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What was the term again, deplorable?
Jon Tester had a duty to call BS on Trump's unqualified pick to lead the Veterans Administration. I am sick of gutless hypocritical Republicans’ unabashed support of their immoral lying leader. We nee + 410 more characters
The gun rally in Helena was an embarrassment to our state. What a bunch of stupid assholes. I really appreciated their position that everyone is safer when people are armed. Meanwhile the dip shits in + 85 more characters
Gunnar Emilsson wrote: “Sales tax needs to be added to complete the thrre-pronged [sic] tier of taxing income and property.” I don’t care how you sales tax proponents spin your regressive tax approac + 1551 more characters
Trump would have disregarded the extreme pain he was enduring from the corn on his toe and 'run' in there to confront the shooter.
You two, snowy and RR01, are a couple of sick trolls. You continually imply, by your mean spirited and ignorant diatribe, that anyone who needs assistance, including SSI, which happens to be insurance + 226 more characters
Your mother would be ashamed of you. Maybe even your father, if he really considered the stupidity of your rants.
This appointment is an insult and should greatly embarrass the Republicans. No one should graduate from law school or pass a bar exam without knowing that a motion in limine is to generally exclude ev + 268 more characters
How about a little reality in a discussion about the IRS and rest homes? When you enter the rest home you better hope that the IRS collects sufficient taxes to allow medicaid to keep you there because + 71 more characters
Carson Wentz and Tony Romo have something in common. They are 0 and 2, neither one of them have won a game in the Washington Grizzly stadium.
After Trump tosses Beauregard Sessions III under his bus and Rod Rosenstein resigns, where is he going to find another Robert Bork to fire special counsel Robert Mueller?
Mr. Non sequitur, the man from snowy plains, throws around insults to others intelligence while he, or she, doesn’t have the balls, or ovaries, to emerge from behind his, or her, pseudo name. It's a c + 118 more characters
George Winston, while considerably younger than I, is a friend of mine through Edna Stamp, his kindergarten teacher. When I was in high school my girlfriend took piano from Esther. I always considered + 197 more characters
The Liberty Theater was located on the south side of the 8th block of Main Street. There is an exercise business there now. It had a balcony, where I liked to sit.
Are Montana’s Republicans ready for what their new president and the Republican congress is going to do for them and to us? Starting with healthcare, anyone who thinks the proposed massive cuts in Med + 1400 more characters
Mary Catherine quoted someone with saying "even Nixon didn't fire the FBI Director." No Nixon didn't. That is because the FBI wasn't the chief investigating agency, the special prosecutor was doing th + 345 more characters
Who is going to be Trump's Robert Bork to fire the last prosecutor with some semblance of integrity in Trump's swamp?
Trump didn’t like the latest spending bill so he is shamefully calling for our government to “shut down in September” to further his proposed spending and budget goals. Just as shameful as Trumps comm + 734 more characters
Republicans claim the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a disaster. What is the real story? The ACA’s troubles are directly due to Republicans working to destroy it. So, how did they do it? Risk corr + 1678 more characters
Remember when Klamms Bar was on the corner of Leighton and Highway 10, now Valley Drive East, across Leighton from the Sage Brush Motel and kitty corner from Yellowstone Bar Supply. You could buy Cher + 92 more characters
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