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In no particular order: Venim wearing denim- Junior Brown Friends in low places - Garth Brooks If I said you had beautiful body - Belemi Brothers The Mississippi Squirrel Revival - Ray Stevens Under t + 406 more characters
There is a free weather spotter training at MCC tonight. Someone from Kinsey should attend. url
Trumps agenda is focused on bringing back coal. This IS about getting at the high BTU coal under Grand Staircase monument. There are other issues here which serve as diversions.
What this is really about is getting to the very high BTU coal Bill Clinton buried under th Grand Staircase National Monument.
I really don't relish the idea of being the Reality Curmudgeon. But, this has been on my mind all day, so hear goes: As you are undoubtable aware, today is Earth Day. The day has been full of cleanups + 2294 more characters
I appreciate you for valuing hard work. I am, however, curious why you believe being a musician isn't work. Honestly, such a belief is offensive. The success Mr. Quist had as a musician came because + 2056 more characters
This article is really about the GOP privatization of our government for their own narrow interests. It is a different and insidious form of gerrymandering. Montana can send a message they disapprove + 91 more characters
Bull s h i t! I didn't say that. I DON'T want you to shut-up. I care not whether you are a man, woman, mermaid, or something else. Your sex is not of interest to me. The aside comment I made was actu + 930 more characters
Richard, what is your problem? You need to pull that stick out of your butt.[/quote] What's that supposed to mean? I don't have a "stick up my butt".
? How the heck does a post by Gunnar in the humor forum where the topic is "Mean Trump Voters" get pulled for being "off-topic"? Webmaster, has your site been hacked from beyond the grave by Carl Linn + 212 more characters
Hello pelicans and puritans... This article is pretty spot-on.It also explains why factoid Mary's approach is totally fukced up. Her kind of "progressive outreach" is part of the problem, not the solu + 1212 more characters
Attention, pelicans (was it real or memorex? ) and puritans,"dirty" language ahead... Bill Maher hits for the cycle! This needs to be stated weekly until progressives understand the message. url
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My dad preached this sermon weekly: url Chew on that, Cactus!
Richard, WTF man. That's really uncalled for.[/quote] Is it? And in view of your filter, shouldn't it be "WTP"? ===== Allow me to explain myself: I am greatly irritated with the political happenings + 2038 more characters
Hmm... someone can't stand competition. He also framed the question so his moralizing perspective wouldn't be threatened. Predictable. Sad.
The truth is we still don't know what Nixon knew or when he knew it. The teflon properties of Agent Orange are much more sophisticated than tricky dicky. Getting anything to stick to Trump isn't going + 189 more characters
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PLEASE STOP CALLING GLOBAL WARMING AND DESSERTIFCATION "CLIMATE CHANGE". You're undermining the issue and helping the other side!
Dear Factoid Mary: Shu is spot-on. You are making us all "Mellon-coly". -Chuck Grasslly stated today that Comey told him the FBI isn't even investigating Trump. You're being sucked into a non-issue. - + 593 more characters
It's not Trumpcare. It's DonTcare. Framing matters!
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