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Hanson! Gunnar! You are totally missing the point! That Yeti will keep that "dump" warm for TWO WEEKS!
Trump and ALL of his rotten kids were named in the suit! Except for Tiffany. I suppose Trump will get rid of her like Kim got rid of his brother. He admires things like that!
LOCK 'EM ALL UP!! POTUS (Prevaricator of the United States) said Manofort was only with the campaign for "49 days or something". He was there for at least 149! Why did they have get rid of him if he + 69 more characters
Never fear! Sarah Sanders and Jeff Sessions claim there is a biblical precedence for separating children from their parents in these cases. I'm sure if Jesus was there, He'd be gleefully yanking nursi + 31 more characters
Jesus Christ, Nick. Get with the f@#king program!
Right now that eagle-ette is one ugly MF.
Trump wins a fake news award every time he opens his fat mouth.
I hear its about to enter Grade School.
Sorry Gunnar. Too complicated. There are TWO DOTS the GOP would have to connect. SAD!!
Don't worry. They can go lower than this. We just haven't found out about it yet.
No way Gunnar. It'd look bad if Rudy doesn't last even ten more days. I say two weeks, tops. Plus he hasn't had a chance to learn the "facts" yet.
Thanks David!
Correction!! Trump should be saying THANK YOU! Damn!!!
Question: What should Trump be saying to John Tester right now regarding Trump's personal physician? Apparently Dr. Ronnie has gotten into it with Mike Pence's personal physician. The kerfuffle involv + 112 more characters
Oddy, Snowy. Aslan is SPOT ON here and you know it.
So, Nam.
Andy Borowitz has all the answers as far as I'm concerned.
Sorry snowedbrain. You don't get to choose the political leanings of the judge overseeing your case. It is er jurisdiction. Maybe Trump can find a friendly Mexican judge. As for Stormy's drawing - He + 65 more characters
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