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“How Railroad History Shaped Internet History” --Ingrid Burrington THE ATLANTIC November 24, 2015 url [Edited by Hal Neumann (10/22/2017 11:37:41 AM)]
Yup ... its a big 'un.
Drowned like a trapped rat? ; -)
“In 1810 the brewery, Meux and Company, had had a 22 foot high wooden fermentation tank installed on the premises. Held together with massive iron rings, this huge vat held the equivalent of over 3,50 + 551 more characters
“For much of the 20th century, Japanese government officials and academics tried to hide the Ainu. They were an inconvenient culture at a time when the government was steadfastly creating a national m + 439 more characters
It would be good to see more packing like this. "Brewery creates edible six-pack rings that are safe for animals eat" GLOBAL NEWS October 8, 2017 url “A small Florida-based brewery has released an edi + 342 more characters
It would be interesting to meet the staff that serve as advisors to these clubs. The yearbook photos could be good as well.
I found this funny / amusing in many ways. “Minnesota is not the only place where Communist youth clubs are surfacing. Several communist clubs were created in secondary education systems around the co + 292 more characters
I expect the comments at the Examiner will go CAPLOCK before long. >>don't trust anything a guy says who is wearing a vest, earrings, and a Trilby hat, and who calls himself a poet. Oh come on Gunnar. C + 87 more characters
Broke-Ass Stuart raises some good points. Good beer needs balance and harmony. Hoppy beer can be good. Moderately hopped beer can be good. I prefer well-hopped brews myself, but I also want to taste t + 620 more characters
The Zombies. Well, I had not thought of them for 50 years, or so. There’s probably a reason for that ; -)
Cossacks 18 days ago
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“Historically, Cossacks are known as fierce fighters and respected for their bravery. Most Russians idealize their independent nature and resistance to Kremlin rule, unlike most other separatist or au + 571 more characters
Who needs ISIS?
“In any society, ideological and social consensus will lead to some ideas being unacceptable to the majority and consigned to the fringe. The question is which ideas will suffer this fate. Far from po + 257 more characters
Guess I’ve been in a nostalgic frame of mind. Lately I’ve been listening to Blind Faith, Canned Heat, King Crimson, & the like.
Queen Elizabeth is a cannibal. Yes, according to sources (including the prestigious InterNet), the Queen feeds on human flesh. Again, quoting sources, the Royals have, apparently, been doing so for qu + 1125 more characters
I hate to see ageism rear it’s ugly head.
Gunnar, considering that the Bilderbergers are little more than a front for the Lizard Overlords, your concerns are understandable. Can a person be too cautious when it comes to shape-shifting, reptil + 18 more characters
My all time favorite shaggy dog story. One cold winter's morning a tramp was walking along a country road, when he heard a cry for help from a nearby lake. He turned to see a little girl struggling in + 9775 more characters
Huge genetic diversity among Papuan New Guinean peoples revealed “With approximately 850 domestic languages, which account for over 10 per cent of the world's total, Papua New Guinea is the most lingu + 2052 more characters
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