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So much we don't know. Wonderful article, Hal. Thanks.
Please, take time to read, "Land On Fire" by Gary Ferguson. The new reality of Wildfire in the West. It made me wonder how much the Legislature consulted "Land Management" regarding a Fire Season befo + 82 more characters
Thank you. A very interesting article. I am still puzzled that I live in a community that will not pass a School Bond Mill Levy for ONE (1) year?
Results of the election...1,035 people voted. 549 voted AGAINST..and, 486 FOR. The Legislature cut Education..the Federal Government just promised more funding to the "For Choice" Schools...but, are c + 321 more characters
I want to share this as I think it is an exceptional article. url
Interesting article. Must be affecting other grants as well as we need to vote to help our schools today????
In regard to this topic, I read "False Prophets" written by Dale and Connie Jakes who were deeply embedded with the Freeman. Interesting about the plans to take over Petroleum County. If you are inter + 46 more characters
Just looking in Dr. Lorman Hoopes book, "This Last West" and there is a bit about the NORTHERN CATTLE CO. that reads: (Yj 2/6/86) as of 1/8/86, successor, "Scott and Co." (Cattle Co.) co.p.o MC; Josep + 428 more characters
Interesting and there is so much more.
I know that I signed this. The best idea EVER! url
This is an interesting blog. I wonder if some of their business practices did not speed up their demise in many ways. I worked for an Oil and Gas Company in the 70's and MPC had a practice of purchasi + 654 more characters
This just posted... url
We saw that and just for "Kicks" checked out their websites. Goodness...quite a belief . It has been on the news that Pres. Trump is considering a ruling whereby Churches can involve politics. So then + 79 more characters
Considering that it is between the Patriots and the Falcons, I will just be rooting for numbers per quarter and final?? Good luck to both.
Kompromat (Russian: ?????????; IPA: [k?mpr?'mat] ( listen), short for ???????????????? ????????, literally "compromising material") is the Russian term for compromising materials about a politician or + 383 more characters
Complacency: A feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, + 5 more characters
Johnnie's book, "Saints and Savages" is the best ever. Great information?
NICE Listening. Thanks.
Hal...I drifted off to the Cave info and skimmed it...but, so interesting how they find the bones in such clusters and deep within? Makes you wonder what is inside of some of the surrounding hills bes + 178 more characters
It really is amazing. I like it that the Neanderthal has ended up with better posture? You do find some excellent reading, Hal!
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