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Baker also has some pretty good performers.
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Maybe folks are wearing less wool clothing today. Moths are still present and active, and if not controlled will eat holes in woolens.
Looks like a 'white out' in Miles City.
gypsykim, it does not seem you would have been charged a fee, since this has just begun moving through the city council. Does the county not provide funds for the fire department, and how would this o + 491 more characters
Didn't you read the article in the Miles City Star about the snow on the streets and the priority for cleaning? It is pretty nice in the country, as the plows and drivers have been hard at work. Hope + 17 more characters
Those elves are generating a lot of heat as they work getting ready for Christmas Day.
Oh com'on liberal, don't go off topic. It's just a question. Do you hold out hope or not?[/quote] Baiting and often the bullying that follows are not traits that one should be proud to display.
url They hold one locally each year, and it usually occurs in December. [Edited by MRH (12/8/2016 8:03:55 AM)]
Just maybe, you do not want to know.
Some of us are good, as we only have an antenna. However, it looks like they repaired the problem.
Do you think many people are swayed by all the 'junk' political mail that is being sent out to voters? Today is the first day in a while that we did not get any of the junk. I think it is a waste of m + 236 more characters
Sure sorry to hear about your dad. I always enjoyed working with him at Fort Keogh. We'll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
We've not waded through the mud to check the rain gauge, but the airport received 0.82".
I understand the Tongue River Horse Herd has been moved from around the Miles City sign on Fort Keogh. Does anyone know what has happened to the Herd?
As some have said in the past: "I hope you contacted the Art Museum about this before berating them on this forum"! There have been enough changes in management at the Art Museum during the past few y + 218 more characters
Anyone know what is going on with the pipeline being laid and another pulled up south of town? One was installed last year and the right of way was seeded. Now, recently it looks like they have been i + 154 more characters
Anyone know the reason for the changes? It will tough to watch parades, street dances, etc. with the camera pointed toward the buttes. Inquiring minds would like to know what is happening.
Yes, you could have watched it on the web cam.
Here is information for Makoshika. url
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