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By the way - draft calls ended on Jan 23, 1973. Tester was born in August of '56. The dirty bastard wriggled out of the draft by being born too late!
I have to laugh when I read ANY righty complaining about wriggling out of the draft. I wonder how old Tester is. I'm 61 and by the time I was old enough - the draft was gone.
Not to change the subject but....Did Junior find a place to have his gathering in Bozeman yet?
Trump and his admin are accelerating around the drain so O.J. is springing into action.
Hey Oddy! Why isn't the Rear Admiral still at his previous job?
I guess Pence did a hatchet job on the Rear Admiral also.
BTW. That "fixing" of my invectives sure takes the starch out of my rants!
Wait a minute! That Helsinki biz was just a month ago! Jesus Christ! There's been about six months worth of Trump Bullshit since then! It really is time to kick the motherfucker out!!
If this is what you say... I LOVE IT! That's one of my favorite Trump Family Quotes from one of my least favorite Trumps.
Trump is, of course, handling the Op-Ed in his typical mature, cool and calm demeanor.
Was it the Rickenhawk who used to say there is a glacier in South America that is actually growing?
So thoughtful!
Not to mention a pretty good sense of humor. He also placed Country ahead of self and party.
One of those Pearl Jam posters I mean.
Bill Stroh, Thanks for your reasonable, thoughtful answer. I am guessing there would be a distinct difference between what you and I think are reasonable restrictions but the fact that you are actuall + 118 more characters
I do however, disagree with the Classified Ads Ban of Weapons. I believe in the right to bear arms with reasonable restrictions. I suppose in Stroh's book that makes me a commie pinko anti-American et + 32 more characters
Bill Stroh. A claw hammer has an alternate use besides shooting up people. You generally cannot wipe out an entire classroom with a claw hammer or kill 50 some people from across the street while they + 47 more characters
And that's no bull!
Noted cheapskate billionaire and Trump Administration Commerce Secretary is the next to sink back into the sludge. url
He's a fucking liar and he knows his minions will believe anything he says no matter how easily his lies can be exposed.
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