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Dear friends, critical thinking friends. I have grown weary, disappointed and disenfranchised as an American. I see no solution nor do I see any heroes on the horizon. as much as I appreciate your dis + 763 more characters
I heard topless shoeshine parlor, if they can get their liquor license.
David, The highlight of my brief Washington state stay was trips to Pikes Place. The market is brilliant. The displays are works of art, designed to make you hungry. The people watching, unlike MC is + 152 more characters
Snowy, my dear boy, re an earlier post of yours filled with pearls of wisdom, yet fraught with peril and worthy of consternation. IE; I took your advice, seeing it as a learning experience. I went b + 977 more characters
Ronald Reagan first introduced us to "Trickle down covfefe". No one ever expected it to rear its ugly head again.
Amorette, Try Joe Whalen, Rex Mongold and Bruce Helland if you can get them tied down for a while. They are all perpetual motion. My experience was unexciting. I read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle M + 201 more characters
"Dirty words" really? Has anyone heard that term used for exclamatory profanity since the third grade? I am going to wash my faux king mouth out with soap and stand in the corner.
It was censorship when started and it is censorship now. Censorship blows.
Richard, Amorette, You should exit MC with all haste. I have only been gone from MC for six years, It seems that in that time the entire kit and Caboodle has turned into a giant opium den. Soon people + 1186 more characters
Scatterfrog, an Afterthought, perhaps people wouldn't get your name wrong if you actually used your name.
Scatternuggets, as loath as I am to slip into condescension, you make it irresistible. Are you saying that the liquor Store is a benefactor and the city profits from charitable works and contribution + 1232 more characters
I know we're not saints or virgins or lunatics; we know all the lust and lavatory jokes, and most of the dirty people; we can catch buses and count our change and cross the roads and talk real sentenc + 186 more characters
I watched the circus/revival up to the point that the news people started telling us what happened, for the rest of the day. I have never been prouder to be an atheist and Socialist. That's it.
One of my friends sent me this via e-mail. It is well composed and the (legal) anti-Trump action is clearly stated. It is a tad lengthy but well worth the time. This is political action that requires + 27 more characters
I honestly expected this post to be gone by now. I decided to read through it from the top. After reading the first post it occurred to me that it could have ended there. You know, no further effort n + 6 more characters
Someone beat me to the blow by blow. There is no change. The Orange man is a broken record. He is actually less articulate and more transparent than George Bush.
Bob Said, The "Greatest Generation" was pretty much the end of that. Everything that has occurred after WWII has been has been driven to feed the machine. Victims are returning maimed and wounded wit + 1156 more characters
Remember the Heavens Gate group in San Diego. They were going to catch the space ship that was hiding behind The Hale Bop comet? All 39 were unable to let go. They put on their new black jump suits, w + 1609 more characters
Should the orange man survive his presidency, will the presidential library be filled with tweets?
Odd Job, You failed to mention Ho Chi Minh. I admire him as a patriot as opposed to greedy, old, white men. I enlisted out of an average American family. Born in 1946 and raised in the 1950'S, surroun + 1616 more characters
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