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Speaking of Social Services, the Miles City, Glasgow, Sidney and Glendive AWARE offices' last day is March 31st. It is a wonderful Program with 20 or 21 Counselors losing their jobs. Not enough "T" do + 247 more characters
Here is something kind of interesting. "The $300 million trade agreement, announced on Sept. 11, will give Chinese firms the opportunity to partner with Israeli tech companies to tackle issues relatin + 967 more characters
Isn't anyone ever going to read, "Becoming Dinosaurs" A Prehistoric Perspective on Climate Change Today. What's Happened Before, What's Happening Now, and What we might do to avoid Dav + 237 more characters
There is a great breakdown of the "Clinton Foundation" on the Charity Navigator website. Very indepth information and they even rate 4 Stars, the Max. It seems like the Foundation has been under inves + 89 more characters
Happy New Year to all of you☺
Tucker Bolton, I think the amazing part is that AWARE works with the people who are 16 and above and that is such an important time in that there is a concerted effort to see that they are guided towa + 1428 more characters
This will be a terrible loss for Eastern Montana. Such needed services with over 2000 more kids needing help. The effort that is being made to tear down our State and our Country is beyond belief. So + 75 more characters
This is so "Right On" of the better articles that I have read that explains it to a "T". It really is amazing regarding the numbers that drank/drink the Koolaid. My initial hope was for you youn + 77 more characters
Merry Christmas One and ALL
Good grief...that is hilarious. Thanks☺
Thanks Karen and Jobie. A wonderful Greeting. Jobie is certainly dressed for the Holidays as usual.
I don't think that they have been one bit bashful about who will benefit from the so called Tax Plan..and, the obvious rush for getting it passed. If you don't find yourself among the lucky "Gazillion + 220 more characters
Senator Bennett is very sharp. Great video.
I just read this post, url If you don't have time to read it, he says that they just do not have the money.
Thank you. This would be devastating for Montana and all of the Western States. The massive debt that they would take on if they pass the tax bill is the excuse to make cuts to Education, Farm and Ran + 237 more characters
Rob, I love Richard's suggestion because I know that you are a writer. What a great addition to Miles City History. Hope it sounds good to you. Put me down to purchase the book when it is ready☺
This is such a great article. Just have to share it☺ url
Happy Thanksgiving, Hal and ALL☺
If you have not read the following, it is well worth the read. url
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