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Google Street View shows the building that was Safeway in the '50s is now Blue Rock Distributing. Ken Z
What is now the Senior Center was the "Harmony Hangout"? [Edited by Ken Ziebarth (3/6/2017 4:38:00 PM)]
A few more: There was a Safeway on 7th in the block north of the Post Office? There was a winter skating rink in the old river bed "High School Bowl" on Lake St? Warming was an open fire. Saturday aft + 145 more characters
There were houses across S. Custer from Lincoln School? One was my grandmother's. South Haynes Avenue was just the road to Broadus? The parade grounds at Fort Keough was surrounded by the "officers ho + 108 more characters
Any from an Asian, African, or Latin American country?? KenZ
Why wait? Here is the image:
Well... the instructions didn't work. Try copy/goto the url: Yes that works for me. kz [Edited by Ken Ziebarth (12/6 + 62 more characters
A comment in the recent "Milligan House" thread reminded me of a photo I had posted on my Flickr page. I have now flagged it "Miles City" so it should show up soon on this website. Or look for my Flic + 248 more characters
I vaguely remember some excitement/event surrounding an important visitor to the Foursquare church at Stower and Montana. It would have to have been in the '50s, maybe early '50s when I lived at 2021 + 20 more characters
What a great old photograph! From the shadow on the Olive porch it seems to be early afternoon. But there is no 'trafic' and only a few wanderers. What was 'The Old Stand(?)' on the closest corner. T + 390 more characters
Friends don't let friends drink lager!
Is Jim Elliott, formerly a Montana senator and chair of the state Democratic Party, the one I went to CCHS with, class of 1960? His picture when writing on 'Last Best News' looks familiar and his age + 77 more characters
Esther C. Benson. On N. Montana, just north of the Presbyterian church. Ken Ziebarth, 1956
Fire at the Sunset Motel Sometime in the '50s. It was on Highway 10 (now Valley Drive) a little ways beyond Dairy Queen, not as far as the Red Rock. Damage was only to the Office and front area.
[Edi + 116 more characters
I sent the message at the top of this a couple of years ago without finding the answers that I hoped for. I now have an additional lead: My brother and I both now think that our father's checker-playi + 356 more characters
Yes, that's the building. It now seems from Google Street View to be a part of the City Yards. Ken Z
I am now working on the area of my model railroad representing the area north of Atlantic Avenue, between 8th and 4th,across the tracks from the NP Depot (BTW, what’s the latest on that?) in the late + 460 more characters
If this tweaks your interest, DO NOT MISS his Flickr site url
When you get back to this, please look at getting the link to open using the Android Flickr app on Android devices. KZ
I'm not surprised they won't allow the image without the ads that pay for it. I was only asking about a possible link, maybe down with the wiki and yearbooks or up near the weather. [Edited by Ken Zi + 29 more characters
webcam link 2 years ago
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I suppose the deliberate omission of a link to the Main Street webcam has some history. Might the new format be a time for reconsideration? KZ
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