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The building is in pretty bad shape I was told. I believe Stockman Bank bought it. Lots of memories of many entertaining nights I spent there.
So if your candidates had won you wouldn't consider it because of a polarized country? Amazing. It's just the beginning of people taking back this country from the 1% so hang on. It's going to be a bu + 55 more characters
I would go through the books that are listed at the bottom of the forums page. Dusting Off the Old Ones, and all the others in the History section. Perhaps even make it part of your gift for your fath + 89 more characters
I guess before believing this story I would want to know what really happened. Back then assault could be any number of things, none of which would be taken seriously today. People had manners then. + 185 more characters
I have colored photos of my parents 25th anniversary party that we had at the Crossroads. I miss that place.
Anyone on the road this morning for a road report?
Go to their website. katlradio.com
I have three small packages I'd like to get to MC as soon as possible. Anyone going there today from Billings?
It is just wonderful that people are so giving to you and Jobie. You both give so much to others that it's only fair! Merry Christmas to you both.
I need to watch Willy Wonka now....I will miss Gene Wilder forever.
Thank you Jeri! I was wondering if it was Mrs. Lantis' home. She lived across the street from me when I was in grade school.
Others are now saying it later became an old folks home.
Abbey Hospital was a maternity home on S. Center Ave. which operated until 1949. I am checking my sources to see if anyone has a photo for you. If I find one I will post it.
Jay, where was the Hawley Hotel where your mom worked? I can't place it.
It's a foreclosure to begin with. So the bank owns it. It's obviously in need of a lot of work. It would take a lot of money and work. But I agree. It could be beautiful if done properly. Being that i + 98 more characters
You might check with Stevensons funeral home. I believe they can help you locate the graves.
I found this in some old family things. For those who remember the Red Rock it will bring back some memories. The Supper Club Review of 1962 by Babe Aggers. The Red Rock Club, just east of Miles City + 2669 more characters
He sounds like a great guy. I am sending you a heartfelt prayer.
I spent a very memorable evening there in 1975 so I know it was after that when it closed.
I would bet there isn't an elementary teacher in Miles City who isn't spending not only a lot of their time but also their own money getting their classrooms ready for the new school year. They defini + 130 more characters
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