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First LT, Casey was never a Caption. His name was Edward Watson Casey Born in 1850 to General Silas Casey and Abby Perry Casey. Robert Ferguson was killed May 6 and Hugh Boyle September of 1890. Head + 134 more characters
Believe you are referencing LT Ned Casey that started an enlisted troop of Indians, mostly Cheyennes at Fort Keogh as troop L and know as Case'ys scouts. A very good source is the book PHOTOGRAPHER ON + 149 more characters
Egotistical E-go tis-ti-cal Self Important a conceited fool Big headed Thinking highly of ones self
Callow Kal-oh Immature, Inexperienced, Naive
Calumny Cal-um-nee Falsely charged another with a crime Name of the act of lying about someone
Redundant Re-dun-dant Verbosity or continued repetition in expressing ideas
Fanaticism Fa-nat-i-cism Excessive, irrational,zeal especially on politics or religion. zealotry--Intolerance
Clique Clike Often used when discussing stereotypes
Factoid Fac-toid An assumption or speculation that is repeated or reported so often that it becomes accepted as fact'
Hyperbole n The use of deliberate exaggeration
Thanks for sharing Hal. Wonder what happened to the Airport Inn and the Yellowstone Tavern?
I agree with you. The story should be reported and not hid on the back page. My take is you can Beat something to death with ranting on and on. That is exactly the purpose of both side of this issue. + 159 more characters
At the risk of being labeled a Neo Nazi, White Supremacist. Racist, Bigot, Antisemite, Holocaust denier, Far Right thinker, Which I'm neither, and deplore the actions and ideology of the same. No matt + 653 more characters
Believe Rowland to be the equal of Doig or perhaps better with his Arbuckle series.
Tucker, Mostly nice post. It takes a big man to open up like that. While I'm still in opposition to many of your views, would fight for your right to express them. Hopefully 2017 will still some of th + 106 more characters
Two truths to think of when posting in 2017; "You are wasting your time by trying to convince people that already agree with you" "You are wasting your time by trying to convince people that will neve + 221 more characters
This is my take on this thread as well as others. "I don't have to agree with you to like and Respect You" Happy New Year
Tucker, Thank you for the kind words and under standing where I'm coming from. I really do not have an agenda and have already burnt all the bridges, so I do not have to worry about them. Seems like e + 131 more characters
Once again to wipe the slate clean, the way I read Odd Jobs post, he was not in sympathy with the son nor his beliefs but was defending the parents who are persecuted for their son, which being a grow + 1043 more characters
I have re-read the post that I commented on and what I read into it is what I posted. Contrary to others it seems that in no way was he defending the actions of the son, only the action of some that w + 704 more characters
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