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"OPEN" sign was lit in the 600's window when I drove by today.
They aren't identical by any means. Most biographies look to be updated or additional info along with the newer entries
My FtE is an eBay find. If anyone recognizes who Tommy & Edith might be, it has + 377 more characters
"Echoing Footsteps" is digitized at the MT Memory Project if you can deal with excruciatingly slow downloads. url "Custer County Area History: As We Recall", essentially an updated/ expanded version o + 66 more characters
OK, $23.73, whatever people. I'll have a few of them if you want to read them,.
"Photographer On An Army Mule" only has one bidder, (me) and he(I) already has two? What the heck? Where are the MC collectors anymore?
I thought this was going to be about NOAA's weather guessers being consistently wrong in their forecasts, having recently waded through 6" of "20%", and remembered that it's the National Office of Ave + 75 more characters
Is that where the Star used to be?
All I know is that I'm regretting the corner lot with three car width driveway. Not so much because the taxes are higher, and they are, but wow! that's a lot of concrete to shovel snow & ice from. Alm + 37 more characters
And the new word for today is "facetious" fa·ce·tious f?'seSH?s/Submit adjective treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant. synonyms: flippant, flip, glib, frivolous, ton + 101 more characters
Malted Cedar Gin Yeah, no. Scandihoovians. They lose all credibility at Lutefisk [Edited by Dave Roberts (1/9/2017 11:48:32 PM)]
You could stop with the IBUs right there I think? - As to spring in 6 to 10 weeks? It sure doesn't feel like it here right now. Big Sky didn't make Heavy Horse (my all time favorite Scotch Ale) agai + 299 more characters
At that age, I'd have had a granny knot wrapped around that fire hydrant so tight the rope would probably still be there. On edit, it looks like backpack knows these things- [Edited by Dave Roberts (1 + 22 more characters
Don't much care for stroganoff in general, but that shade of brown in the glasses piqued my interest. BevMo up the street here has Moose Drool in cans, so I have that as a backup in case the local br + 290 more characters
We're going on a Christmas buffet cruise around San Diego Bay. There are other guests of the hotel we're in that have MT 14- plates on their pickup.
I thought it was at DeLuxe, to the right of the carport awnings. (Grandpa Fritz was a Ford mechanic at Love Motors before becoming a machinist for Hines. He drove MoPars (Chrysler products))
Meanwhile, I'm scraping frost off my windshield on the right coast, wondering if exile to HI last year was all that bad.
Nobody can drift a thread like an autistic who wasn't and still isn't entirely positive what the direction was to begin with. The ringleader of the Black Angus Lives Matter faction is sporting a snaz + 67 more characters
Hmm... there are cows posting here?[/quote] Am I the only one that gets suckered into clicking on anthropomorphized Angus' cheeriness? Larry's next t-shirt design should read "BLACK COW LIVES MATTER! + 71 more characters
Fully expected it to be another bovine Rick Roll, yet I clicked anyhow. Since I'm geographically about as far east as I could possibly be from where I was at this time last year, yet still in the US, + 137 more characters
Can you still slide down 12 mile dam? I wore the back pockets off a few cutoffs doing that.
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