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Lobster was once considered trash food for the poor. I still think lobster don't taste that great. I prefer king crab or crayfish over lobster. Horse meat most likely tastes good. I would bet $100 tha + 571 more characters
Hopefully we get nice rain sunday night to wash the smell off main street.
Replace the battery in the motherboard... costs like 5 bucks
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Still have tags and canning jars to fill... tick tock tick tock... one more day left....
Two days left in deer season. Prefer in custer county. As close to Miles City as possible. Call or text 853- 254 seven
Still looking for canning jars. Prefer one quart or one pint jars. Prefer wide mouth ones but will take regular ones. 8 five 3 25 four seven
Will call you Monday.
Looking for large mouth one pint and larger canning jars. text or leave message 85 three- 2 five 47
Looking for steering box/ sector for 1970-71 dodge pickup can be from 100 or 200 series trucks 2 or 4 wheel drive. Some are made from Saginaw some from TRW. Would prefer to find a TRW. Both can work. + 85 more characters
Looking for large pressure cooker. 20 quart or larger. Also looking for more large mouth one quart jars. Leave message or text 8 five 3 2547 [Edited by Speedbump (11/10/2017 8:03:51 PM)]