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Her obituary is posted now: url
My daughter and I watched for a while last night. We were timing how long it took people to use the porta-potties and concluded girls take about 10 seconds longer than boys. I tried to watch the para + 141 more characters
Flight school.
urlurl urlurl
He was afraid they were going to find out he's one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases on the planet.
I tried to find that out but didn't have much luck. I did see something that said (at least some model of) the 1958 Chevrolet went on sale in 1957.
The 1958 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan DeVille sold for $5,497. Adjusted for inflation, $5,497 in January 1958 is worth $48,155.64 in April 2018.
The car looks like a 1958 Cadillac De Ville:
Photo: Lars-Göran Lindgren, Sweden url
It passed 903 to 644.
I posted the link for readers who might not know about the bald eagle cam. The bald eagle cam is not affiliated with milescity.com, but whomever is in charge might see your post. I don't know if the b + 36 more characters
Here's a link to the Bald Eagle Cam: url
That was my mom. She would have been 12 years old at the time.
Is anyone surprised?
I think Bert, Gunnar, and I went to a Mariners game one time when Gunnar was in town. Gunnar, do you recall that?
Thanks for all your hard work and keeping the site going, Larry.
Fixed it for you, Bob.
Sounds like a bad situation all around. Thanks for the update, Don.
Ronny Jackson withdrew from consideration for the job of Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and now he apparently isn't even going to return as the White House doctor. It seems likely tha + 268 more characters
Thanks to Gary Coffrin for sending this photo to me. Gary received the photo from Charles "Johnny" Jonutis. The photo was taken in 1955. urlurl Photo courtesy Charles "Johnny" Jonutis. All rights rese + 51 more characters
"Oddjob", always nice to see you come out from the shadows where you lurk and grace us with your wisdom. I'm pretty sure I didn't offer any opinion one way or the other about what Aslan said. I do fin + 104 more characters
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