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Trumps voter suppression...whoops, voter fraud commission has been disbanded. url
We still have a lot to learn from this global public health disaster. And is a perfect example why we need to properly fund the CDC and public scientific research. url
url I can't understand why Republicans keep falling for this scam. If anyone has an idea on how to protect one's retirement savings from the next big economic crash that the Democrats are going to hav + 35 more characters
National Championships: MSU 3 UM 2 3>2
Looks like Trump has taken some time away from tweeting while sitting on his gilded crapper to appoint a lawyer to investigate "massive voter fraud". url Nice choice. I sure he will be completely impa + 140 more characters
I've voted by mail for every elections since moving to Colorado in 2009. It's easy, convenient, and economical. Mail-in ballots are especially convenient for rural voters, and voter fraud is extremely + 842 more characters
Here we go again. MTA stooge, Senator Ed Buttrey (R) Great Falls, has thrown a big wrench in HB 541. He feels that taverns and bars need special treatment from the government because they are losing b + 497 more characters
A couple interesting bills involving BEER in the 2017 Montana Legislature. HB 541 would increase the amount of beer a brewery can produce and still operate a tap room from 10,000 barrels a year to 60, + 973 more characters
Despite hatchet job articles from fake news outlets like The Daily Mail, Infowars, Breitbart, and Fox News claiming otherwise, the truth is, data and research from federal agencies is some of the most + 924 more characters
I’m also interested in hearing from Trump supporters on this issue. When the results from the investigation into illegal voting shows there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, what then? Will yo + 806 more characters
I also enjoy comedy.
AFAB, you seem to be confusing disgust with the little whiner special snowflake tweeter in chief, his cabinet of unqualified billionaires, and his alt-right neo Nazi white supremacist chief strategist + 362 more characters
Every US citizen needs to register for the selective service when they turn 18. Why not register everyone to vote at the same time? How is it so much worse for mandatory voter registration? It's your + 167 more characters
The horse is out of the barn for the effects on global climate. We had a chance to limit the damage if carbon restrictions would have been implemented thirty or forty years ago. Even then, there is no + 584 more characters
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Gunnar, Next time you're in Denver, stop by Prost Brewing. Excellent lagers. I always stop by on my way to Coors Field. It's good to have a buzz going watching the Rockies give up 6 runs by the 3rd in + 60 more characters
This document contains several hundred pages of peer reviewed scientific conspiracy theory. Complete with pictures. Enjoy! url
url His criticism of Governor Bullock is interesting. Didn't the Republican legislature vote down an infrastructure bill during the last legislative session? And hasn't Montana's job growth been solid + 20 more characters
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