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If the dems would have had a decent candidate, maybe things would have been different. Why is there not talk about the corruption of the Clintons?
Obama comment in his speech at the White House correspondence dinner is disturbing. He said, "The end of the Republic has never looked better." Google it, there are many sites with the actual video. I + 254 more characters
Many many sites to read about geoengineering regarding chemtrails...this stuff is for real, not a hoax. Lots of scary stuff going on.
From what I read of current readiness plan, there is no mention of EMP (electromagnetic pulse ) or attack on power grids. I believe every community should be addressing these things...it is not IF but + 89 more characters
Is our community taking proactive steps in case of an event that could be disaster... Possible electromagnetic pulse...attack on our power grid... Food stockpile.. Medical stockpile.. Water storage.. + 13 more characters
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Want to buy an old outhouse to be used as a garden shed.  Please private message me.