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One of the dads at my daughter's school bus stop works for SpaceX so I get to hear his excitement when they have launches. It's pretty amazing how they get the first stage booster rocket to come back + 288 more characters
The north side of town had quite a bit of flooding in March of 1979. There are pictures posted on this thread: url
This is funny. Note the headline from page 3 of the December 30, 2016, url. Amorette, did you write this headline? urlurl
He does seem to have some insight into the Custer County Detention Center.
Trump is busy blaming the press for reporting on this. If it's a non-issue, why did he ask Flynn to resign? Trump consistently proves that he is not presidential material.
Hey dumbass, I wasn't the one who misspelled your name.
url “Go you chicken fat, go!” If you attended grade school during the early 1960s, those five words will either bring a smile to your face or conjure up painful memories of elementary school gym cla + 362 more characters
Ha ha, "Walt", scooterdog. That is funny. From the sounds of it, someone could stand to have their anal glands expressed.
Amorette, I've seen people refer to you as Allison a number of times. The thing with Bridgier's name is the extra 'i' makes it so people aren't sure how it's pronounced and if you know how it's prono + 132 more characters
"Scotterdog": "Cubby-Who said I live IN Miles City??" If I look up the IP address where you posted this message from is it going to say you posted the message from Miles City?
Ha ha, thanks for the laugh, Bridgier. "Gunner", you might be in second place for having your name misspelled.
url 9 February 2017 Last updated at 21:57 GMT Donald Trump's travel ban against immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries have caused controversy around the world - but one poll shows a majorit + 301 more characters
What I want to know, Bridgier, is what is with the extra 'i' and has it been a sore point your whole life?
I-80 near Elk Mountain, WY. Luckily that highway patrol car was unoccupied at the time.
"The issue here is not an issue of tampering with data, but rather really of timing of a release of a paper that had not properly disclosed everything it was." -- John Bates, former NOAA employee "I k + 1098 more characters
url Somewhere in heaven there is a record player belting out "Chicken Fat".
Did you look at the comments on that, Oddjob? This guy in particular has a lot to say: url
See, we can find common ground.
It's good to be wealthy. Draining the swamp, indeed.
You do a wonderful job of providing entertainment, OJ.
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