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Well, it’s been 21 years now, but. . . . “For several years, the Freemen had been a thorn in the side of the U.S. government. Led by a former crop duster and con man named LeRoy Schweitzer, the group + 457 more characters
Jürgen raises some good points. “Passing craft beer bill good for economy” --Jürgen Kn?ller MONTANA STANDARD March 22, 2017 url
Well, that is tempting. Thanks offering the option. : -) The Recent Topics menu certainly looks different if the National/World Political Posts are hidden. But I'm chicken . . . afraid that I'll miss + 104 more characters
Q). Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? A). Because the “p” is silent.
“Having climbed from partisan leader to king of armies, Brian Boru eventually established himself as the first monarch of a consolidated Ireland.” “Brian Boru” --B. St. Clair McBride HISTORY TODAY, Vo + 202 more characters
There are already several threads about this (see below), so I figured one more couldn’t hurt. “Bombs over the Yellowstone! Or, How Custer County Breaks up Ice Jams” --Zoe Ann Stoltz, Reference Histor + 182 more characters
University of Montana: Graduate Student Theses, Dissertations, & Professional Papers url Theses and Dissertations at Montana State University (MSU) url Open Access - Theses and Dissertations. Advanced + 1266 more characters
“Lines of Copper, Tears of Glass: the Birth, Growth and Death of the Montana Power Company” --Francis Joseph Johnson Thesis, Department of History, MSU, Bozeman 1980 Available here url
Yeah, having a grocery store within a few blocks (in most every neighborhood in town) was one of the “small-town” charms of Miles when I was a kid. My Grandmother lived within easy walking distance of + 82 more characters
“Our experiments taught us why people troll” THE CONVERSATION March 1, 2017 url
I'm thinking there were grain elevators on both side north of the tracks. Sawyer's was in kind of a long, narrow building, just south/across the alley from the woolhouse. The building is still there + 202 more characters
The grocery store that was in what became the old A&T Supply – was apparently Jack’s Foodtown. url url url = = = = = = = = = = I thought Sawyer’s was on the 400 block of North 7th.
There’s not a lot, but I think there’s a bit of information about the man in: Helen Carey Jones. CUSTER COUNTY AREA HISTORY: AS WE RECALL: A CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF CUSTER COUNTY, MONTANA, 1889-1989 (1 + 104 more characters
I think that was Jack’s IGA. There was also a store, I think it was also an IGA, just before the tracks on Leighton. I think was called Haley’s (? Sp?). I could have the names reversed in relationshi + 19 more characters
Reynolds was on Main when I was a kid. I think it was on the corner of 9th and Main, just across from Penny’s.
We nominated MRH back in 2006, I can't remember what we did to make that happen. I'll look it up and let folks know what it will take.
Ah, I see they’re getting ready to induct the latest duo into the Gallery of Outstanding Montanans. As some folks will remember some years back “we” were successful in having Maurice R. Hilleman indu + 175 more characters
National Register of Historic Places Ismay Jail State: Montana County: Custer County Ismay: Jailhouse Rd., W of jct. with East St. Available in the History section at Miles City_dot_com: url
"What Is a Populist?" Uri Friedman THE ATLANTIC February 27, 2017 url
I’m thinking there were still state & federal laws in place at that time banning the sale of alcohol to Native Americans. But it does look like it was a lively community on a Saturday night : -)
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