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Without the good old Roy Rogers poor Terry is shrinking down to nothing. Would really like someone to keep it going, I loved going to Terry for a beer and burger just for fun.
Mark was very clear in the debate that he has NO ties with law enforcement anymore, but Jeff does still. Not sure how you missed that. Anyways that's what makes things interesting in this world. No on + 56 more characters
Just to be clear Mark isn't even close to having the training that Jeff has. Again didn't anyone watch the debate between the two of these candidates?
If you haven't watched the debate between the two of the candidates I highly suggest doing so before making your choice. Working in retail has nothing to do with the job of JOP. Experience matters in + 84 more characters
Thanks for posting video on facebook of this. I think Jeff Faycosh is the right person for the job based on all of his experience he noted during the discussion.
Thank you Larry!!!
Good for them I guess, but they will have to revamp the entire states electrical system to be able to handle all those cars charging up all the time. Read up on it some time MCD. I work in the car ind + 108 more characters
Been going there for years and wouldn't go any where else, Deb does great work
Good choice Lenny, I mean Larry or whatever your name is LOL
Well that's to bad Larry. I for one have sold many firearms using this site because all of the others have banned it. Don't get me wrong I don't sell to just anybody but I guess you have to do what's + 398 more characters
News papers are a thing of the past. They will all be gone in the next 10 years I would guess.
David that tree fall over the weekend of the bbq cook off at the park.
North strevell we had small hail and 2.1 inches
Nicely put Richard, but your beating a dead horse here!
Why does gender and race of to be the headline in everything now days? How about just saying the pilot did a great job in a tough situation.
Oakland Improvements is a very good contractor.
Stealing poop in time of war or a riot seems like the last thing I would try to sell on line. Just saying
I think that a lot of these kids need to look at them selves before pointing the finger at others for help. I mean look at all the facts in school shootings. Most if not all of the time the kids that + 536 more characters
Pretty sad that we can't teach our kids that losing happens, not everybody is a winner all the time.
I suppose it's still fake news about Philly fans now too?
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Trailer Tires 3 hours ago
I have a set of LT235/85R16 10ply michlein tires for sale would be perfect for a trailer. Call or text 951-0144. $100 for the set
RE: Ruger lcp 380 20 days ago
Good luck with your sell Al
RE: Ruger lcp 380 21 days ago
Al just trying to up here but a person can buy brand new at Cabelas for $219
RE: Trailer rims f/s 2 months ago
All 6 for $30
RR01, hopefully if the person that has this pistol reads they will return it to the rightful owner and not even ask for a reward because that's the right thing to do. Good luck Bob I hope you g + 19 more characters
RE: I Need a new roof 2 months ago
Jim good luck even if you call all the contractors in Miles City you'll be lucky to get at least one of them to call you back, and they all have the same excuse, we're so busy. Anyways best of luck wi + 13 more characters
RE: Trailer rims f/s 2 months ago
Sorry $10 each or all for $50 OBO
Trailer rims f/s 2 months ago
I have 6 trailer rims for sale. 13" 5x4.5 is the size fits almost any 5 bolt trailer axle, asking $1 each or all for $50 call or text 951 0144
Bob have you checked with the Police? Maybe someone did the right thing and turned it in instead of keeping it or trying to pawn it.
RE: Stolen 2 months ago
So I'm assuming they broke into your home and took these things?