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But those computer forecasts were described as crude even by the researchers who created them. “We could be decades too fast, or decades too slow,” said one of them, Robert M. DeConto of the Universit + 135 more characters
Check out @tteegar's Tweet:
Fake BOOK..OMG, Between our veterans and Americans being very well armed. NO WAY
Well well, Now we see Mr.Quist has some outright Montana income tax fraud. A 100 year old barn with 3 apartments rental income..Far more factual than some FAKE NEWS in Russia.
Name calling and labels. HOW rich. Nope don't have network Television at all. If troll is listening to CSPAN RADIO, CSPAN, CSPAN2 & CSPAN3, Tune IN and I Heart radio for both Lib and Conserv. I practi + 538 more characters
FIRST Mr Gianforte land dispute was settled because there was a mistake on the on the existing easement IE according to Billings Gazette today. Can we agree on that?
Gunner wake up a bit cranky?
Ya gotta wonder how many are paid Sores radicals
MCD, Your missing your calling. Join Twitter. Your links to EAST COAST fake news media is all the rage on Twitter.
Montana Coal Severance Trust Fund sure isn't honey pot for Montana Liberals. Link to Exective Order. Key word here is REVIEW. Resources to manage must + 330 more characters
Excuse me. I don't get your point. Is the control of federal public lands by the STATE a good thing or bad thing from your point of view. Just asking. YES or NO please
Hey so much for the WHY DON'T WE JUST GET DRUNK AND SCREW..or GET OFF MY CLOUD. Great tunes, great times..but the Millenial didn't get the memo. Oh that could be LSD IN gene pool. Really fun read.
Is that like Montana or Wyoming drilling in Yellowstone. Twice as big antiquiteies Act 1906, Not likely Grand Staircase President Clinton 1996 Arizona and/or Utah people deserve better credit than tha + 2 more characters
Was it my bias? Robs several cheap shots hurt his demeanor.
Thank you Gunner,I appreciate we can agree to disagree with grace.
You may not know, but deleting a position is common, not a termination. Neither side can predict how a jury might rule. So for the sake of your data, Unless you have the discovery by the recorder all + 249 more characters
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