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No, Mr. Schott. The attorneys are seeking revenge for the victims. At least they are doing...something.. You solve the problem by going after it where it exists. The problem in every facet of the abus + 89 more characters
Probably getting on with her life? Personally, I was going to high school and college at the time. What's your point?[/quote] The point is, is it the trauma that forces certain victims to focus only + 258 more characters
Gee. How about a round of apologies here for the crap spewed at me from a couple of assholes who knew what I was saying was true. Bridgier?? Gunnar??? (I'll get crickets..) Bueller??? Bueller???
Yeah. Because the Democrats have done such a good job with the "War on Poverty" and looting Social Security.
Press release propaganda. Every swamp rat shares in the gross appropriations pork and Chuck Schumer sometimes lets the doomed rats put their name on some of it (S. 544 Tester and 21 others). By the t + 219 more characters
It's a gouge any way you look at it David and it's indefensible. I doubt the 50% of the US senior population living at poverty level consider $10 an "insanely low" price on anything.
HaHa! No, Gunnar. I'm not responsible for that.
No, Bob. It just that the crazy here gets wwaaaaay out of hand if all of you only have each other to bounce off of. Kind of like rats in a bucket.
The Golden Age Passport (phased out in 2007) was a LIFETIME pass, which I believe was $20 or less. The ones that were issued are still valid. The Senior Pass was a LIFETIME pass for $10 (starting in + 216 more characters
Tester will get his grade on Nov 6th. I don't see any names here of people who went on the record supporting Testers allegations. A CNN allegation of four anonymous "confirmations" is still a rumor. T + 1201 more characters
Trump, my a**. Bureaucracy run amok. The National Park Service charges ever increasing "user fees" on everybody. You should be well aware NPS just upped the National Park entry fee on old people from + 16 more characters
Jackson is a Rear Admiral. Most General Officers have a great deal of experience running large departments. He was more than qualified to run the VA. Absolutely no one went on record with their accusa + 799 more characters
Treating yourself to a steady diet of this s**t makes you kind of a sick puppy, doesn't it, Gunnar? Posting this garbage makes it much easier to understand the "Death to old white men!" mantra of your + 36 more characters
Canada? Europe? Same managers, same group-think. When you mismanage everything to the point of catastrophic failure, blame your incompetence on some nebulous rabbit-hat act. Prairies full of cheat gr + 560 more characters
I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with 80 years of land and timber mismanagement by the central planners in Washington DC.
Big balls has nothing to do with it, but thanks for the compliment. Perhaps you have heard of equal justice under the law. It's a concept seldom practiced here anymore, if ever. When you have a rampa + 540 more characters
God forbid that anyone would ever be insulting or abusive here on milescity.com. 10 or 12 posts in a row on the same subject is not a discussion, MCD. It's a symptom. Owning the National category her + 325 more characters
Before you go off the deep-end any further with Catholic Church OCD, MCD, here's a reality check. When these Grand Juries get done with the Catholic Church, perhaps they can move on to the public scho + 1046 more characters
I'd venture to say yes. They probably still understand the meaning of respect.
Wow! Now THAT is funny. There hasn't been a real "God-fearing Christian" on milescity.com ever since Richard flipped. Has this Trump derangement syndrome really driven all of you to abandon your co + 79 more characters
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