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Been going there for years and wouldn't go any where else, Deb does great work
Good choice Lenny, I mean Larry or whatever your name is LOL
Well that's to bad Larry. I for one have sold many firearms using this site because all of the others have banned it. Don't get me wrong I don't sell to just anybody but I guess you have to do what's + 398 more characters
News papers are a thing of the past. They will all be gone in the next 10 years I would guess.
David that tree fall over the weekend of the bbq cook off at the park.
North strevell we had small hail and 2.1 inches
Nicely put Richard, but your beating a dead horse here!
Why does gender and race of to be the headline in everything now days? How about just saying the pilot did a great job in a tough situation.
Oakland Improvements is a very good contractor.
Stealing poop in time of war or a riot seems like the last thing I would try to sell on line. Just saying
I think that a lot of these kids need to look at them selves before pointing the finger at others for help. I mean look at all the facts in school shootings. Most if not all of the time the kids that + 536 more characters
Pretty sad that we can't teach our kids that losing happens, not everybody is a winner all the time.
I suppose it's still fake news about Philly fans now too?
2 different Barry Anderson's there. The mascot Barry graduated in 97. The wrestler graduated in 96 and owns Anderson Air here in MC
Shot her 18 times, that's a lot of self defense!!
I hear it will take thousands of dollars to make that building meet code again. To bad, but that place had been going down hill for a long time.
I think it's pretty sad the way philly fans are acting and destroying things around their own city.
Make it legal and tax it, I don't see a problem with it. Now to each their own but the positives much out way the negatives. No different then alcohol in my eyes.
I thought the truth was in the holder of the police reports we're still waiting on seeing?
Rob, you keep inviting people to buy your house. Why on earth would anyone want to buy a house that has no deed or title to it? That's like buying a car without a title, it would be worthless. No offe + 128 more characters
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RE: Savage for sale 12 days ago
RE: Savage for sale 15 days ago
I will sell just the rifle if you don't want the scope, rifle only $400
Savage for sale 17 days ago
I hav a Savage mdel 11 in 7mm08 for sale. Comes with vortex viper 4-16x44 scope with sun shade and covers. I will be keeping the bipods. Stock has been dipped to look like burl wood, looks really good + 209 more characters
RE: Mini tiller F/S 21 days ago
Mini tiller F/S 21 days ago
I have a 2hp 10" tiller for sale, pretty much like new just don't use it anymore. Starts and runs great. Asking $50. Call or text 951-0144
Henry pump for sale 23 days ago
I have a very nice henry pump action 22mag for sale $350. Call or text 951-0144 [Edited by cubby (7/24/2018 12:20:11 PM)]
RE: Trailer or sale 28 days ago
Trailer or sale one month ago
Very nice little trailer for sale. 42" wide by 54" long. 18" high removable slide boards. Trailer also tilts. Fresh paint an ready to go. Would be a very nice garden trailer. Smaller trailer at ace is + 44 more characters
RE: Caldwell chronograph one month ago
Caldwell chronograph one month ago
I have a caldwell Precision chronograph G2. Just like new only used it 3 times, just to big for my use. Comes with tripod 15" to 42" adjustable, charger, and carry case. You can download the app on yo + 165 more characters
If you read the very first sentence, he stated they were coming in September.