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I loved sliding down that thing!
CGP Grey has unleashed another great video:
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"I have of late, (but wherefore I know not) lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises; and indeed, it goes so heavily with my disposition; that this goodly frame the earth, seems to me a ster + 641 more characters
I like the Dragon's Breath.
What's a rough estimate for repairing the lines?
This is ongoing and was a big story in 2001 when Rumsfeld was asked about 2 trillion that was unaacounted for in the records. That's over $7k for every person in the country. Planes hit buildings the + 326 more characters
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At first this sounded like something I'd see from an episode of The Wire but LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) seems to be a real thing. This 20 year police captain has some good points.
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There's gymnastics at the studio m dance studio, call them for details.
How much does the oasis currently cost to operate and maintain? Is it just a line item in the city's budget? Good point on the climate and the slides. Grinchy or not, realistic analysis is necessary + 47 more characters
Cost of construction? Wonder how much it would up the current insurance? Might be more feasible to add features to the oasis rather than build a new pool.
I think I read that the Saudi break even point was under $10
Are the rigs in ND that are already in place and producing able to continue selling oil profitably at these prices? Not sure what it costs to get product to market once the rig is up n running compare + 36 more characters
Sensei Bucky Loomis teaches the White Tiger Martial Arts classes at the Studio M building. His number is 853-3763.
Ward Weischedel (sorry if that isn't spelled right) has MC Seamless Gutters. He's my neighbor and he's done a job for us too. Good man, good work, good price. His number is 951-2412 or his partner is + 306 more characters
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My phone got wet and I'm currently in the market for an unlocked Iphone.  I'm not picky so any model 5 or later will suffice.  Call Paul at 234-4238 (home phone) and leave a message.
Any really large tent or shelter or I'd consider smaller but high quality like a canvas or otherwise rugged unit. Text or call Paul 853-6010