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There is NO fire in Garfield county! Do not evacuate! Its only a progressive hoax to promote the concept of Global Warming! Isn't that right, Snowy Plains?
So judging by the title of this thread, one could call this a case of Cowboyus Interuptus.
I don't recall the Liberty Theater but then my family didn't move to Miles City until 1966. Where was it located and when did it close?
It has gotten to the point where I practically get the warm fuzzies thinking of the Dubya years.
The Uwajimaya Store in Seattle is also pretty awesome. Live fish tanks, Peking ducks, skinned out goat heads, etc, etc etc. It seems to me its right out of the Chinatown stop on the Light Rail. Also p + 76 more characters
Maybe it was in reference to the typical Miles City denizen's proclivity for consumption of Busch Lite.
Pocket change.
Why am I not surprised Snowy is "more experienced" in litigation?
And NO ONE IS COMING for your damn guns! NO ONE! There are plenty of gun owners like myself who would welcome some kind of reasonable regulations but...NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS! The NRA is playi + 869 more characters
And for all of you "Energy Voters" out there...Coal will NOT COME BACK anywhere close to what it was! There is NO CLEAN COAL - NEVER WILL BE! Demand is decreasing because even places like China are si + 110 more characters
The Gazette and Missoulian have rescinded their endorsements of Gianforte. A little late, boys.
I'm sure Schumer is shakin' in his boots. Sorry to hear the "Eagle is Flyin' Low" again.
Even if Quist loses, it does my heart good to see how Gianforte is sweating this out. Having to put up another million in the last week and now this stupid move - priceless!
Lay Lady Lay from Nashville Skyline. Lots of other great tunes on that one.
Mama Tried - Merle Haggard
Tennessee Flat Top Box. Johnny Cash
Also interesting that the article regarding Gianforte's differing opinions on the bill depending on who he is talking to, is still seen in high profile in the Missoulian's website while it can't be fo + 51 more characters
Interesting that publicly, Gianforte was all 'I'll have to study this bill to see how it affects Montanans blar blar blar, while privately, to a bunch of conservative donors in Washington, he was all + 7 more characters
Tell us exactly who lied, and how, Renegade.
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