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I’m not sure retroactive revenge is the best approach. Somehow ***DISCLAIMER... I’m not serious*** never knowing when a brick and a flaming bottle of rubbing alcohol might be coming into your living + 453 more characters
With all of the rooms and buildings owned by Sacred Heart, it’s Prime Grade equine excrement this is being held in the church sanctuary. Such a move is about control (his turf) and is additional evid + 195 more characters
Hmm... So MAGA includes confusing everyone by expressing your temperature data in units of Fahrenheit rather than the International System of Units, (Centegrade)on which all scientific papers are base + 121 more characters
This is sickening on a variety of levels. It’s if five years ago I swallowed the red pill and subsequently have learned the first 50 years of my life were a fucking lie. 🤯🤬😢 James Jensen also was + 857 more characters
I am sorry for your loss, Larry. I think Marjorie and my dad went to grade school together at Stacey.
Helen Healy Bonine, age 100 years, 11 months and 3 days old, passed away August 3. 2018 at the Powell Valley Care Center in Powell, WY. Helen was born on a homestead near Sheridan, WY on August 20, 19 + 2095 more characters
I’m devastated! -Kirk Morgan -Fr. Patrick O’Reilly -James Reynolds -Leo Jansen and one name not on this list Michael Huntington who abused me on 29-Dec-1973 Ya’ll can rot in some place of darkness. FU + 103 more characters
I’m sorry my sentences outlast your attention span and comprehension.
Yes, I did read the article. IMO, actions speak much louder than words. Especially, the words of some 20th century historian trying to sell his book. Lincoln gave the okay for the largest mass execut + 86 more characters
Balderdash! Lincoln was a hypocrite. url
Must read article if you want to understand the times in which we live. “From ‘spygate’ to ‘fake news’, Trump is using language to frame – and win – debates. And the press operate like his marketing + 30 more characters
Or, perhaps he didn't read any of this, as it is written in English, a language with which he struggles. url You are, however, doing a wonderful job of documenting your own hysteria. When you get a m + 260 more characters
Who cares what direction his Oleness "Lena". Much to do about nothing.
Bill Maher does an excellent job of framing the problem. url “Conservatives govern without shame, liberals shame without governing”. -Bill Maher [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (6/11/2018 4:40:17 AM)]
Hmm... crickets. No answer to my question, MCD?
Umm... Pruitt's modus operandi suggests otherwise. They don't have to provide any evidence to do what they are doing. Meanwhile, a lot of old-growth progressives seem intent on "proving" the existen + 269 more characters
So, 60% of you didn't get off your ass and vote. WHY?
I would argue the Eagles defeat of Belecheat and the Pat-riots was very credible. Just saying.
Interesting. You likely have good intentions, but what you are "reporting" isn't history. It's opinion, conjecture, and other assorted mixed information. Nearly all of what is posited as "news" and + 929 more characters
The Russians had developed a new strain of wheat that produced twice the yield at half the cost in a third of the acreage needed for the American's crop. Fearing this new strain of wheat, codenamed Kr + 549 more characters
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