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Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't a capitol offence a state violation? Therefore wouldn't the state prosecutor and the state of MT be involved? It has been 35 years since I studied any criminal law, + 142 more characters
Authorities may have withheld this animals false identity to protect the victom. The fact that he was working under a ficticious identity would lead one to believe he is wanted elsewhere. The picture + 359 more characters
A shining example of real coming together. Imagine if both sides and the white house could work like that for the good of the people instead of the good for themselves.
I had the good fortune of visiting civilization this weekend. We started with an outstanding meal at the 519. I had one of the best steaks I have eaten in quite some time. The cut was tender, flavorfu + 290 more characters
I have gotten the 500 error off and on for a long time. I always assumed the server was busy, I lost wifi for a moment or some other glitch. Usually I just leave and come back to the site and it funct + 439 more characters
I have friends in Canada who ALWAYS come to the the US for their health care.
You can say what you want about planned parenthood. I personally think it is a woman's choice to have an abortion. She is the one to answer for it in the end. A little more forward thinking though... + 225 more characters
I got cut short. The hardship department is the one you want to talk to most major banks have them and would rather work with you than end up in a debt reduction situation. I found this to be very hel + 197 more characters
Be careful before hiring a debt solution company (consolidation, reduction etc) as these ruin your credit and charge huge fees to do things you can do for yourself. Many credit card companies will neg + 67 more characters
I grew up in the same neighborhood as Dawn. She was always fun and nice, even in high school when others were busy impressing their clicks. I am sorry to hear about this tragedy. My condolences to her + 14 more characters
Sorry Buck
So the recession only hit rich people in the cities?
I'm going out on a limb here because I don't really remember exactly what all was in the don't ask don't tell law, but it seems to me it was landmark legislation at the time. Feel free to correct me i + 726 more characters
No, that is why we were not hit as hard as most of the country. I have no idea if they invested or not, and I bet you don't either.
Buck, What makes you think I didn't see the crash coming? Luckily our local bankers and business owners saw it too. But in all fairness, and because I am so modest, I did not see the big picture if yo + 75 more characters
Steve Z wrote: We had a booming economy until the last two years of Bush. Then what happened, oh ya the democratic party took over the house and senate and here we are. David, My investment portfolio + 152 more characters
Econ 101, Proof positive. I am a little rusty because I haven't had to explain basic economics since college, but here goes. GDP=C+I+G+nE where GDP= Gross Domestic Product C= Consumption I= Investment + 1120 more characters
Twelve days of Christmas
David, Steve, I think you are proposing that tax cuts during the G.W. Bush administration were THE reason for job creation during his presidency What you said was THE reason, what I said is A reason. + 1432 more characters
No Bruce what is sad is conclusions people jump to, and not logical ones I might add. I support the idea that tax cuts spur economic growth, as does nearly every educated economist. The conclusion mad + 427 more characters
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28" LED flat pannel tv, Zvox sound base, LG blue ray dvd, RCA streamer. All remotes included and functional. Very little use, only 3-4 years old and has been sitting for several months. New was $425, + 22 more characters
RE: Hankook tires... 16 days ago
can you send pics?
RE: Auto detailing? 17 days ago
Thanks, made an appointment with them!
RE: Auto detailing? 23 days ago
Thx. Will check that out.
Still looking. Have cash on hand. Will consider a complete engine as well.
Auto detailing? 23 days ago
Who does auto detailing in MC. Is the place on 7th street still in business? They did a great job on a couple cars for me but I lost their number and would like to have my truck done.
What brand are they?
Entertainment system 26 days ago
28" LED tv, Zvox sound base, LG blue ray dvd player, and RCA streamer. All remotes included and everything is in good working order. Used very little, we upgraded. Asking $175 for everything. 853 4911 + 1 more characters
ISO Chevy 350 block one month ago
Need another 350 block. Must clean at .030. 2 or 4 bolt main, doesnt matter. 853 4911.
ISO Camaro rear end one month ago
Looking for an 82 to 92 Camaro or Firebird rear axle housing. Prefer disc brake but not required. Will pay cash. 853 4911