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I saw this post card and had to laugh at seeing the website description of "Can Capital of the West" when the card actually says "Cow Capital of the West". urlurl
Ken, if I have this right, Reynolds was in the building on the southwest corner of 9th and Main. That building housed Coast to Coast after Reynolds moved to Valley Drive East. The Coast to Coast build + 825 more characters
We were at Pike Place Market over Memorial Day weekend and it's always interesting to see all the fresh produce and seafood there. This Tropical Rombutan caught my eye: urlurl A few more photos from t + 580 more characters
In this discussion, Fred South said that Eddie Blitz owned the Ten Spot Café at one time. url I believe it was owned by Spike Grenz in later years.
Walt Handelsman/The New Orleans Advocate
See if this tune gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
Perhaps "SandraJohn" should have laid off the "double/triples" at the saloon and she might not have spent her money so foolishly.
I had to remove a post on this thread because it was spam, but I wanted to share one line from the post that I thought was kind of funny: About a year ago I got my facial , manicure & pedicure by the + 356 more characters
We were behind this in traffic yesterday evening. My kids thought it was appropriate to see a broken down Bernie 2016 Volvo. We took a picture for Snowy's enjoyment. urlurl
Thanks for the update, Don. Sad news.
Yeah, I didn't think it found its way to a park. It was probably as big of a liability concern to the City as it was to the Elks.
There is a group of panhandlers that hang out around Redmond. These guys are "professional" panhandlers and I have observed one older man who seems to be their boss. The boss man seems to make the rou + 1561 more characters
From the Monday, April 17, 2017, url: Stardust People and Perspectives from Miles City's Past 25 YEARS AGO (1992) The Elks' long-standing fire escape slide was taken down some 61 years after it was er + 191 more characters
Who knew Bill O'Reilly was "The man from snowy plains"... url
Zero? url Not much to see in either Epsie or Zero...
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Very nice. Gene did some incredible work.
Here you are: