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What kind of people are Brian and Brandon knew this was coming down the pipe?(Obviously they did because they were relocating before Eric left) As far as I am concerned they should be judged due to no + 196 more characters
I need some work done to my house. Someone suggested Schneider's Valley Construction. Has anyone used these guys before?
I hate to say this but I agree with the mayor. This town does look like a dog patch, all I have been reading about is people coming up with excuses to be pigs, slobs, and so on. Clean your crap up! Ta + 426 more characters
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What would a newly remodeled two bedroom house, new carpet, paint, kitchen cabinets rent for?
Tickets are 15.00 each, starts at 7:30. Dessert auction @10:00 pm. Kids are 6.00
Okay Now I gotta know the whole story. Anyone want to elaborate on how you guys got screwed?
Thanks Bob!!! I try
Andrea, By your coments on this post, you are not doing too well drumming up business. Just due to your attitude, I would think twice as to whether I stayed at the Olive.
Congratulations Judge Day for your sentence you imposed on Devin Deming
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