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For years, anti-science conservatives have been crying about the lack of scientific research, or "secret" science, that provides evidence of human caused global warming. Even thought there are literal + 584 more characters
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It's extremely unfortunate that the citizens of Montana are going to vote out a common-sense moderate, true Montanan and working farmer during this coming election cycle. Especially for a Koch brother + 466 more characters
The States are often described as "Laboratories of Democracy". The failed Kansas, Brownback tax cut experiment should be a warning to all Americans. Trickle down economics does not work. Responsible c + 118 more characters
Not sure why you posted this under the "Civil Discourse" topic. I guess we all have different ideas of the "welfare queen". In my opinion, the worst are listed on the stock exchange. url url
He got his $500,000 bonus from his employers, the Koch brothers. He might as well retire with the Republicans poised for epic losses in the mid-terms. And he was able to bring the country one step clo + 174 more characters
Snowy's new name is "Backfire". It doesn't matter anyway. He (she) is just a Russian troll. url
There you go, Bill. I gave Bridgier the downvote I’m sure you’ve been aching to give him. We now live in a post-fact, post-truth era. I became more aware of “alternative facts”, as they have become kn + 3022 more characters
Yes, snowy, President Obama did congratulate Putin. When the election wasn't an obvious sham, before Russia's interference in the Ukrainian election and military intervention there, before the annexat + 289 more characters
China is placing a 25% tariff on pork and 15% tariff on some other product. How long till tariffs are expanded to beef? The recent trade deal between Montana beef growers and China could be in jeopard + 91 more characters
The Republican tax cuts are working as intended. Lots of stock buybacks financed by increased national debt. url url
The history of screwing over construction workers, subcontractors and other blue-collar workers by Trump is well documented. I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how much Trump loves co + 702 more characters
Thanks for posting this article. This makes me proud to be a graduate of MSU. And I can say that had it not been for MSU, I would not have been able to attend college. Tuition was still fairly reasona + 533 more characters
Largest one day drop in the history of the stock market. Tax cuts for the wealthy always cause economic collapse. It's just a matter of time, and the next crash will be a doozy. But I'm sure all those + 134 more characters
Jim Wright is a retired Navy intelligence officer. He gives a good rundown of the memo and why Nunes needs to be investigated by the FBI. url
Trump and his enablers are getting desperate. Releasing this memo will do nothing but harm our national security. Unpopular Donald will never be able to vindicate himself from Russian collusion. Sad! + 28 more characters
Trumps voter suppression...whoops, voter fraud commission has been disbanded. url
We still have a lot to learn from this global public health disaster. And is a perfect example why we need to properly fund the CDC and public scientific research. url
url I can't understand why Republicans keep falling for this scam. If anyone has an idea on how to protect one's retirement savings from the next big economic crash that the Democrats are going to hav + 35 more characters
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