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Wow! What a sudden turn of events for the Vikings! I think the Vikings-Eagles will be a better game than the Super Bowl. I’m a little torn, as a football fan I’d like to see the Vikings win out. As a + 311 more characters
This is an interesting article. I don’t agree with what he says about framing, he doesn’t appear to understand it very well. That said, it’s pretty instructive. “Conservatives probably can’t be persua + 109 more characters
Actually, USDA shifting its focus from arguing about the reality of climate change to soil health and resilience is a large step forward. Your article is totally antidotal. No data at all. MT farmers + 774 more characters
Damit Snowy, it’s factoid, not Fact Toid. Frankly, the title of this thread is annoying. Based on how people vote or don’t vote, “needy” and “Montanans” should not be in the same sentence. It’s an oxy + 8 more characters
I remember the cringing look on my mothers face when grandpa asked if he could take us to see Ginny his half spotted ass.
I think this is the political version of WWE, Trump -vs- Bannon. You all get sucked in to the distraction for what is really a fake, staged, battle. Behind the scenes Bannon and Agent Orange both hav + 335 more characters
When in the last 40 years has Felonious Nixonious Von Der Pantsuit NOT been under investigation? Please! This is nothing but another distraction from other investigations so the GOP can say "see both + 991 more characters
Given my “girth”, you would be doing the broadsword.
It's likely few will understand this comment, but, given all of the new arrest information, I'm wondering if Ranch Rose ever drove a flatbed Ford? Do tell. Also, should we give Judge Shiply some prac + 245 more characters
Turn off the iPad and do the Seann Triubhas.
Elections have consequences and Montana voted for what has happened. Fuck Montana! They deserve the government they voted into power. And there are few things more irritating than factoid Mary progres + 327 more characters
Bud light has just announced they’ve purchased naming rights for Sports Authority Field. The new name will be Mile High at the Pit of Misery. Doobie doobie.
Goodness, must we plow this ground again? Most of the implementors of our colonial system were deist. Deists don’t believe in the trinity or that Jesus was God. Therefore, by definition, they cannot + 227 more characters
As a former resident of Gillette, I can tell you it’s a place full of failed “clean-coal” infrastructure. This will fail as well. The only successful “clean-coal” venture is the Dry Fork power plant + 57 more characters
Here’s your Hammer.
Sad deal. I was looking forward to Carson crushing Brady and the Belicheats in the superbowl since the Broncos aren’t available. Maybe Randall Cuttingham is available. He’d be better than Nick Folds.
To abandon fact, is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, then nobody can criticize power, because there is no basis to do so. If nothing is true, then all is spectacle and the biggest wallet pays f + 28 more characters
Mr. Shipley... Perhaps you should look at your situation differently. You have already served your country admirably (admiral-ly ) in the US Navy. You have successfully run one of the best pawn shops + 1869 more characters
Gunnar is spot-on. Agent Orange and #Android1 are far more dangerous and worrisome than rocket-kid.
In case you haven’t been following along, progressives are going to continue losing this debate until they reframe the conversation. What is being “cut” is investment in public social infrastructure. + 329 more characters
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