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An item on Ancestral Pueblo Peoples. "Conventional wisdom holds that prehistoric villagers planted corn, and lots of it, to survive the dry and hostile conditions of the American Southwest. But Univer + 231 more characters
“In the fall of 1282, a young carpenter went to his favorite stand of juniper trees in southwestern Colorado. That stand contained a large number of tall trees that could be fashioned into constructio + 612 more characters
Hope Thanksgiving is going well for everyone.
The food drive was a success for both the Griz & Cats. url
“We’ve all heard the expression, “eat humble pie.” It’s used at a metaphor, but humble pie was a real thing and Martha Washington had a recipe for it. It’s a type of savory meat pie, but it may seem l + 554 more characters
“Polish composer Frédéric Chopin has had a strange afterlife. He died and was buried in Paris in 1849. But in a romantic gesture to his homeland, his heart was put in a glass jar and smuggled into War + 373 more characters
Yes, many Thanks.
Dorothy Johnson in the news. What a writer. “From her early years Dorothy Johnson showed great promise as a writer, but her life was always a struggle. Her father died on Christmas Eve when she was 10 + 691 more characters
“The Mani peninsula’s jagged, rocky cliffs jut from the Peloponnese at the southernmost tip of mainland Greece, forcing the landscape to heave and billow like ocean waves. From the steep hilltops, sto + 372 more characters
Interesting comment.
“The Amish stance toward any invention isn’t that they reject it outright. It’s that they start by assuming they don’t need it, then adopt it only if it’s in line with their values.” “Are the Amish ri + 103 more characters
Editorial: “The Surrender” --The Editors THE WEEKLY STANDARD url The Editors at the Weekly Standard, the much ballyhooed "redoubt of neo-conservatism," are not pleased. And the winner will be: Bannon + 95 more characters
Interesting stuff, if you’re interested in such stuff. “For four days the battle raged, stretching along lines up to 100 kilometers long through the dark and foggy Teutoburg Forest in northwestern Ger + 1005 more characters
Gunnar, it sounds like the $300million might be FEMA money. “Puerto Rico Gov. requests audit into contract awarded to tiny energy company” --Jacqueline Thomsen THE HILL 10/25/2017 url
“How Railroad History Shaped Internet History” --Ingrid Burrington THE ATLANTIC November 24, 2015 url [Edited by Hal Neumann (10/22/2017 11:37:41 AM)]
Yup ... its a big 'un.
Drowned like a trapped rat? ; -)
“In 1810 the brewery, Meux and Company, had had a 22 foot high wooden fermentation tank installed on the premises. Held together with massive iron rings, this huge vat held the equivalent of over 3,50 + 551 more characters
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