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Betty Is great she did lessons for all 3 of my kids and if reasonable on cost also
Bucky does a great job with the kids my daughter did this for several years and it is a great program
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yes it is 200yd
Here is what some of the rest of the world is saying about the good old USA they may have it right for once. and yes I can cut and paste this was Checked this out on Snopes and it is a True copy of + 6275 more characters
I was in the AirForce in tx in 78/79 and came home to Ekalaka for Christmas my Mom took me to Rapid City to catch a plane back to SanAnton on the 28th of Dec she got home to the ranch and the road to + 300 more characters
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If you are interested and need help or have any questions contact me at jkeith@midrivers.com
I Have been in this for 12 days now and have pulled out my original investment of $150 and have been reinvesting the interest, I am now getting $20 a day interest it is all free money from here on out + 65 more characters
Hey this may be short lived but it pay 10% per day on your investment so check it out. https://www.auroramine.com/?ref=138848 Be advised that this may lose money in the long run Thanks