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Just moved into town Dick and dogs named Roo and Red Need some furniture Used to drive the bus In Seattle back and forth Ran the streetcar too Heard about this place Thought I'd better check it out Sn + 476 more characters
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Where and when?
RE: HUGE Garage sale 2 months ago
When? Furniture?
Just moved to Miles City - gave old things away before I left.  I need: Queen size bed frame, chest of drawers, table and floor lamps, hutch, coffee table, decorative items etc. Thanks Dick Ellingson + 65 more characters
Lawn mowing service? 2 months ago
I just moved in 9/15 and can't buy a lawnmower until spring.  Grass is 4 or 5 inches high.  Front yard, back yard, parking strip.  Maybe 1500 sq. ft. Please reply before neighbors run me out! Thanks. + 29 more characters