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I heard the author's #1 choice for the world's best steak was a 4 year old, grass-finished highlander steer from Scotland.
Happy Birthday Handsome!
Or something black and fuzzy.
The site was dedicated as a new park by Mayor Kurkowski then later lost park status along with other small parks due to park budget cuts. This was a major letdown for the students and adult volunteers + 1005 more characters
1.75"Total. 1.35" from the NW, then .4" more from the south shortly after.
N. Montana / Truscott- shrubbery
Thanks again AA. I was watching but sorry to say we're out now but more grassfed highlands will be ready in the summer/fall.
Where's your office?
Is anyone aware of an aerial photo of this part of town from the big icejam flood in the '40s?
I have some fresh frozen highland beef soup bones. If interested,when/where do you want them?
There's a pink limestone at Yellowtail Dam that's rich in shell fossils. I'm not familiar enough with the area to know of any caves. Some caves are formed by sulfur eating bacteria. They form snotites + 24 more characters
Look at the old Milwaukee Park area at Lincoln and Prairie Ave. It's about 5 acres owned by the city. Dedicated as a park in 97 then rejected in 2002. About 500 trees/shrubs were planted and a drip sy + 68 more characters
Years ago there were places that were set up to recycle and reuse the used antifreeze. I haven't looked for anyone to take it recently. Please post if you find someone. As far as this pesticide progra + 151 more characters
Here's an opportunity to get rid of old pesticides in Miles City.
Is the tradeoff worth it here? We're getting a bit of dirty coal energy and a few tax dollars for; messed up aquifers/springs/wells, bissected ranches, more lost native rangeland, a new railroad throu + 634 more characters
I'm looking forward to pallids and paddlefish cruising past here during June rise. It's a win-win.
Heart and Hands Training in Miles City conducts a class every month. This class includes AHA Health Care Provider CPR and Heart Saver First Aid and the MT State CNA Exam for $499 (total cost). For det + 58 more characters
The show is 2/5. The chamber is putting it on.
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1970 F750 Dump Truck one month ago
Air brakes, Gas,V8. Ready to work. See at 5336 Valley Drive East. 852-0815. $2000
Three halves are still available from just processed Scottish Highland grass finished steers. Packaged for two with one pound packages of ground, 3-4# roasts, and steaks two to a package. The round wa + 214 more characters
Two steers were delivered to Quality Meats July 3. There's still time to get yours custom cut. I will sell bulk bundles as small as 1/8's. Custom cut instructions will not be available on 1/8's. Price + 279 more characters
Gumbo Highland’s Certified Scottish Highland grass fed/ grass finished beef for sale.  2.5-3.5 year old steers finished on pasture. Quarters, halves, wholes or live available. These steers have been r + 335 more characters