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I still have faith in getting my gun returned. Please give me a call if you know of a person that just acquired a Glock 19. I really would appreciate it if you would return my gun. 951-1994 Bob
Thank you Cubby. I hope we can find a honest person out there. I just want it returned.
If you know of anyone that found a Glock 19 pistol, I would appreciate the help getting it back. Reward Bob 951-1994
If you need chain link fense and posts you can have it for free. It is 25 ft. By 42”.  Call 234-4456
Sausage stuffer one month ago
I have a cast iron sausage stuffer for sale. Well taken care of. Asking 125.00 call 234-4456
If anyone knows of someone that found a Glock 19 and we can get it returned I would be glad to give you a reward. Call 951-1994
I want the person to know that there is a reward and I hope the person would return it and not pawn it.
Thank you. I did call the pawn shop also. Thank you.
Thank you Cubby. I did contact the police and gave them the serial number. Thank you for your help.
Please help me find my Glock 19 pistol. It was right across the street from my house on Comstock Street. It was a gift and I really want it back. Whoever picked it up please return it or call me at 40 + 69 more characters