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If you thought the “split-shift” was bad, you will truly regret what happens to public education in unless the mill level passes. Today, from noon to 8:00pm you have the opportunity to ensure the chi + 118 more characters
You fixed it, but I’m not sure you made it better.
I think this is spot-on: "Perhaps more critically, though, prosecutors such as Mueller, who gather evidence and thereafter only seek charges that they believe can stick all the way through trials and + 2026 more characters
On a group of beautiful deserted islands in the middle of nowhere, the following people are suddenly stranded by, as you might expect, a shipwreck: 2 Italian men and 1 Italian woman 2 French men and 1 + 2010 more characters
I stand corrected. It was the 21st. I’m getting old and since the heart surgery last July, I don’t remember details like I used to.
Because Atilla the Hun has no job openings?
On this day, in 1988, Dr. Everette Dennis, son-in-law to Glenn and Masel Denton, climbed into his Cessna 182 and took off from the airport in Miles City, MT. It was a cold rainy day. He was headed to + 1322 more characters
You misunderstand (or maybe not)... I wasn't asking for your help. You seem to labor under the delusion that you are always the superior intellect in the room and no other poster here has anything me + 449 more characters
Here you go. 30% efficiency is a common standard, which according to the article below is generous. This study found wind turbines were only 22% efficient. And keep in mind this study is on the Coast + 422 more characters
On what planet is something that works only 30 out of 100 times steady or reliable? Land-based wind power in the Western US works only 30% of the time. If you look around, most ranchers who had win + 97 more characters
So the Antram Language Filter (ALF) doesn't apply to the Classifieds?
It has absofukcinglutely NOTHING to do with you being a women. Nice try on playing the victim card. Go fish.
I am gonna do some "Yellen", here... Can old-growth progressives ever get it through their sorry skulls that using conservative framing to discuss progressive ideas requiring changes in policy just c + 1547 more characters
I probably end up with some deportment demerits here from the old growth progressives, but, I care more about truth and building systematic resilience than political ideology. I have never understood + 2905 more characters
Didn’t Lyle also own a Pawn shop that was housed in the old Presbyterian Church and also next to the Bison across the alley from the executive building.
The saga continues! The right wildcats won tonight.
Actually, if Facebook went broke and we all had to return to the bar and actually talk to one another, it just might MAGA.
People vote based on emotion. Facts are irrelevant. Please watch how Cambridge Analytics does there dirty deeds. url
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And let’s not forget Patrick was a baptist!
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