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Last chance folks, today is deadline. If you don't want to renew make sure and get the HID card back to the club. There is a $25.00 charge for cards that have not been returned. If you mail it back + 158 more characters
Also note, if you chose not to renew your membership the gate key (HID card) needs to be sent back into the club, same address as above (see label on card).
The Port of Entry photos appear to be on Valley Drive and it was operated by the Montana Highway Department (blurry fine print on the bottom of the sign). The tracks, grade and skyline in the photo ma + 380 more characters
The old 232 local number for the armory was changed years ago.
Media requests should be directed through the PAO (Public Affairs Office) in Helena. Try 324-3007, they should be able to arrange the whole thing.
The students have been working very long and hard on the one out in the valley, should be pretty good.
That narrows it to three, there were two variations of modified m1905 bayonets and the M1 (bayonet, not rifle) that were 10 inch. These were originally made for the 1903, 1903A1 and 1903A3 rifles, bec + 256 more characters
Your description of a green scabbard narrows it down to 4 different models (from 7). Chances are it should be marked "M5A1" (bayonet) in an M8A1 Scabbard.
O'Malley and Murphy were out on the lake fishing when Murhpy reels in a very old looking brass lamp. "I wonder what it is?" says O'Malley as he's rubbing the mud off of it. No sooner does he finish sa + 454 more characters
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Project bike, needs work. I did have it running and ran good but carbs need slide diaphrams. New Battery comes with it, $200.00 cal 951-oh3oh1. SOLD [Edited by Randy Anderson (11/19/2017 6:07:30 PM)]
This is/was a good quality Craftsman table saw, cast iron/ steel with table extensions and railed fence. It was involved in a move and I did not get the fence from the guy. Runs but needs a blade, swi + 141 more characters
330 rounds of once fired .30-30 brass $20.00 951-oh3oh1 [Edited by Randy Anderson (10/16/2017 5:33:11 PM)]