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Attention Local Business Owners: Scam Phone Calls Pretending to be Custer County Football Fundraisers & Advertisers! Beginning today: A male caller with an accent, has called several businesses. He ma + 354 more characters
Three opportunities to indulge in the wackiness of Dr. Seuss! SEUSSICAL JR. TICKETS! TICKETS! TICKETS! Friday, March 10 @ 7:00pm Saturday, March 11 @ 2:00pm Saturday, March 11 @ 7:00pm CCDHS Auditoriu + 345 more characters
TOMORROW, Wednesday February 22nd 3:00pm Miles City Public Library Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Sunday night, Miles City lost one of its own. George Larson, you will be missed by the legions of young people you've employed over the years. You gave my son his first pair of left-handed scissors, + 645 more characters
That's cool, because he allowed some men to say what Senator Warren was attempting to say.
Average annual income for an American: $44,569.20 (2014) I'm so glad the new presidency is looking out for the average American and being more frugal than the previous administration.
Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble cordially invite you down to BEDLAM at BEDROCK, the Barn Players Inc’s 6th Annual Dinner Theatre Fundraiser: Park Place Friday, February 17th Saturday, February 18th + 383 more characters
According to the posted article-- it is expected that those lands will NOT be sold for their value or for profit. (Info on the cheap sale bit: url). Contact your representation! Representative Ryan Zi + 435 more characters
Open Auditions Seussical the Musical THURSDAY January 19th 6:15pm Miles City Public Library Directed by Dan Hance and Hannah Nash Questions? Concerns: Call/Text 406-951-0560 or 406-951-1030
Thanks for the article, Don. At the end it talks about a Q&A with further information on the KULR 8 website. I looked, but could not find said Q&A. Anyone have better luck? Also, there was no mention + 99 more characters
Gypsykim: I re-read the article published in the Miles City Star and did not see a mention of this affecting only those OUTSIDE city limits. Do you have a source for your information? Thank you!
Honestly, give credit where it's due: kudos to president-elect Trump on making the right call for independent ethics oversight. I hope this step is the first in rational, ethical choices moving forwa + 3 more characters
Tackling some junk food reading over the Christmas-to-New-Years stint: wrapping up the final book in the Magicians trilogy. It has its flaws, but the second book felt compulsively readable (for the su + 140 more characters
Quick Ninja Addition. Another indication that Mr. Spencer isn't just a snow bunny or occasional Whitefish visitor: he has been expressing interest in running for Zinke's vacated Bouse seat. And he is + 173 more characters
Actually, Oddjob, I illustrated that the issues with the Spencers in Whitefish, MT aren't just limited to him hanging out there every now and then. His mother and father are participating in his grou + 2865 more characters
Oddjob: I did read the attached article, as well as the one you linked (and others). The reason I asked for a timeline or more information, as your assertions don't seem to jive with the facts. Here + 2081 more characters
Oddjob-- can you provide some articles and maybe a timeline of events that supports your assertion? Just looking to read up on the situation. Thank you!
Please review the following article, which will explain why Social Security and Medicare are NOT Ponzi Schemes: url
No matter how cold it gets, we will be serving up a hot breakfast in the warmth of the Range Riders Museum. Don't need to be a kid or have a kid to enjoy the best breakfast deal in town! Everyone is + 3 more characters
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FREE Books, $1 DVDs 2 months ago
Hello Miles Citians! Swing on down to the Miles City Public Library to browse our FREE books table and $1 DVD sale table.  Numerous excellent titles available to own.  Most of the books are Fiction an + 157 more characters