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I ate a VERY delicious lunch there today!
During the Candidates Forum last evening, Monica Lindeen stated that she had voted FOR selling public lands during her tenure on the Land Board.
All the issues that have been cited ARE relevant. It appears the crux of ALL of them is a LACK of respect, training and/or enforcement. Many individuals display a lack of respect for vehicle traffic - + 788 more characters
A landscaper advised us that it was a virus among the cedars - junipers.
This summer one of our rural mail carriers was allowing a boy about age 9-11 place the mail in our neighbors' and our boxes. I always thought there was a minimum age required to handle mail deliveries + 2 more characters
MRH: I respectfully advise you ~ Not EVERYONE in Custer County gets the Miles City Star.
We have out-of-state family members that return to Miles City just to partake in the fair - enjoy the exhibits - the fair foods - and visit with friends. This year due to the change of the schedule... + 494 more characters
Wishing you ladies good luck as you appear on stage at the Alberta Bair!!
To each his own, Bob.
Plagiarism is serious business. It is little more than stealing. Many universities will penalize a student for plagiarizing - not only failure of the course, but unceremonious dismissal from the unive + 1450 more characters
It is OFFICIAL - the Medora Musical Tour is a GO!! Participants - prepare yourselves for FUN!!
MCC needs at least THREE more individuals for the tour!! Have you signed up yet? The forecast high for Medora on Saturday is 80 degrees, ride in a/c comfort!
A decision will be made this afternoon whether to make the tour "A GO" or not - if YOU are interested, call Miles Community College by 4 p.m. TODAY!
Just got the message at home ~ the Miles Community College tour to the Medora Musical is POSSIBLY back on!! The cost is $95/person and includes the Pitchfork Fondue, the Medora Musical, the MCC bus to + 362 more characters
Counting down......2 days until the benefit!
MANY more donations have come in....... only 3 days until the benefit!
You can find the Facebook page at url
I see MORE items have been donated.....5 days until the benefit.
After researching online as to whom is responsible for the Custer County Cemetery - it appears that the Custer County Commissioners are the best bet (so far). According to the Custer County website, h + 314 more characters
Look at the listing of items donated so far on Facebook ~ what an outpouring of LOVE for Verlin and Bernadette. Would imagine there's room for MORE donations!
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Try Camp 21/The Yellowstone Jewel.  You will need to contact Candy at mccamp21(at)gmail.com [Edited by RA (2/23/2017 11:01:28 AM)]