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VERY TRUE, AND YET WE CAN ALL DO BETTER. WE HAVEN'T LIVED UP TO HIS "I HAVE A DREAM" YET! It's up to every individual live it daily.
B.S. liberalism at it's finest. Once again I'm part Hispanic. Brown black green or orange. Go ahead and go on the bad side of town being White and see how long you last. OBAMA ERA IS OVER AND CLINTON + 83 more characters
Holy SH!THOLE BATMAN! We better lite up the Batmobile, and get off the REZ, They don't like our color. The challenge for local racism, Take a walk on any of the western state Native American lands una + 548 more characters
How can I be a racist if I am mixed race myself?
Oh get over it. Well so far Trump has done exactly what Bernice King asked him to do for MLK day. So let's not make MLK DA + 309 more characters
Looks kinda like all Conservatives are shit hole in our own countries. Humm deplorable adjective 1 arousing or deserving of one's loathing and disgust Synonyms cheap, cruddy, contemptible, despicable + 1613 more characters And libtards are LIKE Monkeys in a tree..
Here is a fact from the report you posted. Notice where the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE, GOT Their fingers in the pie to fit things to the Liberalism Agenda. The USGCRP is overseen by the Subcommittee on Global + 238 more characters This will warm your heart MCD. If you hurry up and pile on, Maybe you too can get some free bucks sin + 40 more characters
A Wyoming company can explore oil and gas drilling in a Montana coal mine's footprint, feds say + 272 more characters
No Gunnar, daddy didn't buy me a ivory education. I took a self paid course in a Junior Collage which used Navy Basic Electricity and Electronics. My knowledge of the energy sector is hands on working + 857 more characters
Energy puts a lot of tax dollars into the state coffers for benefits too the less fortunate. YEAH bad carbon and AL Gore is a billionaire now AND THE BEAT GOES ON GET OVER IT, NEVER HILLARY. TRUMP WON'T LOCK HER UP. BUT HE S + 132 more characters
Oh yea of little real life knowledge. Coal is lower because OBAMA war on coal.True oil is controlled by middle East OPEC set out too put a blow to USA SHALE OIL. Natural gas is in full supply, yet lot + 517 more characters
Oh but Montana shouldn't MINE or DRILL their natural resources. We don't need too increase jobs and taxes. That big bad carbon will make for cold winter weather.
More done than said.
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