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Please make an offer, it would cost a whole lot more if you had to buy local!!y 406-853-3596
Lost BIBLE one month ago
After 32 years I have lost my Bible. Has anybody seen my OPEN BIBLE by nelson publishing? I can't be!I've it. It just doesn't seem possible. Don't get me wrong I have other Bibles, but this one is ver + 69 more characters
For sale well pump wire one month ago
I have 167 feet of clean # 12 submersible well pump wire for sale.make a reasonable offer, and it's yours call 406-853-3596 At ACE it's  $1.99 a foot . I checked it today
Chainsaw for sale one month ago
16 "CRAFTSMAN  Electric chainsaw for sale. 3 1/2 horsepower  It'll eat up a tree!!! For sale Asking $65 call 406-853-3596 we're up late!
I have a Remington 16 inch electric chain saw for sale. It  looks brand new.I am asking $ 30.  Chain is in great shape.2 1/2 horsepower.  It's a powerful saw  Can!!m406-853-3596. All you will need is + 44 more characters
I have a very clean good running craftsman chainsaw with 20" blades with two new chains. I just cut some ash with it and its a super cutter. Asking $125. Chains are $28 at ace. Call this is a good dea + 15 more characters
Brand new welding cable one month ago
I have two 24 foot lengths of #4 welding cables for sale. Getting tired of wiping the dust of of them. They both have female ends on one side. There have been various offers but nobody showing up yet. + 33 more characters
Radiator for sale one month ago
I have a brand new ràdiatorfor sale O'Riley says its good from about mid 1980's to late 90's. Its brand new ----Make me an offer I can't refuse. .CALL 406-853-3596--- JUST WAITIN FOR YOUR CALL
Chainsaw for sale one month ago
Craftsman 20" chainsaw with two brand new chains, with wrench for sale. Very clean,comes with carrying case . Chains at ace about $28 dollars. Asking $125. Cuts good, I already cut some of my logs wit + 30 more characters
RE: FOR RENT one month ago
And we wonder why our country is going sour. How in the world can young people buy a house? This town dozen,t pay enough for young people to buy a home! I am an older person as you may have guessed. W + 406 more characters
Air conditioner for sale one month ago
I have nice clean 8000 BTU  Walmart brand air conditioner for sale with side brackets for the window. Asking  $65. Call Bill at  406-853-3596. It's Monday 11:24 a.m.
Looking for a Bible one month ago
Does anybody own an "Open Bible"? I had and used mine for 29 years and now I lost it. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?  I just can't locate it!!!!!!! If you have one and don't use it can I purchase it? C + 16 more characters
RE: FOR RENT one month ago
You must think you are in California . good grief!!! Just think of all the low paying jobs in this town. Water rates up 97%!!! Sorry
For Sale welding cable one month ago
I have two cab!es, 24 feet long apiece #4 welding cables for sale has special! Connecting end on each length.    If you know your stuff you know how much current they will carry.   Brand new. Call Bil + 76 more characters
New radiator for sale one month ago
I have a brand new radiator for ford Taurus or a sable.  Can use in years 1986 to 1995.$40.00 out of the box new.   Call 406-853-3596
I have an 8000 BTU  Walmart brand air conditioner for sale. It works very well! Firm at $65. Has all the brackets top and sides.  Call 406-853-3596
10,000 But air conditioner for sale. Can't beat the price or make a reasonable offer. It works great . It sells for  $ 249 at Walmart . I need to sell it. It's in our way right know call 406-853-3596.