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Other than SD State, it looks like the Cats were not the only ones with a big loss when playing the Bison. I watched and listened to the radio and they mentioned that some of the Bison were bigger tha + 1240 more characters
Happy Thanksgiving to One and All☺ On to Christmas!!!
You know the old adage...."Just mention my name and spell it right"...and, that is what must have happened. All we heard for months..."Tester, Tester, Testoooooor".
In doing a little research regarding the Sanctuary Cities, I found this: Border Security Trump repeatedly accused Democrats of being the party of “open borders” and supporting elimination of the Immig + 1315 more characters
David...Thanks. I had forgotten about old Fats Waller. Very cool music. The wrecks were familiar. I thought that one pedestrian could have helped the other guy...but, this is fun☺
The biggest danger is the Liaision with the NSM (Nationalist Socialist Movement)...and, I see Mr. Rosendale with his arm around Alt-Right Steve Bannon. Stephen Miller is the right hand man in the Whit + 1463 more characters
Going with the Sox. Grandson in the Sox Minors so sticking with the "Parents".
I always thought that John McCain had a message for all of us and I purchased his book that came out after his funeral. The book, "The Restless Wave" is probably one of the best books you will ever re + 1649 more characters
So very sorry, Richard.
Interesting. I was just going through a file I have and found a Newspaper article dated January 13, 2012. The headline: "Officials: Progress made to ease North Dakota gas flaring". The article is from + 369 more characters
I think Senator Tester is more familiar with a Democracy. Don't you question who will run the Departments that have not been filled with anyone? One person running everything, always..or, for particul + 198 more characters
The Soybean Farmers that spoke on CNBC today are very concerned. The overseas markets are so important. They are very concerned about NAFTA. Hard working Ag people should not have to be penalized beca + 90 more characters
It is redundant to argue Democrat or Republican....Liberal or Conservative. We need to discuss the retention of DEMOCRACY. I know that Miles City, etal still have many readers and a heads up...Madelai + 128 more characters
MCD, I checked your link for the names of the stations and "Lo and Behold" it has been removed and the name changed. An aside..Mr. Murdoch of FOX News is a John Bircher Billionaire Radical Libertarian + 903 more characters
Great article, Hal. We are now seeing the "Old-Industry Billionaires destruction in play. "Democracy In Chains" goes back to their horror of Integration. Their low paid workers/slaves getting an Educa + 252 more characters
Probably the most interesting thing in my long life is having been interested in our Political growth. Started with Hitler and the relief when he and others were defeated and we no longer had to dive + 2538 more characters
I do think the old "Ten-Fold" Rule applies when it comes to supporting Education and the schools...THEY are our future. We all benefit from Intelligence
If everyone would read, "Dark Money" The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer, I honestly think we could have conversations.
That is fun, Hal. Thanks. I am one of the first people who has never lived in the world without Monopoly. Wow!
I hope it is okay to intervene here...I have no brackets...just want Gonzaga to take it all now. Just someone from this part of the country☺ No offense but I also think the Baltimore team is one to wa + 67 more characters
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