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We can all talk about this and that. Is it getting down to the wire. Rob has my vote as well as my family vote. I had an awesome time meeting Rob, he made the effort to introduce himself. Think he wil + 147 more characters
I think it's a good thing. Profanity, only makes people more angry. Anger in my lifetime, never really solved anything. But, maybe a good ass whooping for the rotten motherfucker. Twitch, Twitch, scra + 33 more characters
I think it's funny. People are complaining about bring up the Russian charge's, against Trump's team. But, they don't mention the ridiculous wire tap accusation, that Trump made. Trump supporters have + 201 more characters
Mary Catherine Dunphy, I for one would like to thank you for posting this issue. I am directly affected by this action, as I irrigate from the tongue river. This will affect my livelihood, as well as + 62 more characters
So if you don't mind then, I'll just ban you as a troll. Or would you rather just follow up on the questions instead?[/quote] You're on a thread I started and off subject dip$hit. I could call you a + 387 more characters
Ban the Troll!!! Ban the Troll!
I would love to bite on your "American Exceptionalism" but you need to be BOYCOTTED.
Boycott, Boycott Boycott, as Samuel Adams would say, in respond to your question
Really people stop taking the bait, the Troll is Trolling. Stop being caught!!!
LMAO!!! This is how a Christian acts??? Your world, really!!!! ignorance at it best, Oh by the way I am not a Dem, or Rep. and ya I got a gun safe full of guns under Obama. That little town behind Fa + 167 more characters
Hey Sam Crap aka POS, I was worried, that maybe the cat had buried you. Glad to see that it didn't totally get the job done, you still got a little sticking out of the ground, to stink the air up
I do appreciate all the hard work and effort. I seldom post, because of the ignorant people that are always willing to take a shot a you. I do like the classified side of it.
Really there are a lot of successful Democrats. I for one don't care if your Democrat or Republican, nor do I think as myself as either. How shallow, you are. Hum think I will refer to you, on all you + 255 more characters
I am getting tired of reading all of your negative crap. You are all over the board spreading your shi?. You got your president, senate, and house, stfu. Time will tell boy. Oh by the way Sam Colt or + 120 more characters
We all need to come together. We are one America. When its blue support, and when its red support. I know, I know, but time will tell. But when your down and dirty in the trenches, you have each other + 43 more characters
I am sure that once the jail is paid off, our property taxes will go back down. I am glad to see that MC finally got their priorities straight. I would hate to think that they would put 7.5 million in + 208 more characters
YAH!!!!!! We got higher property taxes!!!!!!! Enjoy at tax time. No griping, no complaining. Smile at the court house, and sign your check. Enjoy!!!
Your property tax's will go up if you vote yes. Read the bottom of the ballot! Course, Maybe we want to house more law breaker's on main street, and pay for them???
I scoop enough poop of my lawn, don't need to shovel yours.
your kidding me. One sentence you say black's hate white "devils" next sentence we are one race??? wtf
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