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I seldom watch football or super bowl games, but we watched and this was one of the best games I've ever seen.
Those plus CW, Grit, and Fox can be viewed in the valley with a directional outdoor antenna and booster when pointed in the proper direction for the repeaters. I am not sure about rabbit ears or insid + 49 more characters
I've found it mentioned on the Chamber of Commerce calendar and no where else. It is being held tonight (Wednesday) at 6:00pm at Fort Keogh. Here is the link to the calendar. url
Yes, that list needs to be updated. Not sure EMI is still taking everything on this list. Need to call first.
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Thank you.
I do not see any reference to the active fire layer. This is the first time I've accessed this site. What am I missing?
Update: url
It affected the Valley and the south end of Haynes Avenue, including motels, restaurants, and gas stations. Seemed to occur between 9:00pm and 2:30am. Did not see any mention of the event in the Star + 260 more characters
Just curious, do you feel this way about all research activities across the country that receive Federal or State funding or have you just decided Fort Keogh needs to close?
Sorry, I see that I omitted land managers when listing those that are important users of data from Fort Keogh.
Some food for thought is included in these links. url url Many more disciplines than genetics of 'A1 hereford' cattle have been researched at Fort Keogh, although the study of Line 1 herefords has bee + 583 more characters
It appears you do not comprehend the long-term goals at Fort Keogh and that research has been conducted on the station since the '30s. That or you are someone with an axe to grind.
I am glad Richard listed more than 10, as it is difficult to pare the list to 10. Here are some of mine in no certain order. Merle Haggard - Momma tried Johnny Cash - I walked the line Lefty Frizzell + 686 more characters
Baker also has some pretty good performers.
RE: Why? one year ago
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Maybe folks are wearing less wool clothing today. Moths are still present and active, and if not controlled will eat holes in woolens.
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RE: City snow removal one month ago
I think some information was published in the Monday issue of the Miles City Star. I was surprised to see the information on what roads would be cleared this morning. Maybe they will continue providin + 19 more characters