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I can understand Guns that you don't have to say anything(because that is your God given right) but.... Now is the time to say you aren't a crazy person that is going to kill someone. It will make us + 64 more characters
Could I get a little explanation of what goes on at this function? Are the selections read from one author or several different authors? Just a rundown of what happens would be great. Thanks! Never mi + 70 more characters
Why would you think you have been blackballed from the site?
Love and my reasoning is as simple as one of my favorite beetles songs "All you need is love". Now I have a question for you. Why are you comparing freedom and love? [Edited by C.J.Desjardin (8/24/201 + 14 more characters
“A very small number of liberal bankers do posses the money, and if you bring it up you are a anti-Semitic Nazi.” Don't you think it would make more sense that the Banking elite wouldn't choose one sp + 1282 more characters
Still waiting on that source...
Yeah but have you heard about #pizzagate... It has to be true because they have pictures and graphs and it was on Reddit.
That was a great lunch time read. I would like to see how he came up with the estimation of how many people it would take to succeed with a large scale cover up. I know he used a couple cover ups for + 76 more characters
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I was wondering if anyone out there had a Drum shield that they are interested in selling? It needs to fairly large to accomidate my kit but I am ready to buy asap. I'm willing to drive a little ways + 76 more characters