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“A very small number of liberal bankers do posses the money, and if you bring it up you are a anti-Semitic Nazi.” Don't you think it would make more sense that the Banking elite wouldn't choose one sp + 1282 more characters
Still waiting on that source...
Yeah but have you heard about #pizzagate... It has to be true because they have pictures and graphs and it was on Reddit.
That was a great lunch time read. I would like to see how he came up with the estimation of how many people it would take to succeed with a large scale cover up. I know he used a couple cover ups for + 76 more characters
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I was wondering if anyone out there had a Drum shield that they are interested in selling? It needs to fairly large to accomidate my kit but I am ready to buy asap. I'm willing to drive a little ways + 76 more characters