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I recommend contacting your elected leaders at both the state and federal level and asking them to outline what, specifically, they are doing to ensure medical care in rural areas remains accessible + 11 more characters
I think the message was something like, "Insanity is innate to humans; therefore, humans should be armed with fully automatic assault rifles." :smh:
What a way to go!
Alex was claiming evidence of a second shooter because you could see the muzzle flash coming from the 4th floor of the Mandalay Bay. In reality it was a strobe light that had been going off in that 4t + 1003 more characters
Ewww, TMI. Amorette, if this means you are no longer at the Star, I will miss your contributions. In particular I appreciated your efforts on the Stardust section and your history columns. - Dave
His royal highness. From AP/REX/Shutterstock. url Ryan Zinke has his own flag and commemorative coins. by Bess Levin October 13, 2017 11:12 am President Donald Trump, who allegedly plagiarized anothe + 1674 more characters
The Cowboys handed the Sidney Eagles their first loss of the season tonight with a decisive 28-0 victory at Connors Stadium. Well done!
Ryan seems to have a fragile ego, not unlike his boss.
So Trump says the NFL is going to force players to stand during the anthem then the NFL says Trump was wrong about that. Who are you going to believe?
How about shifting funds from the Defense Dept. budget to pay for it?
Such a blatant effort to divide our nation has no place in the executive branch leadership of our nation.
I had one of these earlier tonight:
Followed by one of these:
No pretending required to like either one.
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Cheap Trick is doing a concert at your mother's and sister's home?
Will the Department of Defense stop paying the NFL to play the national anthem before games? Will the NFL go back to a time when the players are still in the locker rooms when the national anthem is p + 6 more characters
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