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Spot-on article. I think the author mis-understands George Lakoff. Other than that this article says many things which need to be said. url
Yup. Like a Rhinestone Cowboy...
Bulls h i t! Montana voted for "change" and they should accept the consequences of their actions! Don't like it? Change the way you vote or get off your ass and actually fukcing vote.
BE CAREFUL, SIR. CBEERS IS WHAT LEADS TO COVFEFE! [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (6/10/2017 8:25:11 AM)]
[rant] So as a "reality curmudgeon" I think it is important to point out the following: I know there are several of you waiting with baited breath for the Comey testimony tomorrow. You are waiting for + 2364 more characters
The coal jobs in Gillette aren't union jobs, so what's your point? I live in an area full of solar panels and wind turbines. They work very well. Last summer I converted 20 windmills to solar. It's a + 170 more characters
There is outrage over Agent Orange pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. My immediate reaction was also a mixture of anger, disbelief, and sadness. However, after thinking about these events for + 3259 more characters
I find it kinda ironic you think the climate accord is an "overreach" and yet you want EPA regulation governing the disposal of solar panels. That's rich. My question to you would be do the solar pan + 169 more characters
I am frustrated because Gianforte goes to congress on the votes of just 27% of all registered MT voters. If the purportions are to be believed, more republicans didn't vote than democrats. It would b + 87 more characters
If "Ed" were honest his fake name would be "Ed who trolls". What does it say about someone who lacks the "huevos" to even be honest about his fake name? [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (5/26/2017 10:1 + 3 more characters
It angers me we are governed in this country by people who choose not to vote. Statewide only 54% of eligible voters in MT "bothered" to do their duty. Only 50% of you in Custer County got off your as + 1440 more characters
Since it appears Mr. Bloom isn't going to respond, I will on his behalf. Mr. Bloom is a Trump supporter. The average Trump supporter despises three things: (1) the poor, because they are welfare chea + 947 more characters
Why do you dislike this, Bill Bloom?
Montana voter should respond by "body slamming" "gangreenforte: at the polls tomorrow.
url [/b]
Why Rob Quist? The short answer is “he’s not Greg Gianforte”. In many respects, that’s all you need to know. You can go confidently vote for Rob Quist and rest assured he is the superior choice. The + 5768 more characters
In no particular order: Venim wearing denim- Junior Brown Friends in low places - Garth Brooks If I said you had beautiful body - Belemi Brothers The Mississippi Squirrel Revival - Ray Stevens Under t + 406 more characters
There is a free weather spotter training at MCC tonight. Someone from Kinsey should attend. url
Trumps agenda is focused on bringing back coal. This IS about getting at the high BTU coal under Grand Staircase monument. There are other issues here which serve as diversions.
What this is really about is getting to the very high BTU coal Bill Clinton buried under th Grand Staircase National Monument.
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