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Yes,miles city needs a swimming pool,everyone around us,has a swimming pool,im talking about little towns...way smaller then here,and being all the older folks are no longer here to vote it out...we m + 41 more characters
Cant see that ...but im glad to see them back and food is GREAT
I agree, its so bad and ya its out of city,but theres got to be something someone can do..I see the house next door is not selling...I know why...WHAT A BIG SHAME
ya all talk about Shipley....what about Stacy,,, at the end of Jackson ST, That is so bad over there,unreal and he gets away with it also
Are you joking? Hard to here you,on this one...great people there,and hard working,if you need something worked on ...he fits you in know matter how booked he is..he has worked on all our stuff even t + 133 more characters
call Bobby Kerr in Jordan Mt he can help you ...
Josh..Thanks for getting my story right...GREAT BAND>>
Remember the band,FUBAR? Well there back,its been 15 years or so.. Thay where here.. Fri and Sat at the old plaza.What a sound to my ears,sure brought me back in time.I do have to say I missed seeing + 256 more characters
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still for sale,very nice and clean ready for road or live in
thank is a 6 not sure on size
could also be a 6.
5.8 size
took out of ford bronco,auto matic..runs good,trany good 406-855-6055 or 951-2341
in 406-855-6015 or 951-2341
runs great,has 318 ..sleeps 6 or more ..has gen,stove,frg..just came here last summer from Idaho..asking 3k...
still looking..
can be sq.. as long as its small. call 951-2341
still for sale
well send pic..just call and ask..asking 2,500..takes it
still for sale...was on road from Idaho to Billings
still for sale..
flat bottom boat,i think 12 feet..ya have to call for more info..its in billings..406-855-6015
318 motor,sleeps 6..good shape,in Billings call 406-855-6015
RE: 1989 Ford f150.... 3 months ago
Or best offer..runs good ..just got home from Idaho with it,make a good work truck,or etc...well send pic if ask