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MCD, check out some stats on how many colored people are arrested vs whites. If you don't break the law the law will have nothing to do with you. Pretty easy concept for most. Even if I was mad as a h + 252 more characters
Bridger, I don't even read your posts. All you do is belittle people to make yourself feel better I get it, your smarter then me and for that I really don't care. If you people can't see what is happe + 163 more characters
So how about all the black lives matter movment going on in ST Louis right now. Those look pretty violent to me and yet nobody wants to say anything because their black, but yet carry on about the whi + 25 more characters
DJ4, thanks for the apology, happens all the time. Well as for the question you asked me. I can understand that these young people cant really be held responsible for what their adults did with them, + 507 more characters
DJ4 please unjoin the discussion if your going to resort to name calling, that says a ton about you if that's how you get your point cross. Nice to hear you came up with something original LOL, never + 22 more characters
So I have to ask, how many of those illegals have been working on becoming a US citizen? Most likely none of them, because it takes too long they say. Well I'm sure they have kinfolk back in Mexico th + 63 more characters
So just because these illegal people have not directly affected me, mean that the law shouldn't hold true to everyone? That makes no sense. I'm just saying if your here illegally then get out, don't c + 400 more characters
To me illegally is still against the law. If we adjust the LAW for this when do we draw the line? Why can't they take the proper steps to become a citizen legally? Because the process takes to long? T + 217 more characters
I think that is a very nice addition to down town, really wakes things up with some color!
She's from Miles City, grew up here went to school with lots of us. Never would have seen this happening, but drugs do bad things to people.
RE: Rain ? 2 months ago
in General Discussion
Not sure where they get their info but, I guess I missed the 2.5 inches of rain we got in June.
RE: Rain ? 2 months ago
in General Discussion
I seem to remember some time in April. I would say yes this has to be a record in Miles for a drought
I bet it's one of those new CEMENT PONDS them folks been talking bout!!!
They were charging double only to make up for the drinks they were serving you!!
Just FYI, they family on the corner of Stower and S Haynes are scammers and are not in need of money, rent or gas. They hit up small towns all over MT, WY, ND and I'm sure others in such of hand outs + 104 more characters
David, even if the train had been doing 10mph it wouldn't have helped a passed out woman off the tracks. Speed had nothing to do with it. Think of what the conductor has to live with for the rest of h + 182 more characters
Yea I bet the mother's day Hose Races did pretty good on Sunday. [Edited by cubby (5/16/2017 6:43:14 AM)]
John, that is sad to hear. Hope things get returned to you. Really shows that nothing is safe anymore, no matter where it is on display.
I wonder how this loan would be paid back? Tax payers money I'm guessing
From what I've read, he was never touched by an United employee, it was a federal agent that removed him.
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30-06, 12 gauge 3 days ago
15 boxes of 12 gauge federal 7.5 shot shells for sell $60 for all. Also 1 box remington express core-lokt 150gr 30-06, 1 box federal 150gr 30-06, 1.5 boxes of winchester 180gr hp 30-06 shells. Buy all + 45 more characters
Jon Goff, try Quad-K supply he owns them both
RE: Vinyl records 12 days ago
Yes call my mother at 234-2228. Her name is Bobbi and she would be glad to show them to you.
Looking for scope 18 days ago
Looking for a nice scope for a small rim fire rifle. Let me know what you have.
RE: Marlin 30-30 18 days ago
RE: Marlin 30-30 21 days ago
Yes Bob it does have JM on the barrel. Sorry no trades
Marlin 30-30 24 days ago
I have a marlin 1870 micro-groove barrel 336 30-30 with gold trigger for sale. Very good shape and shoots well. $500 call or text 951-0144
Vinyl records one month ago
My uncle passed away and had a very nice collection of records that he took very good care of. There is 196 of them and they range from the mid 60's through the 70's and some 80's rock bands. Would li + 64 more characters
All are sold thanks
Large rifle primers are sold
Rifle and pistol primers one month ago
I have 2 cases of federal rifle primers and 3 cases of large pistol primers for sale. 1000 in each case. $30 per case. Call or text 951 0144
Found one, thanks
Looking for a cast iron pan maybe size #8, let me know what you have
Sold Savage .223 one month ago
I have for sale a new Savage Axis .223 with a bushnell 3x9 on it. Nice rifle, I just don't have a use for it. $350 Call or text 951-0144 Sold [Edited by cubby (9/13/2017 9:41:35 AM)]
RE: Looking for hi point one month ago
They have a hi-point at the pawn shop for 125
RE: Rummage sale one month ago
Couch, and chairs, speakers, surround sound system, a little bit of everything
Rummage sale one month ago
My mother is having a rummage sale this Saturday 9/02/2017 at 619 N Haynes. Her bother passed away and she is getting rid of some of his things kitchen stuff, flat screen tv, tv stands, coffee tables, + 121 more characters
Arched ramps for sale one month ago
All aluminum arched folding atv ramps for sale. 1,500lbs rated, 89" long. Yutrax is the name brand. $125. Call 934-1040
95 jeep laredo for sale. In good shape, power everything windows, locks, seats everything works great. 4x4, new tires, 5.2 v-8 160000 mils and runs good. No leaks. A/c works great. Good rig $2500 call + 62 more characters
Check with Tubbs down town they always get the fights