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Great article but just think how powerful J. C. Penney's would be today had Hilleman decided to stay!
And once again Snowy responds like maggots in feces.
World class idiot Sean Hannity blamed the stock drop on Obama's weak economy. I guess Obama's weak economy was stronger than he thought. I have never seen a president and his imbecilic followers take + 100 more characters
Nunes supposedly made changes to "The Memo" before sending it to Trump. After reading it I can guess what he did. He dumbed it down to about the third grade reading level so Trump might actually be ab + 20 more characters
I have heard that Butler will be a free agent after this season. I'm guessing Bellycheat was worried Butler would have a good game and have to pony up to pay him in his next contract. I could see the + 75 more characters
Fron "The Onion" PHILADELPHIA—Happily nodding their heads and shaking hands with each other in congratulations, thousands of pleased but calm Philadelphia residents reportedly said, “Well that’s nice, + 734 more characters
A definite classic! I hope Gunnar didn't fall through some rotten ice today!
Ha Ha! Great one Snowy!.....Actually.....Sad!
As long as we're on the subject.....My prediction - Eagles 28 - Pats 24 I am no Brady fan, but even if he loses this game, he'll be considered the G,O.A.T.
From the Post Intelligencer today: "Tuesday night, Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II gave an effective Democratic response to the State of the Union address. Kennedy spoke eloquently about the Trump + 4319 more characters
Ben Carson will be on the hook shortly. Apparently he's helping friends and family get sweetheart deals. Trump has hired nothing but a bunch of self serving dicks. Zinke included.
Well put, Boomhauer.
That whoooosh yo just heard was the sound of Tom's simple but accurate post flying over Snowy and RR's heads.
Richard. That joke was a bum steer.
Does Miles City have any place left that serves a decent steak?
Well, Snowy. Your "Secret Society" was just a bit of gallows humor between a couple of FBI agents. Have you purchased a Putin Calendar yet?
Think what the Eagles fans will do in Minneapolis if they win...not to mention Philly!
.....there ain't no sun up in the sky....STORMY Daniels! This scandal would have been enough to end any presidency. Even Clinton's. Apparently Trump's swamp is so deep things like this barely register + 157 more characters
Hey RR. If you post the infamous Access Hollywood Trump and Billy Bush clip, I will post a picture of the trash left behind due to the Women's March.
If there is a God, and I'm beginning to have my doubts, the Eagles will humiliate the Pats and Bellycheat in an even worse way than the Seahawks mashed "Nationwide" and the Broncos a few years ago.
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