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Nothing racesest was ever said. Lived and schooled with all ethnic's never had a problem, But to stay safe there are places that just aren't safe. It seems to be a liberal thing to attack with labels. + 68 more characters
Good point and Google can take ya on a ride a of educated idiots.
Tester is an Idiot right up there with Al Franken. But his unforgivable sin is his vote on gun control. A little recent activity is about all he has ever done. 265,0p0 acreas in ashes isn't all that h + 17 more characters This was a planned and permitted march of free speech. It comes no where close to the OBAMA riots of BLACK LIVE + 40 more characters
Yeah Right Gunnar, How about all you Miles City homies, meet in Jim Town on a Saturday night. Let me know how that works out for ya.
I can't figure out why the Montana Democratic Party can't find a reasonable qualified candidates. I mean really...Quist and Tester? Find a good native Montana and I'd consider it. Bullock seems to thi + 110 more characters
MCD,I'd say read the comments to your posted article. They are not in favor of the ranchers. I'd like to see how many actual BLM VS DEEDED acres burned. When they sell those ranches up there they sell + 186 more characters
Oh give it a REST. My Great Grandmother maiden name was Ortez. My comments about Obama are his political agenda, Nothing less. Please tell me what Obama did with the riots of Black Lives Matter. Not diddly squat
MCD seems to like the SHOCK JOC style of fake news. The FOLLOWING is from your posted link. "At the same time, the group warned that a six-month period does not provide enough data for definitive conc + 105 more characters
Spacecase is correct..FEMA will only pay the State of Montana. Should be interesting to see what BOZO BULLOCK and IDIOT TESTER take credit for. It will be great too see Tester loose his reelection, An + 170 more characters
Jordan country getting a nice cool rain this morning, Every little bit helps. CMR is open for grazing grass. Major losses, some of the ranchers will go bankrupt. Prarie fires were common long before t + 277 more characters
Montana state Auditor Matt Rosendale announced a bid for the U.S. Senate Monday, bringing a high profile challenge to Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester. Rosendale's aggressive campaigning style could gi + 604 more characters
They why hasn't nuclear power plants been built the last 40 years. Check and verifi your sources. Carbon has many more sources than energy. Get out and drive around the Rocky Mountains. This local dro + 127 more characters
OBAMA RUSSIA DEAL Check out @ChooseToBFree's Tweet:
The Eastern Montana smoke haze is from fires in Canada. We are in a La Nina year which is why there was so much snow. It is why Propane prices where up 50%. In stead of jumping on Global Warming band + 347 more characters
NICE RESEARCH JOB MCD. Now just too show you have balanced reporting skills look into the "CLINTON PAY TOO PLAY" with the CLINTON FOUNDATION. I would suggest if you look hard enough, you'll find OBAMA + 33 more characters
SO MCD, An Obama appointee Joel Clement screams FOUL because Trump budget cuts, effects his job and he gets bumped too a lesser job that likely has requirements of regular duties and responsibilities. + 157 more characters
Mr. BONINE Both your posts are relivent and well constructed. It's great too see, Rather than the sky is falling and we are surely doomed with a conservative party in the white house.
url Here is a book for your late, lonely night enjoyment while consuming your jug of Crown Royal. IQ doesn't compensate for common sense. Cheers ;^)
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