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Nicely put Richard, but your beating a dead horse here!
Why does gender and race of to be the headline in everything now days? How about just saying the pilot did a great job in a tough situation.
Oakland Improvements is a very good contractor.
Stealing poop in time of war or a riot seems like the last thing I would try to sell on line. Just saying
I think that a lot of these kids need to look at them selves before pointing the finger at others for help. I mean look at all the facts in school shootings. Most if not all of the time the kids that + 536 more characters
Pretty sad that we can't teach our kids that losing happens, not everybody is a winner all the time.
I suppose it's still fake news about Philly fans now too?
2 different Barry Anderson's there. The mascot Barry graduated in 97. The wrestler graduated in 96 and owns Anderson Air here in MC
Shot her 18 times, that's a lot of self defense!!
I hear it will take thousands of dollars to make that building meet code again. To bad, but that place had been going down hill for a long time.
I think it's pretty sad the way philly fans are acting and destroying things around their own city.
Make it legal and tax it, I don't see a problem with it. Now to each their own but the positives much out way the negatives. No different then alcohol in my eyes.
I thought the truth was in the holder of the police reports we're still waiting on seeing?
Rob, you keep inviting people to buy your house. Why on earth would anyone want to buy a house that has no deed or title to it? That's like buying a car without a title, it would be worthless. No offe + 128 more characters
Just make it easy on yourself and find another way to payback to the community Rob. No reason to bust your butt for no reward.
The real question is, what's going to happen when he finds out he didn't win?
Almost positive that Barney that owns Barneys blocks and heads is Barney Hofer, not Murnion.
Ship, you sir have a very closed mind. If it's not your way it's the wrong way. If you don't understand it, it must be the wrong way. Not sure we as a City need you anywhere near the mayors office, be + 83 more characters
Dang that's a lot of name calling there Ship.
People have to wonder if all of this was so illegal, why has nothing been done about this? Seems to me if this was in fact illegal then it would be a cut and dry case in the court of law. I have to as + 115 more characters
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If you read the very first sentence, he stated they were coming in September.
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RE: Ruger F/S 2 months ago
RE: Ruger F/S 2 months ago
Ruger F/S 2 months ago
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