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Rob... Given you have had a bad auto wreck in the past, that had to be “oh s h i t, I’ve seen this movie, didn’t like the ending” scary. I’m glad no one was injured.
NEVER! What do you take me for sir? I'm not one of those fair-weather catch-a-falling-star Cowboy fans
So basically Stein won with about 20% of all registered voters. Being governed by the “too lazy to get off our asses and vote” crowd is sick and sad. I think we need to start fining people a $1000/ele + 188 more characters
1. I don't live in Miles City and really have no dog in the fight. 2. If I were to move back to I would live life in a manner from where I wouldn't need the "services" of City Court. This is because + 361 more characters
Those who don't get off their asses and go vote might be "Robbed". Do your patriotic duty.
Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagle fans. The Broncos couldn’t beat the Wyoming Cowboys right now. The no-fly zone turned into the no-try zone.
RE: Wow 16 days ago
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I don't understand why "OJ" is citing "fatelgrams" from the Mine Safety Health Adminstration which was created in 1977 for an activity that happened in an oilfield in the late 1960's. Oilfield safety + 398 more characters
On the 500th anniversary of the reformation, here is a great article on how Luther changed our beer. url The Other Reformation: How Martin Luther Changed Our Beer, Too NPR - 8h ago
^^^ This is brilliant.
And should Rob happen to win, it's going to say a lot about the didn't-get-off-my-ass-to-vote intellect as well. By now, we should be tires of being ruled by those lazy-assed individuals who fail to + 43 more characters
Fukc'em. Elections have consequences! You reap what you sow. Don't like what happened? Change the way you vote.
Umm... Rob... While you might have a point, that "ship" sailed a long time ago.
I support investing in national park infrastructure by raising the price of admission. It still cheaper and WAY more fulfilling than Disneyland.
Anyone whose had federal contracts training knows this deal stinks like week old whitefish. Companies this small aren't awarded contracts this big without procurement rules being broken.
Thanks David.
Who else is running? I tried to google the information but both the City and County are not computer friendly. Apparently, the ballot is not published online. They need to get with the times. There wa + 444 more characters
Don't know if cats should be inside or outside, but they definitely need to pay more taxes. Thus, they belong in the fee line.
Bears one month ago
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A bear sits down at a bar in Billings Montana and asks for a beer. The Bartender apologizes and tells him that the law states that they are not allowed to sell beer to bears in bars in Billings. The B + 630 more characters
Great! Meanwhile, my DOI 638 contracts are being cut. I can pay my staff but have very little funding to pay for supplies to actually go do any work. I wonder how many of those fukcing gold coins it + 306 more characters
Even blind squirrels run into a nut once in awhile. Our forests should be thinned to 50-100 trees per acre. This would allow herbaceous vegetation to cover the forest floor and do a better job of mois + 692 more characters
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