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I flew back From Arkansas yesterday and like usual, had the first stop in Denver, before going to Billings. Anywho, Flying in, and in the terminal looking out the windows, you could not see the Rockie + 51 more characters
Coworker has an app listing fires... It basically said there is big fire 35 miles SE of Miles City and another big fire 45 miles NW of Broadus... It didn't give any more specifics than that. But it se + 78 more characters
Calm looking river in the background url
Thing was hard to keep steady! Click the link for a full size version url
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Sweet... then... Good One!
Please do, if that will make you feel better. This thread started out as a discussion for the tragedy in Florida and NOW it is just people attacking people, here on this forum, which was my point with + 747 more characters
C'mon Y'all... just...
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Hah! I get that reference!
That is LITerally the---- sadf voaejgkl (sorry fainted) ---best news!
Your wolf print with hand for comparison pic I at first thought: "What the heck is wrong with your foot??!"
I went a little early to pick up my daughter and it was 21 - 14 at the start of the 4th... Don;t know the players but the MC quarter back threw a b-e-a utiful pass and then they went for 2 points and + 71 more characters
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Awesome! Thanks...
In the webmasters post... STEP 4.. that pic.. the one where it shows to select either one or the other... in Imgur? select one of them, highlight if you have too. CTRL + C (to copy to already existing + 206 more characters
That is the key make sure the letters "img" are in lower case... this has always been the stickler on getting this right... maybe webmaster can add this to his original post?
I was joking about that
My Daughter shot a squirrel... It survived the aperture:
Follow the instructions posted above and it works perfectly Done on Windows 10... I paid extra for the Clipboard feature [Edited by SeptyTwo + 10 more characters
EOB would be a bit more better if the images were a smaller file size... 1 - 4 megs each... takes forever to load or at least takes longer to load than it should.. cant find a link for webmaster to su + 13 more characters
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