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That is pretty much where I am at with my thinking... normally I have plenty of oil around but sometimes get surprised...lol It is a small family ranch situation so there is a large variety in vehicl + 268 more characters
Yes I understand the problems with going with the least expensive. However I had received some knowledgeable help from the service department employees in the past. My impression was one of mature c + 1299 more characters
If I understand Bob the Third's implication, I set myself up when I chose to use an available option. First I prefer Bosch oil filters, secondly, I prefer to use a specific brand and type of oil. Re + 362 more characters
Thanks Cubby... I am 100 miles from the dealership in Miles so I may just loosen the plug and pull a cup or down. Not sure if my suction tube will fit down the dipstick tube.
As I said, reasoning with the irrational...lol But this is the guy who went from "give me an extra half quart" to holding my car ransom if I did not consent to the extra half quart. Appreciate agre + 393 more characters
Keeping in mind that the original operating manual disagrees with the employee?
That thought has crossed my mind as well. However it was synthetic 5 W 20 so it should have settled fairly quickly.
I was in Miles City yesterday, taking advantage of what I thought was a fair value. Normally I change my own motor oil, but am grayed now, and the ground was still moist despite recent warming. I ha + 2297 more characters
Regarding Bannon, some sort of modern Rasputin?
What a concept, the Democrats just might be willing to accommodate President Trump with a new election in order that the issue of voter fraud could be settled. Problem is, how many new elections woul + 834 more characters
Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the FWP spokesman, whose agency is tasked with protecting and managing Montana wildlife and game animals, is posing in front of a wall covered with dead anim + 903 more characters
I have been eating breakfast in Miles City once a week for over 2 years. I went to the 600 a couple of times but it seemed kind of greasy and the sausage gravy was almost inedible. As a result, 4-B's + 425 more characters
This thread seems to be a variation on the question of whether a horse is livestock or a pet. Defining a horse seems to have a great deal to to with individual perspectives. Essentially, are you a sub + 1729 more characters
I have also noticed the local prices to be a bit higher than in other Mickey D stores. But in all fairness I have chalked that up to the local store paying better than min wage. Over a year ago I noti + 405 more characters
I was just wondering if I am the only person who has ever questioned the pricing of value meals at Mickey D's. Specifically, when the customer opts to "go large" for an extra cost of 50/60 cents per m + 1192 more characters
A few years back I was back to school as a nontrad. One thing I could have used, as could several other single parents I knew, was night care for children. Most communities have several choices availa + 346 more characters
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