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“David Maxwell doesn’t remember exactly when his fascination with beer began. “As a kid I collected bottle caps: hundreds of them. I think I liked them because they were shiny,” he says, laughing. The + 420 more characters
**Fox hunting in the Miles City area. Yup, riding to the hounds. “The Naked Foxhunter: 10,000 Miles Later” --Gretchen Pelham The Chronical Of The Horse May 1, 2018 url
My condolences Larry. He certainly lived one heck of a full life.
Photos: Fall of Saigon 40th anniversary CBS NEWS url
“It is difficult to consider the state of the world in 2018 and not feel a sense of vertigo. Humanity has greater capacity for production than it has ever had before, and simultaneously, the ability t + 855 more characters
“A famous dodo that was said to have inspired English writer Lewis Carroll when he wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland died from being shot in the head, according to new research. The flightless bi + 424 more characters
“MILES CITY, Mont. — On her ranch far from the high-powered fiberoptic connections of major cities, Traci Glasscock was frustrated. An English teacher at Custer County’s public high school here, Glass + 569 more characters
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Good photo David. Thanks.
Lyle Cunningham passed away in 2004. url
Between 1880 and 1920, the residents of a relatively isolated Northern California town called Boonville spoke a secret language. Boontling, as the locals called it, was an elaborate jargon developed e + 672 more characters
Jeri, Sessions’ conclusions are pretty far ranging –I'm thinking he’s stretching things a bit. (And there is the New Republic’s editorial stance to consider). But it is good every once in awhile to re + 434 more characters
“The new romance of the factory is more likely based on the sense of dignity and purpose that unionized workers gained in factory jobs. It is unsurprising that some Americans would be nostalgic for a + 259 more characters
Good one Gary. Here’s an announcement from January 1909 that Lytle intends to put up an elevator in Miles. And, it seems that our friend DL may have owned elevators in North Dakota around the same tim + 994 more characters
I would be very pleased to see this County begin to engage in civil discourse about the issues confronting us today. It would be good for us all if we could begin to solve some problems rather screami + 281 more characters
Beginning in 1940, a man named George Metesky hid 33 pipe bombs in public spaces in New York City. Twenty-two of those bombs exploded, injuring 15 people. Until he was captured in 1957, Metesky was kn + 297 more characters
Monopoly isn't bad. This is what I got : -) "You're one of the first people who's never lived in a world without James Bond."
A pretty good item on “the Bombing.” “In desperation, local, county, and state leaders contrived a plan to “dynamite” the Yellowstone’s ice jam. On Monday, March 20, Mayor Leighton Keye called the Rap + 778 more characters
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