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Miles city is going have lows in the 50s. So things are just normal with high pressures and low pressures..humm
MCD, I have no idea if you have a phone or not nor would I call, let alone leave a message. As for any concern of police being notified. I could care less. My guess would be it would not be your first + 72 more characters
Naw MCD you don't come close too irritating as liberial media trolls, your a rookie. BUT BE SURE TO STAY ON YOUR OCD MEDS, You could risk the loss of all your bogus free stuff disability. LORD KNOWS h + 46 more characters
A good test for Greg would be read all MCD posts, This is a fake video of Gianforte and reporter.The court room should prove to be more interesting.
Can you say BYE, BYE to the OBAMA administration. One by one they are gone forever
Good observations, How else can we get the liberals on forum to digest a conservative version. CBEERS
MORE It was almost beyond belief that James Comey calmly stated in front of the world that he leaked a written assessment of a private meeting he had with the President of the United States, and a doz + 3803 more characters
Well you just don't have much experience in litigation do you. I doubt it was proposed by Gianforte.
With the written statement out today. Apparently "There is no THERE there". Can we move on then?
Richard Your blowing out your Pie hole,Wyoming is a right to work State. Which simply means you have a choice to pay union dues. Yup I have worked at several mines in Wyoming. Oh my yes, solar panels + 344 more characters
One more nice thing about this forum..Thanks for the virus links. Pretty Liberal of you.
More misleading facts by MCD! Article states "Parties seek settlement" MCD titles this "Gianfore Seeks Settlement" Looks like the SAINT reporter is open too a big gift of money! Hmmm go figure?
who fishes (#372202) Ed who fishes wrote: addition I don't think I was even gloating... just stating a fact... If you guys check other posts I've made I pointed out that most liberal regulars + 1080 more characters
Sounds like fake news. Plus have you seen they don't pay squat and they are not union jobs, Got any on your house or property. You just move into an area full of panels and turbines and let us know ho + 160 more characters
Well good, rather than bending over computer looking for bashing material. Go for a bike ride and pick up garbage along roadways or along the river. Or even transplant a tree or bush.
Well my my just post away. Nor do I bother to read your research articles to protect your position. Their are certainly articles that don't share the same view. Certainly there has been many + 305 more characters
It is just another poorly constructed OBAMA half assed over reach. Face it Libtards, Obama era is soon to be long over due erased. What I would like to know. What rules will the EPA have for disposal + 161 more characters
TRUMP being a Hitler, is kinda of a far stretch even for you MCD. The fact is, HILLARY was just not the answer, The Dems had to know that, But she wouldn't take NO, for an answer. Any women or man but + 202 more characters
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