook in reverse.
Is Mary Catherine on vacation?
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