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Sounds like old Scooter was a bad dealer here and got ran off. With all the FACTS that he has.
One more thing, your stats of Hep C is so made up it's not even funny. Let me guess you went to the clinic and they just gave you those numbers because of who you are. Yea I believe that lol
So my question is why not move, get the hell gone out of this god for seeking place. Why stay here and bitch about it? Myself and many many many others around this town love it here, make a good wage + 160 more characters
I'm just wondering if there is a law in place like Billings and others have for shoveling snow off of sidewalks? Not so much side streets but like the main side walks like Main, and Haynes. The reason + 820 more characters
And you guys do a fantastic job. Thanks for all you guys do.
Being called a customer just means that we are being charged for something which is true I guess. Carry on I will go back to my corner till later haha. By the way I'm not leaning one way or another ju + 15 more characters
That just sounds wrong when you call us customers. Makes it sound like your just serving us up a burger and sending us on our way.
I might have to change my thoughts on the ram also and go for a ewe, I'm not getting any younger here.
Man I'm kind of jealous seeing you drew a ewe tag, how many years of putting in did it take you? As for my hunting season, went very well, one mule deer doe, one whitetail doe and a very nice 5x4 whit + 51 more characters
If I was you I would try and ask someone at the fire haul. Good place to start
Not trying to be mean or anything here, but why don't you keep all of this stuff in one thread instead of cluttering up the whole forum with anti Trump stuff? Gets old seeing the Trump haters posting + 122 more characters
Again Danny, I'm not getting news from anywhere I'm getting the facts about the so called news from snopes.
So Danny, who are people supposed to get their facts from if snopes is no longer the place to go?
Just from the looks of it that fryer doesn't look big enough to cook a turkey?
Hopefully you guys can get it fixed before the big game tonight.
I'm one of the volunteers who have been helping out at the trap range and I have heard from a lot of other people that they don't want to do it because of how things were handled in the past. I would + 317 more characters
Yea the 70 million dollar man didn't look to happy last night!!
Your going to be you of the many that are moving to Canada when he wins huh?
You can reach out to almost 400yds shooting diagonally.
You can bring them out to Mac's Frontierland, and we will dispose them for you
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access bed cover 20 hours ago
I have a access cover for a 04-14 ford f-150 with the 6.6 foot bed for sale. Just like new but I now have a topper and no longer need this cover. $200 takes it call or text me at 406-951-0144 [Edited + 32 more characters
Camp21 costs money and is not very much land to ride at all, but you can certainly check it out as an option
Woodruff park out towards Baker is good and pumpkin creek rec area out towards Broadus is pretty big and has a ton of trails.
RE: Rifles for sale 17 days ago
Sold thanks
RE: Rifles for sale 17 days ago
$300 for the savage
RE: Rifles for sale 17 days ago
RE: Rifles for sale 21 days ago
I would possibly trade the savage for ?
RE: Rifles for sale 23 days ago
6.5 creedmoor is sold. Savage still for sale.
Rifles for sale 24 days ago
I have a like new Savage axis 22-250 with bushnell 3x9 scope $350. I also have a Savage model 10 predator in 6.5 creedmoor no scope just the rifle like new for $650. Both rifles are like new condition + 84 more characters
RE: 22 revolver fs one month ago
This person will not answer emails or respond on here, so I guess it is no longer for sell.
RE: 2012 Ski Doo one month ago
RE: 2012 Ski Doo one month ago
Throw me an offer, it won't hurt.
RE: 2012 Ski Doo one month ago
RE: 2012 Ski Doo one month ago
Sled has electric start with brand new battery.
2012 Ski Doo one month ago
2012 Ski Doo 800 etec with 154" track for sale. 1550 miles on it and runs like a top. Has quick clickers, HPS can, no snow running boards, tunnel bag, t-motion rear supension and a rooster built clutc + 100 more characters
RE: 22 revolver fs one month ago
I've got $100 if you would take it. Call or text at 406 nine 5 1 zero 1 44
Yes it is sold. I bought this
I'll buy this, my # 951 zero one 44. Send me a text or call me. I work till 5 but could pick it up at noon.
I have sent several people over there because of the good job you guys do, so hope you guys are staying busy!!
RE: Vortex Razor binos 2 months ago
These are now on ebay if anyone wanted to know. Consider them sold