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Quit bringing politics into this! Outside cats lead to urban blight and crime! They start squatting and/or building and then all kinds of laws are broken! url Besides, if they were republican neighbor + 159 more characters
If he is in violation, then tell those Trump loving police warners to DO THEIR DUTY: ...I'll just call them myself. Can you *67 911? FH
Huh? FH
One more (my program director threatened to smash it if I played it once more between 6:30am and 7:00am):
Here's one:
The only problems I've ever had was when I was really pissed off at pelicans and roosters. FH
I get it! You don't really need to smile to work there, right? FH
Why? 7 months ago
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How come the potential household clothing devastation from moth infestation was a much larger problem in our youth than it is now? Mothballs anyone? FH
The Hardy Boys took the case and investigated the Case of the Scuttling Scotterdog. The Clues are: 1. We believe the person likes SCOTTish whiskey. 2. His favorite president is george W bush. 3. His f + 204 more characters
I know it's been done here before, but it truly is my favorite thing about, reminiscing about the great things we remember. I know it's just a matter of time before the Penguin comes up, + 439 more characters
There's talk of a pool. FH
I loved the history and the "You're from Miles City when...." stuff. I also loved satirizing and following the drama as it happened. I personally will not discuss and get very bored reading political + 631 more characters
I was at the Super 8 because my sister is cheap and I spent a great deal of the drive out on various sites shopping and bidding. Got down to $53 a night. The rooms we had were worth that. We didn't tr + 157 more characters
Very sorry to learn this Richard. FH
David and family, I'm very sorry to learn of this. My condolences go out to you during this time. I know it's very tough. FH
Isn't that a catch-22 for you? You want someone killed for killing someone....what then should happen to you? Shouldn't others who think like you want you killed? Shouldn't you kind of want that for y + 329 more characters
Bridgier: You'll be able to deja vu this comment the next time you give it a try and succeed! FH
Is that "tender box" a silken cradle, a purple and sage wrapped UPS package, a really nice prostitute, or a match literally fought with "kid gloves"? FH
If being a killer repulses you, how can you want someone killed? FH
RE: Done one year ago
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Richard, Just come and go. It's comforting to have there. It fills a niche at the least and scratches an itch at the most. Don't say "goodbye" say "see you later". FH
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