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It's a shame Trump didn't stick to being a real estate developer and television personality.
The Senior Pass is still a LIFETIME pass. If you buy it at age 62 and use it every year for 10 years that is $8/year to visit more than 2,000 national parks and sites. $10 for that same thing was an I + 82 more characters
Speaking of a "hatchet job", implying Senator Tester has done nothing for veterans or that he doesn't have the support of veterans would surely qualify as one. Meanwhile Baltimore Matt, who is confuse + 112 more characters
$80 for a LIFETIME pass good from age 62 until you die. You can buy an annual "senior pass" for $20 and trade in 4 annual senior passes for a lifetime pass which means you can spread out paying for yo + 63 more characters
I think the only person with less credibility than Donald J. Trump might be Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Perhaps Miles City Junior College. That was the name of the local 2-year college at the time. Today it is known as url.
Pack up those unwanted photos and send them to Larry for storage in his archives.
$7400 in 1946 has the same buying power as $102,464 in July 2018. Grandpa did alright.
That guy somewhat restores my faith in Montana's youth. The rest of the crowd looks like they took too much Xanax before attending the "rally". I was told there was a craigslist.org ad offering to pay + 306 more characters
Didn't Manfred Mann do a song for you, Oddy: "Blinded by the Hate"?
Republicans sure do love lobbying in D.C. for foreign governments/interests.
BGR Group From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia BGR Group is a lobbying firm based in Washington DC, three blocks from the White House, and also has an office in London.[1] The firm was founded in 199 + 493 more characters
Canada was burning up, Europe was burning up... yup, definitely the fault of the "central planners" in D.C. url
The url had an article about this new restaurant in the July 6, 2018, edition of the paper. urlurl
"Trump says he'll 'study' his decision to cancel federal pay raises" I long for the days when we had a president who would study things before opening their mouth. Somehow I think of great leaders as + 41 more characters
mag·nan·i·mous /maɡˈnanəməs/ adjective very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself. synonyms: generous, charitable, benevolent, beneficent, big-hear + 81 more characters
Sounds like: 1. You are getting your city and county governments mixed up. 2. The county needs to raise taxes to help pay for the fairgrounds.
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