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Speaking of weasels:
url Photo: Lauren Petracca, The Greenville News
I wonder if the word is, "complicitly".
Hi Montana. I love hunting. Jon Tester knows nothing about hunting. Be sure to vote for my dad and for Matt Rodentdale. Love, Donald Jr.
Baltimore Matt might do a fine job representing the people of Maryland.
It was red, white, and blue cowboy hat day today at the Mariners game at Safeco Field. There were 39,518 people in attendance (20,000 of whom got cowboy hats). The Angels won 7 - 4. urlurl urlurl urlu + 145 more characters
Ha, the picture of the "Thundery outbreaks possible" weather report I posted on Flickr wound up in the mc.com Flickr gallery causing the website to appear to have two "Current Weather" boxes: url I pl + 99 more characters
Good to know, Cubby. Must've been one heckuva cook off!
I think that crowd is bigger than Trump's inauguration.
Speaking of food:
Throw a bottle of hand sanitizer in there, call it the Yeti Emergency Roadside Comfort Station, and charge $199 for it.
That is the finest bucket I have ever seen.
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