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There's talk of a pool. FH
I loved the history and the "You're from Miles City when...." stuff. I also loved satirizing and following the drama as it happened. I personally will not discuss and get very bored reading political + 631 more characters
I was at the Super 8 because my sister is cheap and I spent a great deal of the drive out on various sites shopping and bidding. Got down to $53 a night. The rooms we had were worth that. We didn't tr + 157 more characters
Very sorry to learn this Richard. FH
David and family, I'm very sorry to learn of this. My condolences go out to you during this time. I know it's very tough. FH
Isn't that a catch-22 for you? You want someone killed for killing someone....what then should happen to you? Shouldn't others who think like you want you killed? Shouldn't you kind of want that for y + 329 more characters
Bridgier: You'll be able to deja vu this comment the next time you give it a try and succeed! FH
Is that "tender box" a silken cradle, a purple and sage wrapped UPS package, a really nice prostitute, or a match literally fought with "kid gloves"? FH
If being a killer repulses you, how can you want someone killed? FH
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Richard, Just come and go. It's comforting to have there. It fills a niche at the least and scratches an itch at the most. Don't say "goodbye" say "see you later". FH
Thanks Hal. The extra biz your post generated kept us hopping indeed. As a reward, your next time in, I'm sending you a coupon good for 2% off a quadruple combo lunch, valued at $34.95. That's alm + 168 more characters
url I know this is an old thread, but I just watched this clip from Ch. 4 in Salt Lake City and it has some really good footage on it. FH
Thanks for the mention on our favorite website! We love reading all of the great comments from some of our favorite and most frequent customers! To thank you we've just added the follow + 932 more characters
The thing that's always bothered me the most is that if even if someone was totally abusing drugs, refused to "get a job", wouldn't salute the flag or genuflect before Barack Obama or Sarah Palin, I s + 424 more characters
Why post "what you have heard"? The actual stories are available online to review for yourself. url FH
The missing item 6 is 1/3 of the trilateral commissions final solution. Each peg of which is represented by the number six so that once joined the final solution will total 666. Peg number 2 is locat + 715 more characters
Is doesn't look like Four Dot Farms is hiding from anyone according to their website: url FH
url This is the way we used to do it.....back in the days when we had tek-noll-o-gee. FH
???????? FH
Finding Montana Moss Agate: Although this type of agate ranges throughout three states A small area in Montana seems to have the best of this agate. Found in gravel deposits in the middle and lower Ye + 961 more characters
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