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How many arrests ?
Today is Bob Dylan's 76th birthday! Since we had Hal's Favorite "County" songs poll; What is your favorite Bob Dylan songs? Mine is "Forever Young" of the Planet Waves album from 74
Let's add Alan Jackson's "Don't Rock The Jukebox" Loretta Lynn's "Coal Miners Daughter" and little sister Crystal Gayle's "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"
If were going to go local, how about Burch Ray's Banks Of The Yellowstone".
Sooo many good country tunes...white man's soul music!! My favorite country song would be Willie's "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain".
Me too. I will be in MC but it will be next weekend
How about Ring of Fire and I Walk The Line Johnny Cash
Did anyone else not get their MC Star Online for Friday 4/21?
I was listening to Chuck Berry this afternoon. His new album will be out in June. But they have released the first single from it. "Big Boys" Vintage Chuck Berry rockin' out! Download it from Itunes!!
The great Chuck Berry had passed on. Age 90. When in high school,I first heard Maybellene and Memphis, I was wowed. Then when I saw him on TV playing his guitar and doing the duck walk. I became a big + 558 more characters
Hal you are right about the Sawyer's store on N 7th. Even though I had moved from MC at the time Safeway moved it was strange having to drive to a grocery store when you could walk a half block. When + 539 more characters
Sawyers was across the tracks going north on 7th. I believe it was tire store in later years and maybe a video store later on. If I remember right it was a stucco building.
I know Safeway was on the corner of 7th and Orr in 1959/1960 as it was within a year or so that we moved from SE MC to our house on Orr Street as I was in grade school at SHHS. Where it was before tha + 105 more characters
As a kid went to that Safeway a lot as we lived just west about a half block on Orr Street. When a little older, knew a worker there that we could go through her check out lane and sell us beer when w + 16 more characters
Before it was the Hole In the Wall it was The Stockman's Bar.
The Ten Spot Cafe Playing hooky in Grants Pool Hall The Bean Bag La Grandeurs A & W Drive In Red Rock Drive In And of course, dragging Main [Edited by Tom Masa (3/2/2017 6:26:35 PM)]
no comment! [Edited by Tom Masa (2/26/2017 11:45:29 AM)]
So who is going to win on Sunday: I am picking the New England Patriots So chime in with your pick for the Superbowl!!!
I am a Vietnam vet and I proudly put my service on any resume or any other document.
So it is the Patriots and the Falcons in the Super Bowl on Feb 5
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