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Joe Heretick was my grandmother's neighbor in Billings. Apparently long after whatever happened, happened. Discussion of it was verboten. By that point the collar was a ticket to a wee dram of whisk( + 105 more characters
I was hoping/dreading that this was one of Richard's shaggy dog stories
Was this the same Lyle "Yes, Goddamn!" (He'd had a stroke. All he could say was "yes", "no", & "Goddamn") that tossed Jesse Ventura?
"You're one of the first people who's never lived in a world without Star Trek." So the other Dave is probably around 50.5 too? "The Atlantic" is three times older than me, so I've got that going for + 65 more characters
Put a dam(n) downstream of Livingston! Anything to break up that wind. I'm all about it
I stumbled into three of these, mis-listed ("Mils City")
From Dave's link above- url This was a significant rebuild I think. Doesn't mean I'd want to ride along w/ 500 sheep-
yeah, I messed up the url tags and got the dreaded double edit
To be Wendy's friend, you've got to speak in Haiku. Otherwise, look out! Mention Wendy's name, One can talk no other way. It's MC.com url [Edited by Dave Roberts (11/29/2017 9:40:54 PM)] [Edited by Da + 35 more characters
I've wondered about the whole thing. I see a *ton* of Grant's tokens on eBay, there's almost always one listed, but have never heard a relative mention anything about the place. I think Dad graduated + 64 more characters
I bet. I feel the same way about chipped beef in white sauce. In any sauce for that matter. Even without sauce.
I'm not really following along, but do want to interject that it is "Milquetoast" as in Caspar Milquetoast. I don't know why I know this and it makes me feel old
My cat wants outside He won't take "NO!" for answer Litter box needs changed
Mom has been known to have apparently stray cats that show up at her house spayed/neutered (usually neutered...) at her expense. The next that show up look nothing like any previous, so I can only sur + 214 more characters
I'm one of those weirdos who prefer a whiskey tasting heavily of peat moss & lacquer thinner followed by hours of regret and their stuff looks a little light for me, but I have to try it some day
Heh, and I thought this was going to be about the skunked Newcastle I just threw out. "artificial" hops or otherwise, clear bottles are a mistake
Dragonfruit! I saw them for a long time while I was exiled to Oahu, right up to the point that my wife came out to visit and they were gone. She was my only hope for trying one and I'll likely never f + 327 more characters
It did sell. One bid, wasn't me.
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