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The question is how did you do on the test MCD
As posted on local news by Don Birkholz. This women hero is Herb Mackey daughter. Herb is an ou + 53 more characters
This women is Herb Mackey daughter. Herb is an assistant pastor at Grace Bible church in Miles City.
Another Liberal tatic of throwing POOP at the wall and see if it sticks. Google employees sueing over Conservative Male bias. The message is bias of Liberal Women isn't + 70 more characters
It's the Millennials, They got hosed by 8 years of Obama...They learned don't lisen to what he says, Watch what he does.
I wouldn't say all women feel that way, you'll either get over it or you'll keep feeling sorry for yourself, it's more of a choice than a daily reality.
Where's the love bros or is your racism showing?
Ok then..Now do some DEEP research on Tester..
I agree Cubby ...race and gender have nothing to do it. Last time I looked I'm male with 1/8 Hispanic. I bad I guess. On questions of forms for race, I check the WHITE box...
No I'm not female biased in any fashion at all. A favorite movie is GI Jane. If you haven't seen it, you'll like it. A bright female Navy officer IS the first women to go to NAVY SEALS TRAINING.
WOW, FANTASTIC POST. Amazing she is totally calm and collected, God had an angel on controls in that flight
MCD you really gotta get on Twitter.. I just want to say thank you to all my irredeemable deplorable friends on twitter and elsewhere. The support you show me is overwhelming. You inspire me to fight + 121 more characters
Speaking of bad jokes...was the sketch of Stormy identified as none other than Tom Brady.
Looks like we have a Judge that needs to step aside.. .looks like the + 81 more characters I really don't know if it is going in now or not. So far, not all i + 171 more characters
In the spirit of debate, I doubt Sean Hannity will loose his job over it. Or loose his credibility. It was kinda hilarious that the comment in the court room was timely in that it hit at the beginning + 215 more characters
MCD SAYS I think the point is that wind energy is less environmentally destructive than coal and Buffett is diversifying his assets and making a diverse energy play for the future. Or maybe Buffett is + 87 more characters
Yeh I'm a wise a$$ to my Obama lover friends too Gunnar. The Tit for Tat conversations is what bonds us together.
Your correct Richard. MCD, just posts. To debate her agenda with knowledge is beyond her abilities. Then flares off with threats of multiple accusation.
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