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One of those Pearl Jam posters I mean.
Bill Stroh, Thanks for your reasonable, thoughtful answer. I am guessing there would be a distinct difference between what you and I think are reasonable restrictions but the fact that you are actuall + 118 more characters
I do however, disagree with the Classified Ads Ban of Weapons. I believe in the right to bear arms with reasonable restrictions. I suppose in Stroh's book that makes me a commie pinko anti-American et + 32 more characters
Bill Stroh. A claw hammer has an alternate use besides shooting up people. You generally cannot wipe out an entire classroom with a claw hammer or kill 50 some people from across the street while they + 47 more characters
And that's no bull!
Noted cheapskate billionaire and Trump Administration Commerce Secretary is the next to sink back into the sludge. url
He's a fucking liar and he knows his minions will believe anything he says no matter how easily his lies can be exposed.
Three!? Bah! The great Donald Trump is far more virile and powerful than that!
Hal.... Welcome back to where in the summer it gets so hot your face hurts when you step outside and in the winter it gets so cold your face hurts when you step outside.
It's OK now. He meant to say "would". Or was it "wood"? I would like congratulate Snowy for his support of the most pathetic political party in the history of the world! After Trump's "correction", t + 121 more characters
Here is a subtle article from "The Onion" which further describes, in an unbiased way, what a swell guy Gowdy is. Caution - BAD LANGUAGE! url
Take one look at Trey Gowdy and tell me he is not half weasel!
Only 76%!?
Reminds me of that Pink Floyd album cover. It also sported a flying pig.
We've had some cloudery weather in my neck of the woods.
I heard Donald Jr. spent some time on the Stillwater this week. Made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. He better get his fishing in before Pruitt works his magic. Oh! Wait!
Gunnar. You are right about catching goldeyes with crawlers in muddy water but then you also have to deal with every other species that'll take one. What's nice in clearer water is the fact that you c + 99 more characters
Snowy. In case you hadn't noticed - Being a goddamn crook seems to be a prerequisite for working in Trump's administration. Besides that - Trump is having such a hard time hiring "the best and bright + 112 more characters
The camera has panned back giving a view of both parents. It's getting dark but i think i can see the eaglet on the nest.
How about today? I looked earlier and didn't see him but he may have been perched out of view. Hope he made it through the storm.
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