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Outstanding entertainer! One of my favorites!
And the accessories that are available! Unbelievable!
Maybe Washington Street east of North 7th Street?
Navy pilots are the best trained....She had the "Right Stuff".
Good Riddance!!
You Wusses It was just as cold if not colder here in Minot. And we don't whine about it. Why Not Minot? "Floodin' and freezin' the reason" "-29 keeps the riff raff out! "
Kind of like going into Parker's when I'm in MC.
Was a great bar until they modernized it. In the old days it was great. Older bartenders in white shirts. No stools at the bar. If you drank at the bar you stood. They don't even have Bud on tap. Stil + 77 more characters
I struggle somewhat with the gun issue. I grew up in a family with guns. Myself and my two brothers were in the military. We grew up learning to shoot and to hunt. As I grew older I tended to fade awa + 1407 more characters
I was at SHHS in the 60's and they were Class C. And I think they remained Class C in BB until the school closed. They won the State Class in 1965. I think they went Class B in football in 69 or 70 un + 59 more characters
Watched the launch on TV. Spectacular! What was even better was the booster rockets coming back and landing at the space center. This launch was 30 cheaper than a NASA launch of the same would be.
One of the Philadelphia players in an interview said that he hoped they would get back to Philly before it was burned down.
My is the Patriots! If Carson Wentz was playing I might pick the Eagles. But I didn't like the way the Eagle fans treated the Viking fans in Philadelphia. Go Pats!!
Regular Social Security is what you pay into when you work and receive at retirement age. Social Security Disability(SSDI) is also what you pay into when you work. If you become disabled before you re + 625 more characters
I am also a Bronco fan and would like to see them get a good QB. If Carson Wentz was active I think I would cheer for the Eagles. But since he is unable to play I will go for the Vikings (God I hate t + 349 more characters
If He wouldn't have avoided the receiver he probably would have been called for pass interference. A game can't end on a penalty so the Skol Vikings would have had another shot probably a FG attempt.
And I thought we would miss "Ship"!!
Happy New Year All!!!
I thought it went back to Texas Club. Was in an online argument with a former MCitian about it. Did forget it was the Drake though. Had a lot of good times in Kelly's. Spent a lot of paychecks there.
What is the former Gaslight called now? The place out at the plaza was owned by Dyba's I think.
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