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Just be glad your don't have to build a wall between the bar and the dining area so your precious kiddies don't see devil drinks being mixed and poured.
There are plenty of educated people in Miles City. There are also plenty of intelligent, interesting people, regardless of education level. I have lately seen a real pride in Miles City. There are new + 452 more characters
Diversity is pretty nil. There are a few Hispanic families and the owners of the local Chinese restaurant. May be others. Mostly Republican with a small group of staunch Democrats. A few good restaura + 220 more characters
That is true but in many states the driving force behind acquiring federal lands is so they can be sold to private parties. I live in Utah and this is exactly what the proponents of these transfers w + 150 more characters
Tucker, great minds think alike. I used to play this song all the time as a kid. And I loved the roller derby on TV. Here in Salt Lake there's a very successful roller derby league. It's flat track.
I graduated in 1980 but I have no memory of this. Perhaps I only associated with the 'pussies' in high school.
Mary, Bridgier was being sarcastic.
All I know is that they assured my mom they'd get to her before today but nope.
I sent Dixie a private message about the problem.
You can usually contact Dixie through Facebook. Try there.
I will do my part for the Zombie Apocalypse by becoming a zombie and so won't have to worry. Reading "The Road" changed my perspective on survival.
This is old news.
I resent all this talk about 'Wendy'. Be warned: I will sue.
I see The Walking Dead as a how-to manual.
Attorneys are often excused from jury selection for many reasons. Mostly in criminal cases it's because the attorney is familiar with the law enforcement personnel involved. Sometimes it's just becau + 315 more characters
But the GPS told me to go there.
Stop poking the troll, Bridgier.
All Bernie has is Boost.
Chiari, according to the internets, affects your balance. The videos she had on YouTube certainly didn't show anything like that.
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