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Whats the matter Gunner, did you loose your wind up doll MCD? The liberal post QUEEN, every thing antify. GUNNAR you seem to be forgetting I'm part Hispanic. Which would make your comments a Racist Ra + 87 more characters
Well stated Odd Job
Montana Liberals Protesters Jailed. The national "ANY EXTREME MEASURE IS JUSTIFIED! The Democrats (likely paid) protesters in Montana are held accountable. It's about time some of officals stood up an + 159 more characters
Thank you Larry..I would think MCD won't be absent on the Forum long, but she just might change her OCD meds...LMAO
It's a good day. After all the ridiculous Democrates protesters and Liberal Senators trying too ruin a good man. Fairness prevailed.
Nuclear Fusion Could Be A Silver Bullet -- And Just Around The Corner Nuclear Fusion Could Be A Silver Bullet -- And Just Around The Corner + 266 more characters
At this stage of the liberals agenda, If Jesus him self was nominated his affair with Mary Magdelan would be enough for false slander Christ couldn't pass a Supreme court Justice... As for Judge Kavan + 262 more characters
Your right OJ...LIKE RATS IN A BARREL..THE FOREM LIBERALS WANT NOTHING MORE THAN A PLACE TO BITCH...CHERRY PICK EVERY NEWS ITEM AND PUT THERE SPIN ON..CHRIST, MCD HASN'T BEEN OUT OF MILES CITY TO A NA + 185 more characters Tester the Idiot Tester, the biggest IDIOT in the Senate. The great a + 71 more characters
What river did grow up by MCD, The Yellowstone or the river of denile. WHAT WE DO KNOW IS YOU WATCH WAY TOO MUCH FAKE NEWS OF THE LIBERALS. Sad actually to not see more than one side of the story. How + 136 more characters
Thank GOD OJ is more informed with a balance of news rather than the MC Forum Liberals that just lap up FAKE NEWS and run with it. GET A LIFE ...GET OUT AND ENJOY THE NICE WEATHER . .ENJOY ALL THE SPL + 56 more characters
Now seriously MCD, don't you find it odd, a sitting judge for many years and none of high school rumors don't come up. Then when it's a selection for the supreme court and she brings it out with not o + 461 more characters
This had absolutely nothing to do with the President or his victorious 2016 Presidential campaign,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement about Manafort’s guilty plea. + 86 more characters
MCD since you have never been to the Canada or Mexico boarder. I can guarantee you won't waddle through with a "HEY, you folks can come into my Liberals kingdome any time you want...I'm just going pac + 79 more characters
Good ol CNN ,,the most trusted name in Liberal news. Gotta get that BREAKING NEWS EVERY HOUR or just make it up.
Colorado to consider a change in the way energy companies calculate how much money they owe for extracting and selling publicly owned natural gas. The U.S. Interior Department's Royalty Policy Committ + 541 more characters
Yup 46% natural gas...the coastal directional drilled holes look like a spaghetti maze. It makes North Dakota Bakken wells look like a sand box. Just the clean up and disposal of solar panels will mak + 197 more characters
Good for the land of fruits and nuts. They can just call it Northern Mexico and get into a bunch of pot head deadbeats. The reality, California imports electrical power from the weatern states coal fi + 15 more characters
Oh no...Obama repeats Hillary's WHAT HAPPENED!! Eight years of Obama is what happened with far too many regulations. Obama one of the greatest speakers. Yet watch what he does, not what he says. It's + 186 more characters
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