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Andy Borowitz has all the answers as far as I'm concerned.
Sorry snowedbrain. You don't get to choose the political leanings of the judge overseeing your case. It is er jurisdiction. Maybe Trump can find a friendly Mexican judge. As for Stormy's drawing - He + 65 more characters
Question: Why is a chickenpoop, corrupt and crooked jerk like Scott Pruitt still working in the Trump administration?
Two words....Talking Cows.
But it IS unusual for a "lawyer" to have only 3 clients.
Due to the fact that Pence is a part of the Trump administration,it is safe to assume that there is a 95% chance Pence has committed high crimes, misdemeanors and treason.
"Looses what?" Trump's entire administration is illegitimate. Pence needs to go as much as Trump.
Snowy makes a good point about wind farms being an eyesore. I'd much rather look out across enormous mounds of displaced earth, a giant coal pit and a sky colored by now constant wildfire smoke from J + 22 more characters
He fits right in....and out. Pruitt is the latest in a long list of Trump appointees facing a major scandal(s). Not only has he traveled first class wherever he goes (for safety reasons) but he stayed + 225 more characters
There may be some fine conservatives out there one could hitch there wagon to. Sadly, our GOP congressmen are not among them. Trump sycophants all. And Zinke? Even worse.
I didn't fill a bracket out this year - didn't get around to it - but I can tell mine would've been busted in no time. Even though I love the Zags, I wouldn't have picked them to make the Big 32. I do + 233 more characters
The good news...Griz hold Michigan to 61 points. The bad news....Griz score 47.
This way it won't be so obvious when he fires Sessions or anyone else in the Justice Department who appear to be in the way of ending the Mueller Probe. You heard it here first.
Dear God, Richard.
Hillary got 3 million more votes. Bernie would have cleaned Fat Bastard's clock. I'd take weird Bernie over ignorant, blowhard, gutless, fat, orange, liar Trump any day.
John McEntee, a long time personal assistant to Trump has been fired for "serious financial crimes". Don't worry Trump Lovers! He has been hired as an adviser to the Trump Re-election Campaign. KEEP + 15 more characters
"You idiots who voted for him should move to Russia." If we were just that lucky...
Travis DeCuire is no slouch.
I think they have a legit chance.
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