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Hey here's an idea for ya MCD, You could house a few of the detained kids, and get paid by UNCLE SAM! It would be up too par of your bumming days.
ACCCCHUM. Maybe just apply for a Visa I believe it's the law MCD. Your Trump hating regurgitation of CNN gets old.
MCD, you really need to quit being so cheap, either get a smart phone or an internet connection at your apartment. By the time you post your TRUMP hatred links it's old news. He sighned an executive o + 31 more characters Come on MCD, JUMP ON THE GLOBALIZATION according to Al Gore.
Global warming????
Get used too it MCD, Al Gore got rich on it, you won't not so much..hee hee
Trump directs 'immediate action' to prevent coal, nuclear power plants from closing Shared from my Google feed Here is a little history in the making for ya MCD...
The question is how did you do on the test MCD
As posted on local news by Don Birkholz. This women hero is Herb Mackey daughter. Herb is an ou + 53 more characters
This women is Herb Mackey daughter. Herb is an assistant pastor at Grace Bible church in Miles City.
Another Liberal tatic of throwing POOP at the wall and see if it sticks. Google employees sueing over Conservative Male bias. The message is bias of Liberal Women isn't + 70 more characters
It's the Millennials, They got hosed by 8 years of Obama...They learned don't lisen to what he says, Watch what he does.
I wouldn't say all women feel that way, you'll either get over it or you'll keep feeling sorry for yourself, it's more of a choice than a daily reality.
Where's the love bros or is your racism showing?
Ok then..Now do some DEEP research on Tester..
I agree Cubby ...race and gender have nothing to do it. Last time I looked I'm male with 1/8 Hispanic. I bad I guess. On questions of forms for race, I check the WHITE box...
No I'm not female biased in any fashion at all. A favorite movie is GI Jane. If you haven't seen it, you'll like it. A bright female Navy officer IS the first women to go to NAVY SEALS TRAINING.
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