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If you want to stay in the herd, you don't back-door the boss. It doesn't matter who you are or who he is. That's just the way s**t works in this world. Apparently you haven't had enough experience w + 158 more characters
url Not many of you will remember it or probably even know about it, but there was very raucous fight in the 1960's to overturn the mill levy. And it wasn't all Republicans that were against it that t + 518 more characters
Gee, MCD. Who would have ever thought you were such a bleeding heart for rich people? Frankly, I'm sick and tired of my Federal tax burden, subsidizing those poor high-earning, property-owning slobs + 24 more characters
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I have worked with drillers and heavy equipment for 30 years, Ship. I know that only an idiot works for sh*t outfits that take shortcuts. Richard. I included the link to MSHA fatalgrams because they a + 271 more characters
Wow 5 months ago
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What a “Ship show” this has become. Considering that the primary qualification for being a judge is good judgment, Mr. Shipley, this statement caught my eye.. “We were rigged up on the Charley Miles r + 622 more characters
HaHa!! You're probably not too far off, Bob. Never a fan, but Trump was always good for the entertainment value in that every time he launched a Tweet, you could hear the liberal heads exploding, all + 380 more characters
Gunnar.. You didn't really give a s**t with your idle speculation that in my absence, I had possibly met with some misfortune, now did you? I hate to disappoint, knowing your position on old white guy + 538 more characters
You're right boys. Responding with ignorant drivel is pretty much the norm anymore. Since you gents have become the primary contributors here, the site has become much better suited for in-depth discu + 127 more characters
I do so enjoy it when the resident troll points fingers. I would have expected such erudite students of history to have a much better understanding of how little it take to tip the scales. The World + 2348 more characters
I love it when I get the stupid deflection from you four instead of any rational argument. What I would like to see is your explanation for why college snowflakes can't comprehend the difference betwe + 329 more characters
Don't bullsh*t us with your fantasies about HBO's Sesame Street teaching family values anymore, Gunnar. Progressives destroyed that, the same way they do everything they touch. Most of the babysitting + 457 more characters
It would be interesting to see how fast George Soros will jump in to self-fund his propaganda network, PBS and NPR, in the unlikely event that Congress whacks funding. My guess is that such things are + 259 more characters
RIP, Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry's greatest legacy is that he motivated millions to learn how to play the guitar, which in turn created hundreds of other legacies of Rock. Berry was an integral part of a + 100 more characters
I like these Facebook campaigns because they give you numbers and you can get a feel for how many whacked-out nut jobs are actually wasting their time doing this. It would appear that the number is l + 770 more characters
Janet Reno and the ol' President Perv. fired 93 U.S Attorneys in March of 1993. Ninety three of the Bush U.S. Attorneys. All of them at once. Ninety three vacancies waiting for the Senate to approve + 496 more characters
Webmaster Looking beyond the delusional knee-jerk assumptions of Trump-Russian collusion, I have several questions that perhaps you can answer. Could the "lookups" be something as innocuous as a bug i + 391 more characters
When you walked into the 600 Lounge and Gardner Grenz would greet you with "you should have gotten here earlier. The dancing girls just left." And when you were ready to leave he would tell you "Stick + 397 more characters
No conspiracy theory involved Gunnar. I was present for it. I witnessed it. I sat through many months of it. I was there the day Toole brought ski mask-wearing domestic terrorists into class, to tell + 1407 more characters
That's probably why somebody invented the "flashbulb".
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