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Get back on your meds, Rob.
Roy Moore WILL win,Rob. 1. In spite of the allegations - all of which are credible. 2. The people of Alabama are not insane. They do tend to be racist morons who are easily led to vote against their o + 980 more characters
Snowy. One important thing Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity have in common(other than being complete wastes of time and space)..They ARE NOT Newsmen! Any time they are confronted with their own misstatement + 133 more characters
LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM Up! LOCK HIM UP! And he can take our "See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil" Vice President Pence with him!
If Trump placed a plate of steaming dog poo on a table and ordered Daines and Gianforte to eat it, they would fight for who got to go first.
Kudos for including Franklin Graham, Mikeh. Occasionally we need to be reminded about what a duechebag he is.The others are more obvious.
Richard Bonine,Jr >>> gunsngold
Him and every other Griz fan I know.
Just sayin'. Cats 31, Griz 23
Leave it to Sex Tourist Rush Limbaugh, Gunnar.
Speaking of Roy Moore....Advertisers were dropping Sean Hannity due to his support for Roy Moore in the wake of the ongoing scandal including Keurig. In the most hilarious backlash ever, Moore/Hannity + 331 more characters
My family moved to town in '66. Grants was there for a while after that.
She must have been unclean, L.
Rob. Your gifts apparently do not include politics. But you now know you have at least 124 friends in Miles City.
I'm surprised at Gunnar's restraint in regards to the Iggles so far this season.
We are all f***ed!
I didn't make it to the game after all. Final C.Falls 48, MC 8. I guess it was just as well. Looking for great things from the Pokes next year!
Ship. People in glass houses should not cast stones.
Jesus Christ, Gunnar.
I've had it with elections. Please tell me this one is over after next Tuesday.
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