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It’s been a long, tiresome day - that’s likely why this made me chuckle. “Donald Trump Has Made Socialism Cool Again” --Tim Murphy MOTHER JONES MAY/JUNE 2017 ISSUE url
Mead is an amazing beverage. My experience has been that it needs to age a while to smooth out. But then I don’t have a lot of experience in brewing mead. I have some in storage in Missoula that was b + 65 more characters
Thanks folks, I'll pass this along. I was way off with my guess, I thought it was around 1909-10.
Someone asked me when Main was first paved. I don’t have a clue. Anyone know the answer?
Bug season is almost here – time to crank out some brew. This is what I have going right now. I think I’ll do an APA next weekend. Spring Ale – 8 gallons – partial Grain bill 3lbs Wheat DME 3lbs Pils + 883 more characters
“For decades, scientists assumed that wild mice first came into contact with humans only after the introduction of agriculture, when they began feasting on cultivated and stored crops. A new study pub + 1960 more characters
“The Montana National Guard's Service on the International Stage” --Katey Myers MONTANA HISTORY REVEALED October 16, 2015 url [Edited by Hal Neumann (4/19/2017 2:09:13 PM)]
Most folks around here use Alder wood in their smoke houses, I suppose because it grows like weeds here. I’m okay with it, but I usually go with apple or cherry, which don’t grow around here ; -) I li + 2200 more characters
It looks like the little trout are beginning to move downstream, maybe the big boys will show up soon. “For a few intrepid anglers, Bristol Bay sport fishing is underway” --Avery Lill KDLG.org April 7 + 35 more characters
“Jo-Jo, The Dog-Faced Russian Boy!” MONTANA HISTORY REVEALED December 21, 2010 url [Edited by Hal Neumann (4/11/2017 10:59:27 AM)]
“Woodrow Wilson's Ghost in the Age of Donald Trump” --Trygve Throntveit TIME April 6, 2017 url “Generations of historians have criticized Wilson for the arrogance, naivety and hypocrisy of this suppos + 322 more characters
“Do the Culture Wars Really Represent America?” --Emma Green THE ATLANTIC April 9, 2017 url “Depending on who you’re talking to, the story of America’s founding may be told very differently. Some libe + 312 more characters
I agree. The only way to learn how to brew is to brew. If you don’t keep a log / journal you might consider doing so. Grain Bill / Hop schedule & a few process noted for each batch you brew. It’s a ha + 216 more characters
Gunnar, What did you use for yeast in the Porter? How long are you going to let it condition? Are you going to baby it along and shoot for something in the 10%ABV range?
Gunnar, The New England IPA looks interesting. I may give (something like that) a try. Let us know how it turns out. I’m going to brew this weekend. Eight gallons of something – the “something” will d + 42 more characters
“BOLZANO, Italy — When the head of a small Italian museum called Detective Inspector Alexander Horn of the Munich Police, she asked him if he investigated cold cases. “Yes I do,” Inspector Horn said, + 1528 more characters
“That night in 1974 when Chuck Berry played Anchorage” --Mr. Whitekeys Alaska Dispatch News March 25, 2015 url
Well, it’s been 21 years now, but. . . . “For several years, the Freemen had been a thorn in the side of the U.S. government. Led by a former crop duster and con man named LeRoy Schweitzer, the group + 457 more characters
Jürgen raises some good points. “Passing craft beer bill good for economy” --Jürgen Kn?ller MONTANA STANDARD March 22, 2017 url
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