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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And let’s not forget Patrick was a baptist!
Question from the peanut gallery; would aliens be allowed to DACA at our space station?
Once upon a time, three young penguins lived in the wastes of Alaska with their parents. Yes, I know there's no penguins in Alaska. They're immigrants. Be quiet and let me tell my story. Their names w + 4371 more characters
Hmm... the genus and species of the "markberry" must be Vitis sourii.
And now I look like Cookie Monster.
I don't think Trump is upset because he got caught having some "stormy sex". I think he is upset because he got caught paying a vendor.
They are not "rolling back banking rules". they are removing public-sector protections. Private industry and profit doesn't exist without public-sector infrastructure which we should all value and pro + 66 more characters
Which is why we shouldn't make the same mistake twice.
Here is the text of the initiative: url I (think I) am a fairly intelligent person and I find this document confusing. Anything this confusing isn't ready for prime time and needs additional time to + 855 more characters
So where is the Bobby Kenny promo video running the trianglethon? [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (2/28/2018 8:26:28 PM)]
I hope the residents of Miles City truly appreciate the classiness and choices the bars in town hold. Most towns would be blessed to have one bar as nice as the Montana, Trails Inn, or Bison. You have + 239 more characters
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... I proudly present from their album "Hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend" THE CROFTERS...
I also love this...
This is most instructive. It’s what progressives should be doing and saying. Please make time to watch. Democrats won’t win by proclaiming themselves better because they’re star-bellied snetches. url
Good to see that, like a blind squirrel looking for nuts, even RR01 can swerve into the truth. Rumor has it you all have had so much snow the last week or so, you are now on a first name basis. Snows + 142 more characters
Best Super Bowl ever. Congratulations, Gunnar.
This is an instructive article, which I hope you all read. As I have said before, voters vote for candidates who connect with their values, not the factoid of the day. Democrats need to stop being th + 121 more characters
For Gunners sake, I hope the Eagles win. I hope it is a competitive game.
Jobie The secret to skating is learning how to steer your bum.
I am suggesting a country that has been at war with somebody 222 of 239 years or 93% of its existence has a fundamental problem. If we decided to get along with the rest of the world and stop trying + 88 more characters
I'm increasingly convinced MCD is related to Art Linkletter, 'cause she's got linking letters down to an art.
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