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Perhaps you should read up on executive orders: url
Thanks, Gary. It did take a while to locate that info. It gave me a chance to re-read some of the "Dusting Off the Old Ones" stories.
Here you go: url Miles City, Mont. -- Contract for paving Main street with bitulithic pavement has been awarded to Hanlon & Oakes Company at $66,792. The Contractor -- November 1, 1916 If that paving + 133 more characters
url talks a bit about the highways leading to Miles City. It shows this 1927 map:
This legend for 1927 Rand McNally maps implies a red-dotted line is an "all weather" road but possibly gravel or maca + 194 more characters
Did you get enough caffeine today, Mary Catherine?
I didn't receive mine either and it's not posted online in the archive.
Interesting. In 2015, guess which state, according to the U.S.D.A., was the top producing agricultural products state in the union in terms of cash receipts. Guess which state didn't make the top 10. + 28 more characters
I've come to the conclusion that "snowy plains" must not be a location in Montana.
I used to consider Montanans to be excellent judges of character. When Gianforte was asked if he believed in evolution he refused to answer the question while claiming that he had answered the questio + 85 more characters
Quist comes across as more genuine and honest in his answers and as being more humble. He's "real people".
United had one more scheduled flight from ORD to SDF that night. United Express 4771 was scheduled to depart at 9pm and arrive at 11:22p. It's possible that the flight crew wouldn't have gotten legall + 529 more characters
Harry Potter movies are a cure for my insomnia.
Dave, it sounds like if Dr. Dao and Dr. Dao's lawyers have their way your days of enjoying VDB accommodations could come to an end. It could also mean higher airfares and/or the loss of the ability to + 248 more characters
Are you ready for this?
Looking at Delta's website it appears to me they still charge $25 for the first checked bag. url Do you have some sort of frequent flyer status on Delta or perhaps you have a Delta Airlines SkyMiles c + 11 more characters
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