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Snowy said "Mr. Webmaster, your liberal base don't care about coal jobs. But maybe a better question would be how many terrorist attacks have been avoided, or how many marines and sailors are in harms + 111 more characters
Baloney Oddjob! You were hiding out because Trump has been such a miserable excuse for a president.
The "Sartin Draw Fire" is on inciweb. Its up to 80,000 acres. They list it as 20 miles NE of Ashland.
I knew that was going to happen.
Ah! I see Carol H. has published a photo of the first Trump Monument!
I figured this would be a rant about how the Eastern MT Fair was going downhill, no big Music Names, same old carnival, etc, etc, etc.
I wonder if Trump has seen this. There's some interesting lines about his daughter being married to a Jewish person that should curl his toes.
Preserving and moving the monuments is an expensive option. How about letting those who want the monuments intact pay for the removal and re-installation. Give them a grace period to come up with the + 301 more characters
Who else besides Trump could take us from Dr. Strangelove one day to Jim Crow the next?
Co-starring Ivanka Trump as Daisy Nuke and Donald Trump Jr as Enos.
Never mind on the vacation thing.
Really cool! Took me awhile to figure out what I was looking at.
He's on vacation.
That's going to be cool. I especially appreciate the Mariners emblem in the upper lest!
Apparently out-of-state douchebags like Rosendale see fertile grounds in Montana for their brand of idiocy. I suppose he's a pal of Daines and Gianforte. Go Tester!
Local?! The distance from where I live, the Flathead Valley, is almost as far from Miles City as Texas! WE are now having drought conditions with frequent Red Flag warnings and fires all over the plac + 352 more characters
Montana will be happy to supply Trump with plenty of Toadies. I can think of three, right off hand.
It'll just have to do, Kelly. Most of the Buddhist shrines in Miles City are too small for a medical office.
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