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I am also a Bronco fan and would like to see them get a good QB. If Carson Wentz was active I think I would cheer for the Eagles. But since he is unable to play I will go for the Vikings (God I hate t + 349 more characters
If He wouldn't have avoided the receiver he probably would have been called for pass interference. A game can't end on a penalty so the Skol Vikings would have had another shot probably a FG attempt.
And I thought we would miss "Ship"!!
Happy New Year All!!!
I thought it went back to Texas Club. Was in an online argument with a former MCitian about it. Did forget it was the Drake though. Had a lot of good times in Kelly's. Spent a lot of paychecks there.
What is the former Gaslight called now? The place out at the plaza was owned by Dyba's I think.
I was reading a Rolling Stone article about people who died this year. In music we lost some icons....Chuck Berry,Gregg Allman,Tom Petty,Glen Campbell,Fats Domino,Don Williams and Mel Tillis. Others l + 262 more characters
2018 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees!! Bon Jovi The Cars The Moody Blues Dire Straits Nina Simone Sister Rosetta Tharpe (early influence) Where is The J. Geils Band ?
North Dakota State University Bison 13 National Championships 5 in a row between 2011-21015
Gunnar! Carson Wentz went to North Dakota State University (Bison) which is in the powerful Missouri Valley Conference. The University of ND (Fighting Hawks fka The Sioux is in the Big Sky Conference. + 118 more characters
It's a time joke...laugh when you have time. LOL
url Above is the link you can vote for RNR HOF nominees. Gunnar, your favorite is leading!!!
My picks would be: J.Geils Band Moody Blues Bon Jovi Dire Straits Radiohead Eurythmics Probably will get in Bon Jovi Radiohead LL Cool J The Cars
2018 Nominees for the RNR Hall of Fane: Let the arguing begin!!!! Bon Jovi Kate Bush The Cars Depeche Mode Dire Straits Eurythmics J. Geils Band Judas Priest LL Cool J MC5 The Meters Moody Blues Radio + 112 more characters
The 2018 RNR Hall Of Fame Nominees will be announced soon! Rock & roll is not an instrument; rock & roll is not even a style of music. Rock & roll is a spirit. … It's been going since the blues, jazz + 300 more characters
Being a fan of the Old Crow Medicine, I picked up a copy of their CD "50 Years of Blonde On Blonde" which is their homage to Bob Dylan. Not only is the CD great but the video is really good. The openi + 586 more characters
You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish
Webmaster Maybe you should start a Mary Catherine Dunphy Forum and then she could post to her hearts content. And if anyone of us out in the wastelands would care to post on her forum we could. Then + 154 more characters
"Something nice about Trump"
Not in the MC Star Online!
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