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Good Lord Snowy. Are you that much of a trumptard that you believe that crap? It's all taken out of context without his reasons for those votes (gotcha journalism, thanks Sarah). Let's pray for the sa + 118 more characters
url Tester did the right thing forcing Jackson out of the nomination. He did what was best for veterans and the VA. Oddy, so angry, so wrong.
I'm sure that the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will defend the public good and make sure these fossil fuel companies pay fair royalties on the profits they have made extracting resources from + 251 more characters
Yup, California does import energy from coal-fired power plants. About 25% of their energy consumption is imported, 4% from coal. The rest comes from natural gas, hydro, nuclear, and renewables. url
By 2045. I think 26 yrs is doable. The state of California has always been more environmentally friendly out of necessity. Smog control, energy conservation,renewable enery, water conservation are a n + 48 more characters
I'm honestly very curious. What freedoms did Obama take away?
"The only questions that remain are whether the collusion that took place constituted criminally liable conspiracy, whether obstruction of justice occurred to cover up any collusion or conspiracy, and + 178 more characters
Bump... url "Some have expressed dismay that stock buybacks seem to have taken precedence over boosting capital investment. Since the tax cuts passed, companies have been using buybacks to return reco + 744 more characters
An excerpt from the book, "Yellowstone Kelly, The Memoirs of Luther S. Kelly" April 25, 1878 Headquarters, District of the Yellowstone. Fort Keogh, Montana Territory This detachment of four men is sen + 1555 more characters
url Tuesday, July 3, 2018 Folly, Vice, and Madness "Donald Trump is insane. He's a raving madman. A very, very dangerous madman, who's surrounded himself with toadies and fops and fascists and evil li + 1171 more characters
I’m starting to agree with Richard. It’s as waste of time to try and convince bitter old conservatives that releasing trillions of tons of excess carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere has warmed our clim + 395 more characters
Wait....what? I thought the travel ban had nothing to do with religion and was all about national security. What does Allah have to do with this?
For years, anti-science conservatives have been crying about the lack of scientific research, or "secret" science, that provides evidence of human caused global warming. Even thought there are literal + 584 more characters
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It's extremely unfortunate that the citizens of Montana are going to vote out a common-sense moderate, true Montanan and working farmer during this coming election cycle. Especially for a Koch brother + 466 more characters
The States are often described as "Laboratories of Democracy". The failed Kansas, Brownback tax cut experiment should be a warning to all Americans. Trickle down economics does not work. Responsible c + 118 more characters
Not sure why you posted this under the "Civil Discourse" topic. I guess we all have different ideas of the "welfare queen". In my opinion, the worst are listed on the stock exchange. url url
He got his $500,000 bonus from his employers, the Koch brothers. He might as well retire with the Republicans poised for epic losses in the mid-terms. And he was able to bring the country one step clo + 174 more characters
Snowy's new name is "Backfire". It doesn't matter anyway. He (she) is just a Russian troll. url
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