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I would like to ask Wayne White...DID YOUR DAD HAVE CLYDES PIZZA?
I am one of the many from WAY BACK that worked at the Star. YES! THERE WAS A STEVE ADAMS IN CIRCULATION. He was thin, short dark hair and dressed well and looked like alfalfa from OUR GANG-Without the + 132 more characters
I met Gene years ago, when I got the picture of "Herbs" to him. I took that picture in 1967. I assumed everything in Miles City would always be. I wish I had taken MANY more pics. I assumed he was a, + 1186 more characters
I went to Hobby Lobby, in May, for the second time since it opened in Billings. The man who started the company is to be very religious. OBVIOUSLY, he has little faith in the "Good of man." As I was l + 1373 more characters
I was thinking of the old TV shows that takes me back to those days. Fireman Frank and REAL cartoons and the "Magic Hands," doing magic tricks. How much time did I have before I had to go to school? I + 1377 more characters
Many years ago, I first saw Gene Larsons work on a calendar he had did. AMAZING! I didn't know any "Artists" and my perception of them was that they were a "Snooty" group, who would say, "If you like + 968 more characters
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1950S ROY RODGERS LUNCHBOX with Roy, Dale and Bullet on the front and Roy roping a steer on the box.  THERE IS NO THERMOS WITH THIS. Someone painted the inside, still a good display piece.  Good shape + 89 more characters
5X Winter Coat. Gold color and BIG!  Like New and I believe REVERSIBLE to Camo.  VERY NICE!  Come try it on.  $30. 2 HUBLEY 50+ years old toys.  Road Grader and Tractor with scoop.  BOTH FOR $40. Catc + 593 more characters