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We saw that and just for "Kicks" checked out their websites. Goodness...quite a belief . It has been on the news that Pres. Trump is considering a ruling whereby Churches can involve politics. So then + 79 more characters
Considering that it is between the Patriots and the Falcons, I will just be rooting for numbers per quarter and final?? Good luck to both.
Kompromat (Russian: ?????????; IPA: [k?mpr?'mat] ( listen), short for ???????????????? ????????, literally "compromising material") is the Russian term for compromising materials about a politician or + 383 more characters
Complacency: A feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, + 5 more characters
Johnnie's book, "Saints and Savages" is the best ever. Great information?
NICE Listening. Thanks.
Hal...I drifted off to the Cave info and skimmed it...but, so interesting how they find the bones in such clusters and deep within? Makes you wonder what is inside of some of the surrounding hills bes + 178 more characters
It really is amazing. I like it that the Neanderthal has ended up with better posture? You do find some excellent reading, Hal!
Hal..Thank you for the most interesting article ever. I had my DNA done with 23andme and if you have Neanderthal they can tell you your percentage and how that stands among the other people on 23andme + 327 more characters
This is happening in the State of North Dakota where they adopted the Medicaid Expansion, although with Obamacare soon to be gotten rid of, it may be their alternative to Medicaid funds? Certainly som + 184 more characters
It seems that he was only critical of the timing...not the ISSUE?
Certainly an amazing, talented artist.
Hal...I just finished reading the full article and it closely ties with information in the book, "The Plot To Hack America: How Putin's Cyberspies and Wikileaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election". When + 342 more characters
I did read the book and watched it play out. Pretty amazing.
I have always liked Working with the public for years, I have felt the bitterness of some folks but, they really did not know me so it was obvious it was something happening in their li + 394 more characters
Hot off the Press... url
Did you wonder that out of the large group of qualified Candidates, Donald Trump was the chosen one? I wondered how the Sanders and Clinton folks ended up in conflict...and, wondered about so much mor + 717 more characters
Someone went so far as to "factcheck" Medicare and posted this on my Facebook page.. url
I think that it is well-known that Mr. Ryan, etal want to change Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. I have to think that the majority vote from our town and State in favor of Mr. Trump prefer tha + 215 more characters
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