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I've wondered about the whole thing. I see a *ton* of Grant's tokens on eBay, there's almost always one listed, but have never heard a relative mention anything about the place. I think Dad graduated + 64 more characters
I bet. I feel the same way about chipped beef in white sauce. In any sauce for that matter. Even without sauce.
I'm not really following along, but do want to interject that it is "Milquetoast" as in Caspar Milquetoast. I don't know why I know this and it makes me feel old
My cat wants outside He won't take "NO!" for answer Litter box needs changed
Mom has been known to have apparently stray cats that show up at her house spayed/neutered (usually neutered...) at her expense. The next that show up look nothing like any previous, so I can only sur + 214 more characters
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I'm one of those weirdos who prefer a whiskey tasting heavily of peat moss & lacquer thinner followed by hours of regret and their stuff looks a little light for me, but I have to try it some day
Heh, and I thought this was going to be about the skunked Newcastle I just threw out. "artificial" hops or otherwise, clear bottles are a mistake
Dragonfruit! I saw them for a long time while I was exiled to Oahu, right up to the point that my wife came out to visit and they were gone. She was my only hope for trying one and I'll likely never f + 327 more characters
It did sell. One bid, wasn't me.
If it's "person shrugging"- then David Mills- "What's in the box?"
And! also! I don't see the emoji?, it looks like [] closed to me on Iron / Ubuntu 16.10 (I'm aware that that may be the point but I have Yuenglings and I'm not afraid to drink more-) Looks like it *i + 76 more characters
Never heard of it, but there's a matchbook cover listed on eBay for it now. 617 Main put's it at the Trails Inn? Used to be the Range Riders Bar & Cafe?
Heh, Grandad Dwight thought I was crazy buying it for $60 at the Range Riders Museum way back when. I have seen it on eBay occasionally. Fanning the Embers seems to be listed for auction more often.
This is how you play the game, United url
Yeah, not gonna happen. Much like legislation to force more legroom/comfort, it's all just lip service. Deregulated airlines run on economies of scale and the Feds have little input beyond safety regu + 674 more characters
Delta VDBs can be lucrative. $1300+ with Hotel, car, and food vouchers thrown in is not unheard of. I have actively sought VDB opportunities, usually to find that either the often late evening flight + 452 more characters
Delta does charge for the first bag for general, non-Amex passengers. It's a handy excuse I often used to justify paying for upgrades to 1st when bag fees were remotely close to upgrade $. It can get + 332 more characters
Delta at the bottom of the IDB list. I'm not necessarily saying that they're better, but they play the game well. IDBs get reported and recorded in bump stats, VDBs do not, and DL is (so far) willing + 193 more characters
It isn't Involuntary Denial of Boarding if all passengers have already boarded, but yes, he should have followed flight crew instructions. Somebody screwed up if the gate agent boarded the plane full + 197 more characters
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