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Your correct DJ4, Just payed fine a couple years so far. Early in life I learned he two things for certain is pay taxes and die. I pay my taxes the 3rd and 4th sister each year. I claim many dependent + 430 more characters
You missed the duel point. A short reprieve isn't diddly squat Gunner.Verizon is market driven, They could care less about Tester. Tester is just racking up headlines for a reelection. As for Rob, and + 275 more characters
Well MCD, Lets get on with fixing it's shortfalls. Lead the way. Your obviously not paying out of pocket. What's your secret. I'm just paying my annual fine and rolling the dice.
Like Hal says Bridgier, You can lead your dotards in the Civil rescue exercise, Should be easy running them off a cliff. Libtards FOLLOW like sheep.
Oh goody, a bunch of liberal professors drive a document, tweek a little here, a little there and presto..10,20 years will it mean diddly squat. Not likely, but keep pushing your papers around and imp + 22 more characters
Oh wonderful, just what I need. Free government money. The poor town people have big costs to add too their loans. Floods and such. No thanks, Me and my neighbors will do just fine without government + 441 more characters
Don't get to suckered into that a short delay will change anything nor did Tester do any more than contact one of his campaign contributors. Jon got $4000 from Verizon. Daines and Giafortie got ZERO. + 96 more characters Here ya go MCD before You go posting more links on weather in the coming days.. ENQUIRYING MINDS MAY WANT TOO KNOW HISTORICAL FACTS.
Far more news worthy is perhaps OBAMA speech with Bill Gates, The man can SPEAK. Don't care for his dirt politics. Or how about Supreme Justice Ruth Ginsburg speaking. Makes a person humble that a con + 223 more characters
Hey, How about some stats on Cops killed on and off duty. WTP ;^) Mr B new found WORD is ignorance, typical of the radical liberalism. We should expect more of our fellow Americans.
Who fondly remembers the days of Huntley Brinkley when they just reported the news.
Colstrip will make a wonderful retirement community. Once they get natural gas piped there. Water will the be the Big cost. The rest of us will see our electric bills get sky high. The reality is the + 332 more characters Do your own home work. Set your own bar. Is it rice or mouse poop. Energy jobs are back on the rise
Mr. Webmaster, your liberal base don't care about coal jobs. But maybe a better question would be how many terrorist attacks have been avoided, or how many marines and sailors are in harms way because + 43 more characters
Ahoy there, have you ever heard of methane gas , Oh it is right out of the coal fields..Your WIND Turbines and solar panels are the next ecological night mare. But you keep singing the tune, But don't + 63 more characters
Well the Montana weather has prevailed once again. If you read the fine print in Gov Bullock budget..The term extraction income for state taxes is short of expectations. No doubt this is GOOD OK CARBO + 714 more characters
Gunner I hope you keep HRC new book pristine. Signed would be nice. Some day you could trade if for a few extra votes from our neighbors south of the boarder.
Simple legislation just might happen. Keep your fingers crossed.
What Gunner, No names or LABELS. Disappointed!
Oh and the ANTIFI were just flower children from the hippy era..keep believing it was one sided MCD.
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