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My dad preached this sermon weekly: url Chew on that, Cactus!
Richard, WTF man. That's really uncalled for.[/quote] Is it? And in view of your filter, shouldn't it be "WTP"? ===== Allow me to explain myself: I am greatly irritated with the political happenings + 2038 more characters
Hmm... someone can't stand competition. He also framed the question so his moralizing perspective wouldn't be threatened. Predictable. Sad.
The truth is we still don't know what Nixon knew or when he knew it. The teflon properties of Agent Orange are much more sophisticated than tricky dicky. Getting anything to stick to Trump isn't going + 189 more characters
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PLEASE STOP CALLING GLOBAL WARMING AND DESSERTIFCATION "CLIMATE CHANGE". You're undermining the issue and helping the other side!
Dear Factoid Mary: Shu is spot-on. You are making us all "Mellon-coly". -Chuck Grasslly stated today that Comey told him the FBI isn't even investigating Trump. You're being sucked into a non-issue. - + 593 more characters
It's not Trumpcare. It's DonTcare. Framing matters!
Hmm... Does Danny have a new email address? The thought process of Scotterdog seems familiar. And is this national "pick on Amorette" week? She is not a drug dealer. She is a nice friendly person. You + 1082 more characters
I'm observing a lot of angst and outrage by my progressive friends and news outlets over Trump's characterization of the media. The general reaction of most of the progressive media is the claims of " + 3440 more characters
5. Ban the manufacture and sale of Busch and Busch lite.
Mary Catherine, with all due respect, I know you mean well with your posting. However, the truth is unless you take the time to reframe the topics you are posting about, you are actually helping the o + 3718 more characters
With the passing of George, Miles City lost a legendary icon. He served as a touchstone and mentor for many others, including myself. He will be greatly missed. I met George when I was in the 7th grad + 2138 more characters
So the upshot of all this "corruption" is Oddjob is only 90% confident desertification is occurring, while the rest of the world is 95% confident.
BREAKING NEWS... In her first act as Sec. of Ed. DeVos just cancelled the agreement between subjects and verbs.
The that's not fair to Cactus Plains. Cactus is observant enough to understand the processes of desertification are changing the species composition of his cow pastures.
It occurred to me this morning there are really only two forms of religion in this world. Regardless of your theological beliefs, or even if you believe there is no god, we all practice one of these t + 4185 more characters
I'm impressed Bob L. Irritated the Patriots won, but impressed you got the points right.
Upstairs in the old 1st National Bank Building. I think it's the 509 Club now? I remember going up there with Grandpa, my dad, and Mr. Erickson on Christmas 1968. They had eggnog, my dad had water, a + 95 more characters
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